Ty's Power

Ty grows into a super stud!


By Otaru

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty was so good looking. A rugged five day old beard graced his face. He felt his muscles rippling. They were growing still! By the time he had walked down the street, he could feel them tapering. The growth had subsided, but he had never felt so in charge before. There was so much of him and all of it surging with energy! He felt like he could run 5,000 miles for Chrissakes.

He looked in the reflection of a windowshop. He was staring at himself...a grown man who looked like the embodiment of everything masculine. He tore off the checkered shirt. Wearing only a tank top, his muscles burst out. His arms were like slabs of nearly golden manmeat. His chest and back burst out...he could see the movements as he lifted his arm up and down. His butt was clinching within his jeans. his hair glistened in the sunlight. He ran a hand, which was much hairier now, along his thick stubble in contemplation.

"My God" he said. "I am an adult now. To hell with this measly little world." Then, an idea struck him. Dustin still hadn't been taught nearly as much as he would like.

It was time to pay a visit to the high school. Ty walked down the street, earning stares from a multitude of women, who looked back to gaze or gawk at his massive, lumberjack's back. He looked like a tall yardworker. Ty reveled in being tall. He was SO tall now...even more than he had been when he left for his walk. At 6'4" he could barely be called thin. He looked like a Cowboy God.

Straddling up within the limits of the high school, Ty seated himself on a bench across the street. A couple of children passed him as he looked pleased with himself. Crossing his arms, he watched them. His brother Dustin was just going into a building. Time for a little brotherly tough love. Waiting for the bell to ring so all the students would come out, Ty grabbed Dustin out of the main hallway when no one was looking! Taking him inside a small exit, they walked up the stairs, or rather, Ty clenched Dustin's mouth shut as he CARRIED his OLDER brother.

"This is such a rush, man."

They got upstairs, on top of the roof.

"What do you want, man? Who are you?"

"I made you normal again this morning Dustin...dont you remember me?" asked Ty, posing in front of his brother, rather ominously. Expecting him to answer.

"What's the matter you little piece of shit? Didn't your mother ever tell you to SPEAk when you're spoken to??"

"I..I'm sorry!"

"Youre goddamn right youre sorry. Dustin, I have a little idea. How about *you* do exactly everything that *I* say from now on."

Dustin nodded.

"And just to teach you a lesson for today..." Ty pointed his hand towards Dustin. Energy seared through Dustin's body, picking it apart. His clothes became nerdlike, and his appearance equally so. His teeth became bucktoothed. His frame lessened and shrunk. He shrunk by a full 8 inches. His voice heightened and his hair became less cool even. More dull and dark and badly cut. For the piece de resistance, Ty pulled out a belt for Dustin to wear. His sagging jeans were humiliating him. He pulled them up over his now tiny crotch as his big bro patronizingly looked him over.

"Stupid fuck. From now until I say when, you are going to be the shit at the bottom of the barrel of this school."

Dustin whimpered, beginning to cry.

"I SAID...Is that CLEAR??!"





"Yes, sir. I'm sorry... I..I..I'll do whatever you say."

"Yes, you most certainly will. Now take these glasses..." Ty said, handing his brother a bulky black pair of glasses with a white stripe down the middle. Take your books and go or youll be late for gym."

"Oh no..."

"GO! Before I lose my temper and turn you into a newt!"

Dustin turned around and scurried on down. Ty mentally altered the entire school so all their memories would be directed towards picking on Dustin. He would be the biggest queer to them. The one who everybody picked on. He would need this to create loyalty from Dustin.

Now, it was his parents turn... •

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