And Then He Came


By TeenHulk2000


I suddenly realised that I was dreaming. Yes! I can do it! In the misty sight of my dream, I ran to a room which I knew would have a mirror in it, and there it was. I went and stood in front of it, looking at myself. I was really hoping that it would work this time. Now GROW!

I could see in the mirror my image starting to expand, grow up and out. As this was happening I could hear in the distance a low beeping noise that distracted me from the image, as I reached over and turned off my alarm. My alarm? Shit, as always, I had woken up from a dream that I was starting to enjoy... again. "Why can't I ever get a good one to go on?" I wondered out loud to myself.

I climbed out of bed, rubbing the hard on that I had through my boxers, pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs to have breakfast. Half an hour later I was biking my way to my morning class, which started at 8. Along the way I kept thinking of the dream, well what I could remember of it, and sighed. Shame that couldn't happen in real life.

The morning classes were the same, boring, long, jutting down notes I probably wouldn't use. Finally they finished. I quickly left to go to the gym; in what I had now decided was a futile attempt to get really huge.

The day's routine continued. I locked up my bike outside the gym, said hi to the gym instructors at the front desk, popped in my card and went and got changed. You could almost swear that this was a repeat of the day before, well that's what I was thinking when doing my usual warm ups, and continued to think as I went to do my usual workout.

And then he came.

Just as I was filling up my water bottle from the tap by the front desk. It was as if someone had looked into my mind, pulled out my most greatest desire, and had put him there, right in front of me. Time seemed to slow down.

His voice was deep, but soothing as he paid a causal to get in. I watched in slow motion the moving of his forearm, the veins and lines of muscle moving in perfect sequence, revealed for everyone to see. My eyes followed up his arm to a bicep that was probably a couple of dozen inches around. I continued up to his delts, that left a definite gap under the cloth of his singlet as it went over his shoulder and met up with his pecs, which themselves looked like they didn't want to be covered up, as they were really stretching the fabric. The gully between those two lovely pecs was very deep, and I was thinking what it would be like to feel inside there. My gaze continued up to his neck, which was so thick, maybe even thicker than my leg. I finally came up to his face. It was so beautiful it was all I could do not to cry. His features were sharp and in all the right places. His face was smooth and tanned, just like the rest of his body (from what I could see). His hair was a wavy golden brown, just to shoulder hight, just the right length. Then I looked at his eyes and gasped. They were a bright emerald green. So intense that it wouldn't be surprising if a couple of lasers popped out of them. This had all taken 10 seconds, but it had felt like a lifetime. When I realised that I was staring I quickly moved away, trying to hide the erection that had rudely popped up.

I don't think I got any proper working out done that day. In between every exercise I kept on getting glances of him (and I noticed that a few of the women were doing the same), but looking away when he started to turn in my direction. I didn't want to give the wrong idea. But who was I kidding? I had accepted that I was gay, but I hadn't told anyone yet, and I wasn't really ready to start now. But it was just so nice to look at. The peaking of his biceps during the dumbbell curls, the squeezing of his pecs in the peck deck, the tightening of his arse during the squats, the perfect outline of diamonds of calves as he did standing calf raises. His shorts didn't leave much to the imagination as they were over half way up his legs, revealing huge and perfect quads, and they didn't really hide the package that was under there.

I was nearing the end of my workout, and thought I would get one last look at him. I turned my head in the direction he was in... and he was looking directly at me! For a second our eyes locked, and I fell into those sharp green eyes of his. I stared for a few seconds, and then hurried to the changing room. I quickly stripped off and hopped into a shower stall, closed the curtain, turned on the shower and jerked off like there was no tomorrow. He looked at me, he looked at me, he looked at me, kept on going over and over in my mind. I started to think more about his body, and how nice it would be to touch, to smell, to taste. I didn't really have a clue, as I had never been with anyone. I was 18 and had never been even with a girl. But I quickly pushed that thought aside as I continued to think of him. I imagined him in the shower there with me, his bulk making it a tight squeeze. That thought felt so real as I heard the sound of a curtain opening somewhere in another shower, well it sounded far away. I thought of him standing right there with me and it was feeling so real! I opened my eyes, and was looking right into the gully of two huge pecs. I looked up... and there he was. I moaned suddenly as I shot my load over my hand and on his legs. I kept on moaning, as this was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. He put one of his hands over my mouth and held up the index finger with the other one in a "be quiet" motion, all the time smiling with that warm smile.

