Ty's Power

Ty Grows Up


By Paul

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty woke up, still thinking about earlier on. “Changing Dustin was easy” he thought “I wonder if I could change anything about myself?” He jumped off the bed and said “Yeah, I’ll give it a go. Make me big, I mean, REAL big.” He looked in the mirror to see what changes were happening. Nothing. So he got undressed and jumped into bed.

At about 1am Ty woke up, his whole body was aching, not a sore ache, it just felt different. He got out of bed and that felt different too. “WOW!!” he shouted, “look at me!” he had grown about 6 inches, no more, but to him he was big. “I can’t let anyone see me like this though, no matter how good I look, I’ll go back to bed and see what I’m like in the morning” he thought.

8am came, time to get up. “That feels just the same as last night, don’t think anything else has changed” he thought. Ty looked in the mirror “Oh my god!” he said, “I look older”. His height was the same but he was aged about 28. “Its ok, I’ll change myself back” he thought. “Make me 15 again” he said, nothing happened, “make me 15” he repeated, still nothing happened. “Maybe because I asked to be real big, maybe it’s sapped my power until I am big? Suppose I’ll just have to sit it out” He reached into his desk drawer to find a pen and some paper, “I’ll have to write a note and stick it to my door to stop Mark, June and Dustin coming in” he thought.

“Gone to library early, should be back about dinner time.


“There, that’ll do it” he whispered, being careful not to make a single sound he went back to his bedroom. “Mark and June leave for church about 9.30, only another hour left.”

9.30 came, Mark and June left for church, and Dustin went with “I must get out of here” mumbled Ty as he was going through Mark’s clothes to try and find something wearable. “That’ll do nicely” he said as he pulled out a pair of jeans and a nice blue and white checked shirt. The clothes were a perfect fit, if not too big. “Mark must be bigger than me, suppose he has got a bit of a belly!” laughed Ty. He locked up the house and went off for the day to try and work out why he couldn’t get back to normal. •

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