Ty's Power

Tony finds Ty, and boy what a change!


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony couldnt beleive he was going to have to remain this tiny and weak, Tony was sniffleing from the tears that now rooled down his dimpled cheeks, he thought he would never be a big guy again and the thought of being stuck in this skinny body just made him want to kill himself, Tony got to his FireBird and left the schools parking lot.

Tony was driveing down the road when he saw Ty walking, he slowed down and pulled over, "Where are you going? Do you need a lift?" Tony asked with a look of hate on his face, "YEA WHY NOT RUNT!" Ty said smuggly, Tony was pissed off at him, but he knew that for some reason this big guy could help him get back his old size if he was nice enough to him. Ty had no intensions of giving Tony back his size, if he did he would have to get small again and that wasent going to happen, not if he could help it, and of coarse he could.

Ty got in and looked over at poor little Tony, he was wearing piss soaked jeans that were obviously kid sized, Ty laughed, this guy had done what he had told him to do, he bought clothes to fit his now puny build. "Well it looks like you did what I told you to do!" Ty said calmly, "YEA I DID! SO CHANGE ME BACK!" Tony yelled at Ty. Ty looked over at the skinny guy and laughed, "OK Ill change you then,Tony!" Ty said and he smiled, Tony did'nt know what to make of that statement, it just sounded evil to him.

Ty looked at him and smiled, "What would you like to be Tony?" Ty said with an evil grin. "BACK TO NORMAL! Please." Tony said in a begging tone. Ty looked over to him and smiled again, "So you want to be that big dumb weight lifting jock you used to be right?" Ty said. "YES! YES I DO PLEASE!" Tonys eyes were filling with tears again and he was having trouble driveing the car as he cryed. "Alright then Tony! Your a big DUMB jock then!" Ty said, Tonys heart sank, this guy had just put a big infrence on the word dumb! And Tonys mind started to reel, "No I don't want to be dumb! Just big thats all!" Tony said as he pulled into a parking lot and found a place to park.

It was to late for pleading though, Ty figured he would just give Tony back most of his old weight and make him so dumb he couldnt even spell his own name! Ty concentrated on Tony and Tonys clothes and both began to change, in minutes Tony was almost back to his old size. Ty kept his firm muscles and that left poor Tony looking like an average kid who was a couch potato and not the big well toned jock he was before, Tony was pissed off when he looked down at his stomach and it was all flabby and hanging over his waist line.

"I DON"T WANT TO LOOK LIKE THIS MAN!" Tony said as he looked at how pudgy his face looked in the mirror, "IM A STILL A GEEK! DAMB IT!" Tony said as he staired over at Ty with an anggry look on his face. Ty smiled and said "Were not done yet!" Tony did'nt know what he meant by that but it scared the hell out of him, Ty concentrated some more on Tony and Tony felt himself getting shorter now, his jeans tightened as he slipped down in height, he was now shorter then Ty was before he started all of this.

Ty smiled and got out of the car he had lost some of his weight to Tony now and his sweat suits pants were loose on him so he tightened the string and, smiled at the now fat short Tony and said "Your dumb as hell now to Tony!" Tony had a look of shock on his now fat face as he felt all the years of learning slip from his mind, Tony was reduced from a semi intellegent young man to an idiot with a first grade intellegence level. Tonys face went blank, "Do you know how to drive Tony?" Ty said with a smile, Ty had taken that knolege from Tony and he knew the answer before Tony even said it! Tony looked over to Ty and just staired, he knew that he did at one time but not now, he also knew that Ty had done this to him!

"Tony did you hear me?" Ty said as he started to walk around to Tonys side of the car,"I think you better let me drive now Tony." Ty said in a soft tone, Tonys eye's welled up with tears, he was now a short fat dumb kid, and not anything like he used to be. Ty whiped his door open and pulled the now fat pudgy Tony out on to the pavement and told him to go around and get in the passenger side of the car. Poor Tony did as he asked, there was no way he could drive he did'nt know how to anymore. Ty watched him as he went around the front of the car, poor Tony was just a fat young stupid man now and it showed on his lost looking face. Ty laughed as he struggled to get the door open and watched him slide his fat ass in the passenger seat. "NOW TONY! If your real good and mind me I'll change you back!" Ty said as he started the car and the two drove off. •

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