My orgasm had stopped now, and I looked at his face. He was looking at me with a thoughtful look. It was then that I realised that he was totally naked. I looked down and saw a 10-inch monster, and it was still limp. I could only get to 6 hard. But the monster started to turn into an even bigger one as it started to get hard. At his height, the base of his cock was about the same height as my stomach, but now it was quickly moving it's way up, rubbing along my stomach and then my chest as it went. It stopped just above my mouth, all 16 inches of it. I was so tempted to lick it, as it was dripping with precum, but I didn't get the chance as he kneeled down, and gently turned me around and pressed me up against the shower wall. I felt his hands move down my back and onto my arse, massaging it. He moved down to my thighs and pushed them apart, and ever so gently but firmly, thrust his manhood into my virgin hole. I gasped at the sudden pain and shock of what was happening, and started moaning a bit as he pushed even more of himself into me. I turned my head around to see what was going on, but he turned my head back, then started stroking my dick with his other hand, all while still thrusting into me. Finally, I felt the base of his cock reach my arse, and his balls against my legs. He held there for a moment, then started to thrust in and out. It was uncomfortable and hurt quite a lot and I started to moan out load, but then his tool hit the right place inside me and the pain gave way to the most intense pleasure that I had ever felt, and my moans of pain became moans of pleasure. With each thrust I could hear him grunt and groan, and I could feel myself getting close to orgasm again as his hand stroked my cock.

Just for a second I was thinking that this wasn't part of the day's usual routine before lust took away all logical thought. About a minuet later, his breathing became more heavy and his thrusts became faster and harder. We were now moaning in unison and I could feel his cock swell inside of me.

And then he came.

He yelled out as torrents of cum exploded out of his cock and into my stomach. There was so much of it I could feel it coming out of my hole and running down my legs. It was at this time I also blew my load for the second time in five minuets. I finished well before he did, and just as he finished, I came again. From behind I heard him panting, then felt it as he slowly took out his cock. It felt like I was in a dream. The distant shower curtain opened and closed, as I turned around and slowly sat down in the shower into the cum that was still left, and I came one more time, though I don't think anything came out.

That was the last thing I really remember of that whole day. I stayed in the shower for about another 10 minuets, trying to put together in my mind what had happened, and it didn't seem real, but my throbbing arse and sore balls and cock told me otherwise. The rest of the day seemed to be hazy. It wasn't until I was getting into bed that night that I became aware again. I was still in my gym clothes, as I obviously didn't think of changing into casual clothes.

All I did for a couple of hours was look outside the window, at the rolling hill sides bathed in moonlight that would eventually become an extension of the road on which we lived. Nothing had happened out there for a few years now, and chances are, it would remain farmland. I was thinking about what had happened. I had lost my virginity to what has to be the most handsome guy in the world. I still couldn't believe it. I reached down to my cock to rearrange it again for the third time, as it was uncomfortable, even though it wasn't hard.

But this time I couldn't get it right. I pulled off the bed sheets and was surprised at what I saw. It was a very large bulge, and seemed to be getting larger. The moonlight must have been playing a trick as I could feel that I wasn't hard. I looked harder and saw that the bulge was getting larger, and it had to be my cock. My heart started beating faster as I realised what was happening. I sat up and touched myself through my shorts. That was defiantly me down there, and more of me every second. I stood up and went over to the mirror on my wardrobe door to have a look. I could see that the bulge was quickly getting larger by the second, and it was getting very tight down there. After another 20 or so seconds, the growing stopped. My heart was still beating very fast as I got more and more excited, and then I could feel the erection coming. My cock pressed up hard against my shorts, and in a few short seconds ripped out the front, exposing my now very large man hood. It was only semi hard, but was over half way down to my knees. It got hard very fast, so fast I could swear that I felt wind on it as it stood up. It was now standing just below my chest and leaking, no, flowing precum which was drenching my t-shirt and shorts as it flowed down my throbbing cock My balls were still inside my shorts, but they were so large, the stuck partly out of the bottom of the leggings. I could now do something that I had wanted to do for such a long time.

