Ty's Power

Too thin for this but too tall for that


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony was shocked how could he possibly go back to school like this, even if he found clothes that would fit him there was no way he was going back there. What would happen if this ass whole who says he did this didn't help him out, there were still guys who would love to kick his ass, how could he possibly believe that this big guy had made these guys forget every thing and just treat him as a wimp, Tony knew from experience that picking on the little guys really didn't get you much respect, but picking on one of the bullies that had suddenly been turned into a wimp was by his own experience acceptable.

But what choice did he have he didn't want to be stuck in this positively puny body for the rest of his life, and right now that's the way it seemed it might be if he didn't comply with this guy. Tony reluctantly went into his house he would have to get cleaned up and find something that he could wear, he knew that he didn't have anything that would fit him now but his younger might, he was smaller than Tony was, but now he would surely be alot bigger than he was now, but he just might have something that would half way fit, he would need one of his little brothers belts to hold them up till he got some clothes that would fit his now frail thin body.

Tony's mom wasn't home and that made Tony feel better he definitely didn't want her to see her once proud stud of a son looking like a little wimp. Tony went to take a shower he was sweaty and smelled like urine and just wanted to feel clean again, but as he got undressed he couldn't help but see how different he really looked now, he couldn't believe it all those long days in the gyms weight training room were now a waist of his time he was a skeleton and every bone in his now pathetic body showed, he could see his pelvic bone, and and hips and even make out where his leg bones connected to them, his elbows and knees were knobby and bonny, and his chest was a bonny rib cage covered by a thin layer of only skin, no muscles showed any where on his thin frame, his quarter sized nips rested on skin covered bones that made him look like a war refugee.

Tony cried as he showered and he cried even more when he had to wash off his once proud cock, wasn't it enough for this ass whole to take his muscles, why did he have to shrink his penis too? And to a child's size at that, why?? Tony just couldn't figure out what he did to this guy, it must have been pretty bad though and in his mind he vowed that he would change if the guy ever put things back the way they were, he would never pick on a smaller guy again.

Tony reluctantly went into his little brothers room, he definitely was not looking forward to seeing how much bigger he was than he was now but he new that he was, Tony knew that his brother emulated him and was lifting weights so he could be as big as his big brother was, Tony saw the scales that were normally in the main bathroom were now in his little brother Bradley's room, the little guy must be keeping up with his progress, Tony thought as he reluctantly climbed on to the scales, he couldn't help it it was almost instinct, after all he had kept up with his own weight gains over the years but he was not prepared for what he would see now, 95LBS "Oh god no I cant weigh only 95LBS!!!" Tony said out loud, he got off the scales and hoped that his brother had messed the reading up but it went back to dead zero and he knew it was right.

Tony went to his brothers drawers and looked for something that would fit him, and nothing that was new would, what was he going to wear he couldn't wear anything of his once littler brothers clothes, not a dam thing his little brother was now the bigger son, and Tony was going to have to be the little guy for at least a another week if the big guy kept his promise, but that was a big if to Tony!!

Tony finally found some old jeans that his little brother had worn about two years ago, they were to short in the legs though and now to big on his narrow hips! What was he going to wear, he certainly couldn't wear these, Tony sat down on his ass before the too short pair of to big waisted jeans fell down his narrow legs and hit the ground as hard as he could with his bonny fist.

Tony finally did manage to find something that with the help of a belt would fit him well enough to go to the mall where if he was lucky he might find something that would fit him. When Tony got to the mall though he wasn't in any better shape though every where he went they told him that they didn't handle any thing in his size he was just to thin, every time he walked into a store or for that matter any where in the mall he could hear the comments about the little skinny guy and about how stupid his present clothes looked on him,

Tony was beginning to give up as he approached the last store in the mall it was the sears store and it was also his last stop, he had had enough of all the comments about his new size that he could possibly stand. Tony went to the kids size department and looked at some jeans he thought might be long enough for him they were a size 25-30 the very smallest waist size at that length, he knew he wasn't any shorter than before he was just impossibly thin for his 5'9" body, and that at that size these jeans would be floods on him for sure. He reluctantly went to the changing room and tried them on, he looked in the mirror as he buttoned the waist, even at that size the waist was a bit loose and the legs were to roomy and the ass hung nearly strait down he looked so tiny in the jeans, but what was worse was that they were indeed floods and made him look like the ultimate geekaziod, that along with the new acne problem that he only just now seemed to notice Tony reluctantly bought the jeans, again what choice did he have now. •

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