Ty's Power

The remaking of Dustin


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

The school day ended and Ty waited for dustin to come out of the special ed class he was taken to, one of Tys freands had told him that his stupid brother was taken out of his fifth hour class because he couldnt even spell his own name. Ty just laughed when he herd it and was waiting with a big grin on his face as poor Dustin came out of the room with his head hung low.

"Well how goes it Dusty ya look abit bumbed out for some reason dude. Or should I say dud!" Ty said as Dustin looked over at him."You come hear to see what ya did to me Ty!ISH THISH ENOUGH FOR YOU OR WHAT!!!" Dustin said never really looking up to say it, he had been taken out of his class and publicaly humileated in front of the whole class. "Well what now Ty do you turn me in ta a fagh now or what!" Dustin said with a slight slur to his speach, it was another one of the many changes that Ty gave him with out telling him, he now sounded as dumb as Ty had made him.

"No Dusty! But its a thought though!!" Ty said laughing at the thought of it. "NO Dustin its time to go home and wait to see how your old mans day went, you know he didnt go right to work this mourning he tryed to go home! But I fixed it so he would have to go!" Ty said with a smile as he pushed his now tall skinny dumb as hell brother down the hall as they walked. "You like being pushed big brother? cause I know I hated it." Ty said as they got out of the building and headed for the bus.

Dustin just stayed quiet he had been picked on all day and just wanted to go home and hide in his room, he figured that his life was pretty much over now and he was about to cry just thinking about it. He fought off tears the whole way home, he had been turned into a whimp and now a dumbass and didnt want to add being a baby to the new list of things people had called him during the day.

The bus pulled in front of their house and Dustin got up first and started to leive the bus ahead of Ty, but Ty would have none of that it was Dustins turn to follow him and he pushed Dustin down into an empty seat and walked ahead of his now weaker brother."Your behind me now Dustin and dont forget it either!" Ty yelled at dustin so every one could hear it. Dustin could no longer fight back the tears and he just began to cry as they got off the bus.

Dustin was holding his hand to his face to hide it but everyone knew he was crying and he got laughed at one more time before he even made the santuary of his own home, Ty again laughed at him as he walked into the house and dustin came in sniffleing behind him, "well guess what Dustin ya did as I asked you to so guess what happens next!" Ty said as Dustin sat down on the couch, "What? ya gonna change me back?" Dustin said in a quiet voice, "Thats right Dusty Im changeing ya back!" Ty said with a smile, Dustin looked up and for the first time that day he smiled, then he felt his jeans begin to get tight on him and his protruding teeth receded back to there almost perfect old way of looking his chin and jaw both became strong and angulare, Dustin quickly stood up and undid his tighting belt and unbuttoned his jeans, the zipper was forced down by his now growing muscles and then the jeans back ripped as his ass returned to its old athleticly shaped jock butt that he had before.

Dustin ran for the mirror to see how he looked, he had to take off the thick glasses that Ty had forced him to wear they were to blurry to his eyes now and Dustin was more than happy to take them off. Dustin whiped off his shirt and stood in front off the mirror, he was back and he was even more good looking than he was before, instead of a four pack of abs he now had a six pack and his bicepts were a good 18 inches now, his face was more mature looking as well he was sporting a good thick mustash and a proment five oklock shadow to go with it and he had finally gotten the deep dimples that ran in his fathers side of the family. He really did look quite the catch now.

Then he thought about it why would Ty make him look better than he did before there had to be a catch some where in all of this. "Whats the catch Ty why make me look better than before dude!" Dustin said solomly, "Well Im glad you asked me that Dustin, there is just a few things diffrent about you but you'll find them out in time." Ty said with a smile Dustin didnt like the thought of that at all.

Dustin went up to his room he knew he would have to get out of these tight underwear and into some thing that fit him better, when he got there he looked over at his bed it still had a big stain where he had wet it the nite before, thanks to Ty that was he thought, and began to flip the mattress over, but it seemed real heavy though like it was made of something more dence than the mattress material, Dustin blew Ty off as his just not being all the way up to his old self yet, maybe his new muscles just took more time to get there streanth back. So Dustin turned it over and began to take off his rediculusly tight underwear, what he saw when he did though shocked him his dick was way to small it looked positivly childlike, He knew there had to be a catch to all of this, but he was to afraid of being turned into a weakling again to even ask Ty why he decided to take his budding manhood from him. •

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