I bent down my head and sucked the head of my cock, which could just barley fit inside my mouth. It was so good, the taste and the feeling! I forced as much as I could into my mouth, while rubbing it with my hands, which could only wrap half way round each. I looked up into the mirror, and saw that my cock was grossly out of proportion with the rest of my body, but the sight of it was so hot that it sent me over the edge. I moaned as I could feel my balls swell and push their contents up through my cock. A jet of warm, hot liquid hit the back of my throat, catching me by surprise at the force of it. I tried to drink down as much as possible, but I had to come up for air. But my orgasm didn't stop there. I sprayed loads of cum up the mirror and onto the roof. I was also having to bite onto my lip to stop from moaning out so loud so as not to wake the rest of my family. I clamped my mouth down onto my head again, getting my face covered at the same time, and sucked as much as possible. About 2 minuets later, I was a mess. I was covered in cum, as was the mirror, roof, part of the wall and the carpet around where I was kneeling, as the intensity of the orgasm had been so strong, I couldn't stand anymore. I was panting, and sweat was mixing up with the cum and dripping off my body. My cock was soft, but lying partially on the ground. It wasn't until now that I could feel how heavy it was.

"This must have been from him", I thought out loud. That brought back the memory of what had happened at the gym, and I started getting hard again. Shit! I had to get out quick, unless I wanted a whole room drenched in cum. I quickly went over to my window, opened it and climbed outside as best as I could with a monster cock to work with. I ran across the driveway, hopped the fence and ran out into the field next door. There, in the moonlight, I rubbed and sucked myself again, and came again, even harder than before. This time I allowed myself to yell out loud, as it was so intense. I drank as much as I could, and when I couldn't, I watched as the cum squirted and fell maybe what was over 100 metres away. When I was spent, I lay down to enjoy the afterglow. I noticed that even though my cock was soft, it was down to my knees. I got a bit scared now. How much bigger was it going to get? Then quite involuntary, it got hard again. I stood up to have more fun, and watched in lust as it went above my chest, above my mouth and stopped just above my head.

What was I supposed to do now?

It was then that I felt the grass under my feet move. I looked down and saw that the grass wasn't moving, it was my feet. They were getting larger and moving apart. This was because my thighs were getting larger and wider. Oh this was so good. I kept on looking down to watch. I saw my chest expand as my pecs developed a ridge between them. The bottom of my t-shirt and top of my shorts got looser as the fat around my stomach vanished. My forearms were widening, the fat evaporating away and showing the muscle in clear definition, and veins were popping up over them as well. I could see as my biceps got definition and size into them, as they tightened the sleeves of my shirt. I noticed that I had to lean over a bit to look at my legs, as my chest was beginning to stick out so much. I could see the diamond shape of my quads as they grew to massive proportions. My calves were huge, and were now touching each other. I looked to my shoulders and saw that they were poking out of my t-shirt, climbing up to my ears. I could feel the wind on my stomach, as I realised that I was getting taller. I also noticed that the head of my cock was down to eye level, and was getting lower. Hopefully not too lower. My t-shirt could hold out no longer, and gave way across my chest. I noticed that the body hair I had there and that I had loathed for so long, was now all gone. I looked at my biceps just as the material split across them and gave way. I could see the separate muscles, and they weren't flexed either. When I did though, I was blown away by their size. I heard another ripping sound and looked down as my gym shorts gave way, ripping up the sides of my legs. There were only strips of material left hanging to the now very tight waistband, which gave way to my expanding waist. It wasn't long after this that the growing stopped.

Before this had started, I was 6 foot and 80kgs. I must have been at least 6'6 and well over 150kgs. My chest had to be at least 90 inches, arms maybe 40 inches, thighs 50 inches, waist 30 inches, and my cock well over 20 inches long, as it was now at chest height again. I touched it and blew my load and yelled out. I must have been heard for miles around. I was a teen muscle hulk; a muscle god, and I loved it!

I sucked, stroked, posed, and shot off for hours. When the sun started coming up, I was getting very tired. I lay down in a huge pond of cum and fell asleep. I woke up and reached over to turn off my alarm... damn! It was all a dream, again! But at least this time I had played out the whole thing.

I got up to go to the toilet, and slipped over something. It was a white substance, and the coldness of it made me realise that I was naked. Maybe yesterday wasn't a dream at all… •

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