Ty's Power

Brian - The boy next door


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Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty looked out his bedroom window and saw Brian, his 14 year old neighbor that went to school with him. Brian was an average person, not too popular and not an outcast. He also had developed like most people his age.

Looking toward the carport Ty could see that both cars were gone meaning Brian was alone.

A smile came across Ty's face as he watched Brian stop what he was doing and go into the house. A few minutes later Brian came out of the house in his swimsuit and a towel over his shoulder. Brian spread out on the lawn to get some sun and closed his eyes.

Ty began to wish again, "Make Brian big"

Almost immediately Brian's body began to get taller. The small amount of hair around his ankles quickly began to spread up his lengthening legs. His waist began to grow and his stomach began to gain a little fat. As his body passed 20, Brian's swim trucks began to strain and tighten. A line of hair started to spread out of his shorts and up his chest. After a few more seconds the hair had spread outward and covered his pot belly and chest. His face quickly grew a full beard as the growth stopped just before the swim trunks burst.

"Well I guess that wish is way too general, it not only makes you older, but it adds weight also." Ty thought to himself. "Instead of my last wish I would like to see you just grow to 21 years old."

Brian's belly began to deflate while the hair on it decreased to just a trail up to his chest. Brian's waist shrank back down to a size 31 which actually fit in his trucks quite well. The full beard on his face thinned until a light 5 o'clock shadow remained.

Brian looked much better but Ty thought he still looked too average. Brian's stomach slimmed down even more until his abs appeared, at the same time the rest of the muscles on his body began to grow and tighten. His shoulders widened, his pecs perked up and his arms bulged.

Ty lost his concentration and he heard a noise coming from the other direction. There was a car pulling into Brian's driveway, it was Brian's Dad! •

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