Ty's Power

Dustin: the Mammoth-hung Super-stud



Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

"I just had an idea of how to make that third leg and those cantalope balls of yours more manageable", Ty said while gazing in amazement at the gargantuan-sized genitals he created hanging from his brother's crotch.

"Since you're apparently stuck with this size permanently, I could make the rest of your body bigger so it's not quite as cumbersome for you..." Dustin cleared out the other thoughts in his head and considered Ty's suggestion, "That's a good idea, but I'd have to be 9 feet tall to make this manageable, and I really wouldn't want that."

"Well how big do you want to be?" asked Ty.

Dustin weighed things out in his head for a few moments and then said, "I want to be 6'4, with a big lean musclebound build!"

"You only want to be 4 inches taller?" Ty said with a surprised look on his face. "That's not really going to make much of a difference."

Dustin smiled, "I know, but I think I'd rather live my life as a relatively tall muscleboy with a freaky-huge cock and balls; instead of a freaky-tall guy with the same huge endowment. It should at least be enough of a change so that I can walk around better! How about it Ty?"

Without a word, Ty smiled and began to concentrate on Dustin. Over a period of about 20 seconds, Dustin grew to his new height, as thick smooth muscles bulged out all over his body from head to toe. Ty began to get aroused at the sight of Dustin's transformation, and as a last minute "wish", gave Dustin the biggest, most muscular, bubble-butt that anyone could ever imagine.

"Oh my god! That felt incredible!" Dustin roared as he stared; admiring the unbelieveable reflection he saw in the mirror. •

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