Ty's Power

Ty Is Growing Again (well, parts of him)


By MuscleJock

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty stood staring at himself in the bathroom mirror. It was hard to imagine that just a few hours ago his wish to be big had landed himself in a body quite a bit bigger than the one he currently had. He shuddered at the disturbing memory of being a tall, twenty-eight year old man with a huge, hairy paunch that had just kept enlarging until finally he had been able to restore his normal scrawny 15 year old body. He would just have to take it slower this time. Ty stared up and down his reflection, thinking about how he would go about growing himself this time. He decided to just try to make one part of him bigger at a time, rather than doing one big general wish and having it backfire on him like last time. He looked down at his the crotch of his shorts and he grinned at what he was about to do. His dick had returned to its rather below average, 15 year old state when he had set his body right, but now he was ready for something a little more adult down there. Ty concentrated and then wished for a dick that was a thick nine inches soft and a whopping twelve inches hard, with a set of balls the size of large eggs to match his huge dick. He wasn't prepared for the sudden rush of pure pleasure he felt as he stood staring excitedly down at his shorts as the crotch quickly filled and bulged outward with his now much bigger cock and balls. Ty quickly stripped off his shorts and then stood laughing at his newly enhanced reflection in the mirror. Briefs that had been made to hold the small genitals of a young 15 year old were bulging obscenely with a cock and balls that would easily make any porn star jealous. Ty tore his briefs off and admired his new manhood. It looked huge, bulging out in front of him, a sure sign of manliness on an otherwise boyish body. He ran his hands along the huge new size of his dick, and smiled as it started to get hard. Ty started wildly jacking off and he couldn't stop himself from shouting out as he came all over the bathroom mirror and sink. He was stunned by the huge amount of cum that his new balls had produced and by the fact that his dick was instantly hard again. He jacked off three more times and then realized he had better clean up and stop this before someone caught him. Slowly Ty's new dick deflated down to a still-huge nine inches soft and he tried to get all his new equipment into his now way too small briefs. Finally, he suceeded and he couldn't believe his reflection in the mirror. His briefs did nothing to hide his manhood and every bulge was perfectly visible through the stretched too tight briefs. Just then, the bathroom door opened... •

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