Ty's Power

Ty Gives Dustin A Hard Time


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Dustin�s mind was reeling, he could barely believe what had happened to him. He stood staring down at what had just minutes before been a rather average sized cock and balls. He had hoped that Ty would have given him the extremely large, but still normal looking package that he had given himself, but instead he now possessed beyond freakish, grossly out of proportion genitals.

Dustin was having trouble standing upright, the new weight at his groin throwing him off balance, and Ty stood by laughing as Dustin began to get increasingly upset.

�Ty you�ve got to put me back to how I was!� Dustin whined. �I don�t think so, remember you�re the one who wanted to be the �big�, big brother.� �I only wanted to be a little bigger than you, so at least it would still look normal.� �But Dustin, just think of the bulge you�re going to make in your briefs, it will be lots bigger than mine� Ty said as he reached one hand down and ran it over his own bulging, too-small briefs.

�Come on Ty, I look like a freak! I can�t even walk right with this thing!� �Actually Dustin, it looks to me like you�re enjoying this.� �Wha- Oh NO!�

Dustin started to freak out as Ty willed his monster cock to start getting hard. Dustin began to feel light-headed as blood rushed into his thickening and rising dick.

As it continued to get bigger and heavier, Dustin staggered under the growing weight, which again threw him off balance. He landed sitting on the edge of the bathtub and watched in horror as his monster dick grew completely hard and stretched up until it was practically eye level with him. •

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