Ty's Power

Tony Goes Back to School


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony went home and changed into the rediculus looking jeans he had bought at the mall they made him look like one of the nerds he use to pick on when he was a bigger guy, but now he wasent and all he really wanted was to just die, he still couldnt beleive that the big guy was going to leive him like this for a whole week, why how much more of a lesson was he supposed to be given, he felt like he had been punished enough, after all he was humileated in front of every one at school and now he was humileated at the mall as well.

Tony got dressed and headed back to the school, he hoped he see the big guy(Ty.)there and that he would change him back to the big stud he use to be. When Tony got there though things hadnt been changed at all, every where he went at the school the students would be laughing at him and the guys who still hated him were still trying to kick his ass, the only change he could see was that the teachers and the students now thought that he had just contracted some aliement that caused him to loose his muscles and loose a hell of alot of weight somehow, how the hell was that suppose to keep the guys that he use to mess with from messing with him now that he was vertualy helpless to defend him self now, Tony thought.

He was right there were guys who still wanted to get back at him in a most vengful way as well, poor Tony was on his way to the caffeteria to find Ty when two of the gay guys caught up with him when he turned a corner into a empty hallway, Tony began to panic when he herd them running up behind him, he was never so afraid in his life and his bladder ached as his fear level rose, he thought he might loose control of his bladder again and started to run down the long empty hall, he saw a bathroom and headed towards it as fast as his thin legs could carry him, but just as he got to the door one of them grabed him by his now bony shoulder and swung him around easyly Tony lost his footing and he crashed to the ground, it was all to much for him and again he was wetting his now considrebly smaller jeans, "OH GOD NOT AGAIN!!" Tony said as the puddle formed around his seated ass.

The guys that had scared the piss out of him ran offlaughing their ass off as they ran, leiving poor little Tony crying while he sat in a puddle of his own piss again. Just then he herd the destinct sound of foot steps comeing from around the corner of the still vacant hall, Tony quickly jumped up he didnt want to be seen like this, as he got up the urine ran down the inside of his baggy little jeans and he could feel it pool around the top of his right shoe, he looked down at it as he ran into the john, he was again crying at school, and he knew that he couldnt stay there now.

Tony just got up all the nerve he had left and ran out of the john he was going to leive the school for good and he didnt care what the big guy said he would do for him, Just as he turned the corner though he ran head long into his girl freand, she wasent even fazed by the collision but it knocked poor Tony down on his ass again, he looked up and saw who it was and before he could even speak tears of shame and humiliation rolled down his now sunken cheeks, he was bawling so bad now that he sounded like a baby he was makeing sniffling sounds and he couldnt even get his breath so that made him sound even more like the wimp he now was.

Surprizingly though she didnt leive him she got down on the ground and offered to help him up, Tony was so surprized by this that he stoped crying and just burryed his face in his bony hands to hide it from her,she began to help him to his feet and put her arm around him and huged him, Tonys mind was realing and he tried to hide his wet crotch with his hands, all he could think about was how much of a total wimp he had become now, she walked with him with her hand around his shoulder as he walked with his cuped around his piss soaked crotch.

He finaly got him self together enuogh to talk to her "So what do you think of your big stud of a boyfreand now?" Tony said between sobs and sniffles, "Tony I still love you even though youve changed your still my freand and I hope you know that!" she told him. All Tony herd was were still freands and not word about them still going together as boy freand and girl freand, he couldnt blame her though, just this mourning he was one of the best looking guys in the school with a musclare body and stunning good looks and now he was a wimpy 95LB has been, with piss soaked jeans, hell he couldnt even defend himself from the smallest guy in the school anymore cause he was the smallest guy in the school now! Tony bolted from her grasp and ran out of the school. •

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