Ty's Power

Mansex and domination…


By Otaru

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Joshy walked his way through the house to the den, a room that used to be his own personal sanctum. His clothes dragged all over him, and he started crying as he took them off. Why was this happening! Why did he feel so helpless?? He was a grown man at heart so why did he feel so intimidated by Brian's greatness??

Meanwhile, Ty was led upstairs in Brian's bulging arms. Brian kissed him gently on the stairs, forcing his tongue almost to the back of Ty's mouth. He could feel the saliva dripping down and back. He was overcome with pleasure. He could feel his cock throbbing. Brian noticed.

"Let's take care of that, little buddy."

"Oh God, you are huge!"

"Damn right I am!" Brian said, his feet pounding on the stairs in a way he'd only dreamed they would.

He carried Brian into his "dad's" room. All mine now, he thought. He set Ty down and performed a strip tease for him. His shorts came off without a hitch. And the shirt which was pinned against his chest was bunched up. Brian had sort of outgrown the little thing. He ripped it off with both hands in a snap. The rags fell to the floor. Brian kicked the door back, the slamming sound reverberating throughout the house. Ty moaned on the bed in ecstacy.

Brian's package was obviously much bigger than before. His penis was barely contained by the underwear.

"You wanna help me out of these??"

Ty rushed over and carefully, enjoying the moment for all it was worth, slid the undies down. Hair burst forth, and Brian's cock flopped down. It was covered in noticable veins and was thick as half of Ty's hand! 7 and a half inches at least. And that was flaccid.

Brian massaged Ty's temple. "I owe you this body. I owe you so much. My freedom. Now Im going to enjoy what you've given me, you beautiful young thing, you." Brian said, and eagerly hopped up on the bed, the cushions practically melting underneath his frame. He had so much power now, held so much sway. Ty leaned back and Brian forcefully opened the buttons to his pants. Brian looked like he played professional football. He didn't have to play now.

The pants came down and Brian dragged them off his feet. Then he got up over Ty again and rubbed his massive hand along his warm, tender chest underneath his shirt.

"Feels good?"

"Oh yes! OH come on!"

Brian pushed Ty's head into the mattress with his own. Ty could barely breath but he didn't care. He felt the bristles of this great man shoved into his own twink frame. Brian kissed his cheek repeatedly, each kiss making his own cock thrust in the air.

"Im gonna cum!"

"Well then come here, Ty!" said Brian leaning butt up next to him on Ty's left. Ty turned and without thinking shoved his cock into Brian's hold. Brian groaned and clutched the front of the bed, moaning.

"UUUHH! UUUUUUUH! Oh Yeah! Oh this is so much fun! It's more fun than...oohhhhhhhhhh..uhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh.. oh God. Oh God. Oh...Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH!"

Ty rode Brian for all he was worth, releasing his cum and devirginizing them both in ways he'd only dreamed about. No fear of disease, Brian swung around when Ty had finished and whispered

"My turn, tiger"

The massive bodybuilder clutched Ty and started riding him. Prying up his ass was more difficult as the size was smaller. Ty shrieked in delight until Brian had finished.

When they were done, they came downstairs. Some cigars had been laid on the table. And beer. Brian cracked the beer open.

"I've never had this before. DAD wouldn't let me. He wouldn't even let me have a taste cause he said I hadn't earned it yet!" Josh was across the room, looking ashamed. And then he took a large swig from the bottle.

"Oh yeah. That's what I call a brew." Brian said, snapping his underwear. His new underwear, gray and taken from his father's drawers. He went over to a couch and sat down in it. He was wearing a shirt that said "Best Dad ever". His tanned features, given to him just recently by Ty, overwhelmed him in sensuality. In his underwear, he looked the picture of masculinity, taking swigs of beer, and beckoning Ty to come and sit on his lap. Ty did so and Brian kindly offered him a sip. Ty willingly tasted, and then Brian said:

"So do you think you're gonna turn yourself into a stud, too??"

"I could" said Ty. "But how about we have ourselves a smoke first?"

Brian walked back to the table and picked out a cigar from the box. He sniffed it, his cock throbbing against his underwear. He lit a match and brought it up to the cigar, and then brought it between his teeth. He puffed it a few times.

"Hey Josh! Get over here!"

Josh came up, afraid looking.

"I don't think youre very much of a man. In fact I think you're a puny bag of bones. Little weakling! Let's see how you take a man's drink, you little shit."

Brian opened a bottle of beer and shoved it under the young tykes nose.

"Take it! Drink it down, all of it!"

"I don't want to..." he blubbered.

"Oh you don't want to? Do you know why? It's because youre just a pathetic little child, and from now on you are going to call me SIR! Or father, or dad. Do you understand me??"

"Yes.." he said.


"Yes, sir. Dad."

"Good. Now go get my slippers." Brian sat back down and fondled Ty some more. •

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