Ty's Power

The perfect DAD for Dustin!!!


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Dustin was still looking down at his pathetically skinny body as Ty left his room, just before the door closed all the way though Ty told him that he had fixed it so that everybody would just think every thing was normal about Dustins new frailer body and treat him accordingly. Ty said it all with a big grin on his face as the door closed leiveing Dustin alone with only his own thoughts.

Dustin didnt know what to do , he just threw on a long sleaved shirt and left it untucked it helped to cover his now skinny ass, he also left the sleaves buttoned to cover his bony arms and thin wrist, his hands still looked to skinny though and his fingers looked to long and thin on them. Poor Dustins legs were so thin that you could almost wrap one hand around the circumference of his thin upper thigh.

Dustin knew he would have to find someone who would beleive his storie someone who could help him get back what Ty had taken from him. Maybe his dad would beleive him now that he was so thin and all, surely he remembered all the trophies that he had earnd over his once promising athletic life, surely he would have to notice that he had been turned into a whimp. and that Ty had done this to him.

Dustin reluctantly went down stairs to see if his dad would notice the big change in him surly his mom would notice it, he hoped. When dustin came into the kitchen though he knew he was wrong about that thought Ty was sitting at the table smileing at him as he came in, " HEY BEAN POLE HOWS IT KICKEN UP THEIR DUDE!!" Ty said as he looked over at Mark and smiled, "So hey Mark how come Dustins such a bean pole and your the athletic type and all guy aint he your kid dude?" Ty said with a giggle as the now super thin Dustin sat down next to his dad.

"Stop that Ty you know thats not a nice thing to say about your step brother!" Dustins mother added quickly. "Now Dustin you be sure and eat all thats on this plate dear, I want you to be as big and strong as Ty you know son!" Mom said as she put the plate off eggs down in front of Dustin, Dustin looked down at the plate and then back up to Ty, he was furious somehow Ty had fixed it so that even his parents thought he was just a whimp, and worst of all that he was now smaller than Ty as well.

Dustin knew he wasent going to get any help at home, and he was now starving to death as well and he heartly ate all that was on his plate, maybee he'd just gain his lost weight back. Ty watched as him as he ate his food "Aint it weird the way some people can eat anything and never gain a pound of weight or fat Mark!" Ty said as he smiled at Dustin.

Dustins mom then came around the table and patted Dustins thin tall skinny shoulder, now leive my tall man alone Ty you know hes just to tall for his body he'll fill out someday." she said as she put more food on dustins plate,Dustin was mortified by all of this somehow Ty had manipulated his parents into beleiving that he was always this tall and skinny and not the proud super jock he was just this past friday!

"IM NOT THIS FUCKING SKINNY MOM!! TY CHANGED ME INTO THIS !!" Dustin finally blurted out in a desperate sounding yell "Oh come on Dustin youve always been a little on the skinny side dont blame Ty for that son! God only knows whitch side of the famaly you take after but I guess its noy mine!" Mark said as he got up from the table, "Hey Ty now you watch out for your brother today alright son." Mark said as he left the kitchen, Mark swung around and gave his wife a kiss and walked back over to the table and out his big strong hands on his now pathetic looking sons shoulders, and gently squeezed them.

Ty couldnt beleive the diffrences in the two now, friday they looked like a father son picture. With Mark as the athletic good looking strong dad and his up and comeing good looking jock son following his dad into adulthood with the asurence of both good looks and a strong big body to match that of his good looking dads.

Not now though now the sons body was that of a whimps and they looked almost to diffrent to each other to even be a father and son duo again. Ty thought about that and a great big smile came over his face, "Hey Dustin you wanna look like your dad again dont ya?" Ty asked as his dad walked over to his mom to kiss her, " Please yes Ty make me look like my dad again PLEASE!!" Dustin said in a whisper

Dustins dad wasent a slouch in any way he was in his mid thirtys and fit as you could get at that age he was a handsome speicimen of a man at 6'2" and 195lbs he was big as well and good looking to boote, with deep dimpled cheeks and a strong jaw line he was the mans man.

"Well OK then here goes then Dustin ya ready for the big change dude?"Ty said with an evil grin. Dustin thought some thing was wrong with all of this but he didnt know what! he just wanted to be big again and just waited for the change to occure.

Dustin didnt feel any changes as he watched Ty though, as a matter of fact Ty wasent even looking at him he was stairing at Mark and squinting his eyes real hard as he did Dustin watched in horror as his musculare dads frame began to grow thinner his form fitting Tee shirt got looser on his torso as the muscles faded fast from his frame, and his tight fitting jeans began to get looser and more baggyer on his now thinning legs, he seemed to be obliveuos to it though and so did his wife as they continued their embrase poor Mark was fadeing fast before Dustins eyes he couldnt beleive this Ty hadent meant to change him he only meant to make his dad as small and skinny as he was now.

Mark started to notice the changes in him though Ty couldnt seem to control his mind as well as he had hoped and as poor Mark got thinner he also got more awear of the changes to him, Mark could feel his jeans slipping down his narrowering thighs and he could see his forarms growwing smaller and more frail looking, he hadnt lost any of his height but he was dropping in weight fast. M ark made a feable attempt to grab at his jeans as they rode down his thinning thighs and fell all bunched up around his now knobby knees his boxer breifs barly clung around his waist his legs were now skeletor at best and the sleeves of the once tight fitting tee shirt hung down to his thin knobby elbows, Mark was now the perfect dad for such a skinny kid as Ty had made Dustin into. •

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