Ty's Power

Tony Gets an Ultimatum


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony was stuttering by now and didn't want to get into another conflict he was also crying openly and he knew that somehow he was now even skinnier than he was in the hallway his jeans were now even to big to even stay up with his belt on and he knew that if he let go of them they would easily fall down around his now thin as hell legs.

But that didn't stop Francis from picking on him he had a bone to pick with this guy and he was going to get Tony while he was down, "OH NO TONY!! YOUR GOING DOWN DUDE!" he said as he grabbed Tony's arm and pulled it away from holding up his jeans, they immediately began their southern journey down his thin thighs, and rested around his now bone thin calves, "Let mme ggo pla pla please!" Tony stuttered he now really felt like a little wimp he was both frightened and stuttering as the now bigger guy twisted his pencil thin wrist. Tony's mind was reeling he was somehow frightened to death of this guy now and was trying to get away before he hurt him, the bigger guy drew back his fist and looked Tiny Tony in his eyes, and threw a punch towards Tony's face, but he pulled away just before he made contact with Tony's face. But it was still to scary for the now helpless little guy and he lost control of his now smaller bladder, Tony was pissing himself out or fear and it was soaking his jeans and underwear that were down around his ankles now.

"Check this shit out dudes I scared the piss out of the little guy" Francis said as he let go of Tony and pushed him off his feet. "Why don't ya go home to your mommy Tony, JUST SAY YA WANT YOUR MOMMY and I'll leave ya alone, GO AHEAD SAY IT YA LITTLE WIMP!!" Francis said grabbin Tony's tee shirt and pulling the considerably lighter guy off the ground by it. "Just say it!" Tony had no choice and he wiped the tears from his eyes and told the guy he wanted his mommy, right in front of a considerably large gathering of students that had just watched the whole thing, including Ty who enjoyed it immensely

Tony ran to his car holding up his piss soaked jeans and got his car door unlocked and jumped in the front seat crying uncontrollably, Tony was now the biggest wimp the school had ever seen, he started his car and left the school as fast as he could. How was he going to tell his mom and dad about what had happened to him, he cried all the way home as he drove.

When he got home he had cried all that he could and was about to go into try to tell his mom he needed to get some help, When Ty and another guy that Ty had gotten a ride with came pulling up behind his car they had followed the poor guy home.

"Come here Tony!" the bigger Ty told him Tony looked over at the guys and almost started to cry how much more could he possibly take today! he had gone from one of the hottest studs at the high school to its most geeky looking wimp it had all in less than two hours, but he was now also to afraid not to do as he was told and he reluctantly went over to Ty's side of the car and asked what he wanted, Ty told him that he had turned him in to this wimpy looking guy he now was and that he planed to help poor Tony out.

Tony just wanted things to be the way they were and was willing to anything to get things changed, "Well here's how it works Tony you have to stay that way for at least a week, and you have to go back to school today, but don't worry cause I'm going to make sure you don't get hurt again alright?" Tony couldn't believe this how was he suppose to go back to the school, he had just pissed himself in front of a dozen guys and had two guys that just that mourning would have been to afraid to even talk to him let alone kick his ass humiliated him in front of the whole school, Tony tried to plead with Ty he knew it sounded impossible for him to have done this to him but some how this big guy had.

Ty told Tony that he had fixed it so the whole school now thought that Tony was always a little wimp and that he had fixed it so that anywhere Tony went every one would just remember him as a wimp, and if he wanted to be any where near as big as he was he would have to go buy some clothes that fit him and be back at school before lunch ended. •

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