Ty's Power

A Bad Day for Dustin


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Poor Dustin awoke in a wet bed, Ty had played one last trick on poor Dustin as he slept, poor dustin had a bedwetting problem when he was 13 and Ty just reinstated it. He had been left undressed by Ty, so when he awoke he not only was still stuck in a thirteen year old body he was now toatly nude. Dustin knew that he had fallen asleep in a pair of his now to large 16 year old bodys underwear he was begging to panic now not only was he stuck in this smaller body that Ty had put him in he was also in danger from his foster brother while he slept.

Dustin knew that somehow Ty had made Dustins dad and mom both think he always just looked like this, and poor Dustin was so freaked he could almost beleive that himself. But he knew that he had been turned into this and not the other way around.

Dustin looked around the room it all still seemed so diffrent at his now smaller size, Dustin looked down at his now wet bed and almost cryed he hadent wet his bed in years and now that he was small again he had, he was mortified here he was at sixteen wetting his bed again, Poor Dustin crawled out of his now wet and bigger bed and staired at the wet mattress he couldnt just leive it so his mom or dad would see it, they were already starting to treat him as a younger kid again and wetting his bed would just make the whole thing that much worse.

Poor Dustin began to try to turn his now at his present size hugh mattress over so he could conseal the wet spot form his parents veiw. But try as he might he was now way to skinny and weak to do it on his own, in fact he was now way smaller than he was at his origanal size at 13. Ty had seen to it that Dustin would have to either let his mom or dad help him flip his mattress or he would have to ask Ty to help him do it

Ty waited for the enevitable knock on his door, and sure enough it came, but it was a pitifully weak and almost girl like knock. Ty loved it he knew exactly who it was. Ty opened the door and let Dustin in "Well look at you would ya you look like you really shoulda had seconds last nite at dinner little dude!" Ty said as his now younger foster brother came into his room, Poor Dustin was holding up his old underwear so it would stay around his now thinner waist, he really looked like a little kid.

"Look I know you did this to me Ty!!" Dustin said in an angrey little boyish tone. "Are you going to leive me like this? PLEASE DONT PLEASE!!" Dustin began to plead poor Dustin just wanted to be back to normal and at this point would say or do anything Ty ask him to do. "No Dustin Im not leiving you that way!" Ty said calmly to Dustin who now had to look up to see his once younger brothers eyes, Dustin looked pitfully small to Ty now and almost to vunerable to be left at his present size. Ty still wanted Dustin to be under his control but not like this he was now just to small for any thing good to come out of it.

"Alright heres the deal dude Ill change you back to your old asshole self but!!!" Ty said as he waved his up turned index finger in front of Dustins now boyish nose, "You know I can do this to you any where your at, even in school so remember that, or youll be looking up to alot more people than just me! Got that small fry!!" Dustin just swallowed hard and shock his head yes.

Ty looked poor dustin over and laughed at the way he looked now, "alright little guy here goes nothin. Or sould I say here comes a little nothing!" Ty said as he looked Dustin over, "Tell ya what little big brother go step up on the scales first I wanna see what ya weigh right now, before I change a thing on ya!" Ty said pointing at the pair of scales in his bathroom. Dustin didnt have much of a choice he just wanted to be big again so he complied with his now bigger brothers order, he weighed only 78lbs he was shocked and emberessed at this no wonder he couldnt flip his matress any more, he now weighed less than half his former weight of 162lbs.

Dustins eyes welled up with tears as he looked down at his pitifully skinny body. Ty again laughed out loud and then gathered his composer, "Alright well add a couple of years to ya first," TY said scratching his chin "And then some weight and height in that order!" Ty said with a great big smile, and closed his eyes tightly and concentrated on Dustin.

Dustin slowly began to age, as he did his pupic hair grew back and his modest amount of adult body hair grew back, as well as a five oclock shadow and a small but honest mustash formed under his now fuller lower lip, Dustin was positioned on the scales so that he could see the changes to his body in the full leanth mirror that hung on the door to Tys bathroom. Ty had brought him back to sixteen years old again, but he hadnt changed either his weight or his height, he was now just a short as hell skinny as hell teenager, and not the up and comeing stud he used to be

"YOUR NOT GOING TO LEIVE LIKE THIS ARE YA TY!!" Dustin sceamed in a somewhat manly tone. Ty was still laughing as Dustin looked down at the scales to see if he had gained any weight at all, then the numbers started to go up 78 became 88 and then a hundred and finaly 120 and stoped.

Dustin looked down at his body, at his present height of 4'8 he actually looked rather impressive and even stocky in build, but he didnt want to be a midget. "Ty ya cant leive me this short please I wanna be as tall as I was PLEASE!!"

Dustin seemed to sence the meaning of what he had just asked he knew that he used to be almost 6foot tall and he also knew that he weighed a conciderable amount more weight than his present 120lbs, "SO YOU WANT TO BE TALL AGAIN IS THAT IT DUSTIN!!SO BE IT MY FREAND YOU WILL BE AS TALL AS YOU WERE!! Ty said in a menacingly loud tone, Dustins body began to grow taller almost imeadietly, Dustins underwear that had become tight on his scawt 120lb, 4'8" in frame began to become looser as he shot up in height, and then they suddenly became to loose to stay up on there own again and poor Dustin fould himself clutching them to hold them up as his body reached its near 6 foot original level.

Dustin was now back to his right age of 16 and his old height of near six feet, but he had left his weight at only 120lbs, he was now the skinnest looking guy he himself had ever seen."There your back dude!" Ty said with a smile. "NO IM NOT DUDE YOU LEFT SOMETHING OUT DUDE !!! MY FUCKING WEIGHT ASSHOLE I CANT GO AROUND LOOKIN LIKE THIS MAN!!!" Dustin screamed as he stood there holding up his now hugh underwear. "Oh sure ya can bro thats the beutie of all this my freand! Ive got the power and you dont have the weight! HA HA HA !" Ty said as he started to push the now gangly looking Dustin out of his room

Dustin ran back to his room he didnt know what to do now he was now a skinny tall looking guy, with an evil foster brother that could change him any way he pleased, Dustin some how would have to get someone to beleive him, someone who could help him! But who?

Ty was still realling in his new found powers and was enjoying the thought of haveing such an awsome gift! He was running the senario through his head as he left his room and headed towards Dustins door, Ty knocked quitely he didnt want to wake his parents if they were still asleep

Dustin had heard the knock but he just ignored it he knew who it was, Dustin had tryed to get dressed in his old clothes but had found all his pants to be way to baggey on him now he couldnt even fit in his old tight jeans anymore he was just too skinny now.

Ty found that Dustins door was locked and then he began to pound on it to get Dustins attention. Dustin ran to the door and unlocked it he didnt want to be changed again and had hoped that Ty would change him back if he just did as Ty said. "Dont lock me out asshole!!" Ty said as he looked at the now thin as hell Dustin , poor Dustin was standing there holding up the jeans that just friday essentuated his budding quads and once athletic jock butt.

"WHAT DID YOU COME IN TO GLOAT OR WHAT TY!!" Dustin said as he turned around so Ty couldnt see his now tearing eyes, "Well yes and no Dustin yes I do like you as the super whimp! but I also dont want to make this to hard on ya either Dustin!" Ty said in a remarkably tone voice. "Ty just change me back please!!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO PLEASE!!" Dustin said with his back still turned towards Ty. Ty just smiled as he veiwed the now pathetically thin Dustin from behide, the poor guys jeans that he clucted so tightly around his now pencil thin waist looked rediculuse on him. They were hugh to his now frail size and the waist bands fabric bunched up in folds in Dustins thin fist that held them up to his skelator waist, the ass of the jeans hung strait down over his now thin buttox area, and Dustins back that used to be developing into a perfectly shaped V shape back that Ty had enveyed was now just strait up and down with a visiable rib cage just under the thin skin that covered it.

Dustin turned around and just stood there, "What do you want Ty PLEASE tell me! What do you want me to do?" he said now openly crying to TY TY just smiled and walked up to Dustin and put his now more larger hand on Dustins thin shoulder,"I WANT YOU TO STAY THIS SKINNY DUSTIN!! ALWAYS!" Dustins heart sank, all the hard work he had done in the weight room and all the exersizes that he did vietmaly for the last two years of his young life were now done in vain, if Ty had his way and that seemed the case Dustin would now finish his life off as a whimp, and not the handsome big guy he was developing into.

"Thats right Dustin you are now a whimp and will remain a that way till I decide to change it got that!!" TY said stearnly. Ty then looked around at Dustins room, it was plastered with sports posters of baseball stars and football guys and bikni clad women, and the many trophies that Dustin had earned over his athletic life, "You were quite the sportsmen Dustin! Werent ya dude?"

Ty said with amalichiuos smile.

"Well ya aint no more!! So ya might as well have a waredrobe that fits that small frame of yours right my mighty mite!!"Ty said as he again closed his eyes and Dustin felt his jeans becomeing tighter around his thin waist, at first he thought he was gaining weight but as he opened his eyes to see if he was he noticed the only change was to his clothes and not to him, Ty had changed his clothes so that they now fit his 6 foot skinny as hell 120lb body.

Dustins fist was now holding on to a tight fitting pair of jeans and no longer had to hold them up, but at what price to himself he was still going to have to go through his life as a freak. Ty looked at him and smiled "Well there ya go big guy enjoy your new life as a bean pole dude!" Ty said as he left Dustins room with a grin on his face. •

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