Ty's Power

Ty Takes Things Further


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Tony ran into the locker room trying to figure out just what had happened to him, he was in a near state of panic all he really knew was that he should be a lot bigger than this and that something had deffenetly gone wrong with him despite the fact that even his best freand had just called him a whimp, Tonys mind was realing was he really just a whimp trying to get bigger or were the thoughts that he was really a nice looking guy with a very well toned body just some pathetic attempt by him not to execpt the fact that he was what he saw in the mirror, "NO IM A BIG GUY I KNOW IT!" Tony said out loud as he opened his locker and pulled out the clothes he had on before he went to the weight room, there was a pair of jeans and a Rage against the Machine tee shirt, some socks and a pair of high top gym sneakers Nike's that he vaugly seemed to remember as his.

Tony looked at the jeans they were Levis 505s size 31-32s the same size as the ones that he had on now the ones that clearly no longer fit his now puny build. Tonys mind began to fight off the last of Tys mind control and he remembered everything, but another though it kept comeing to his mind it was the image of a face a guy that he had seen checking him out in the hallways of the school from time to time. and a name that he didnt reconize as a freands it was Ty something the last name was to foggy to pick up on but he definently knew the face, and some how knew that some how this kid as he saw him was responsible for his present situation.

Tony tryed to get dressed in the clothes but they were way to big for him now but what choice did he have, he put on the underwaer that now barely hung around his thin waist and were baggy as hell despite the fact that they were the bikini type that his girl freand liked so much, his mind strayed to his girl freand as he put on the over sized jeans and tightened his belt to the last hole, he left his normal hole on the belt 4 holes back and the remaining part of the belt streached halfway around his now 26 inch waist. he put his now over sized tee shirt on and left it hang over his waist line of his jeans the excess fabric of the waist line bunched up in folds when he tighted his belt and looked rediculus on him and he didnt want any one to see it, his eyes were filling wiyh tears of self pity and helplessness and ran down his sullen dimpled cheeks as he went in to the schools hallway.

Ty was desprate he was now way to short for his new stolen musculure build and he would need to be both taller and clothed to be able to leive the gym area, Ty watched as Tonys weight lifting coach came into veiw he knew that the coach was a tall guy and was the right weight for Tys new dementions if he could just steal this guys height and he did just that as the muscular looking 35 year old walked by him Ty began to make him younger that way he could asorbe his height and not get any bigger, the coach was putting all the weights back into there prespective places as he was becoming younger Ty knew that he'd have to wait till the guy started to get shorter before he could start to get taller and he accelarated the coaches trip back to prepubesents at first the coach didnt seem to notice that he was getting any younger, and except for the fact that his receding hairline had come back the coach who always looked young for his age barly showed any signs of getting younger till he seemed to be what Ty had guessed as about 22 years old, his impressive musculare body began to get smaller almost imeadeately his broad shoulders narrowed to quickly to be just him getting younger and his 22inch bicepts were growing smaller in seconds as he got just one year younger then about another half a year back and the coaches clothes no longer fit him and his bicepts were now only half as big as they were even though he was still 20 years old, 'Man he must have taken steroids during his early college years that would explaine his sudden spiral down in size before he even reached his teens, the coach was now smaller than he expected and was beginning to notice the sudden change in himself and he ran to the mirror to see as he ran his pants began to fall down his waist, when he got the mirror he saw his muscles dissapear before his eyes he was awe struck and frozen in both confusion and terror as his body reverted back to a body that he hated a body that at the age of nineteen caused him to take steroids in the first place. he let go of his pants and his arms fell limply to his sides and his pant crept down his thighs, he was soon watching his facial hair and the chest hairs that showed above his muscle tee disapear, he began to get both shorter and less and less musculare as the years faded from his body, his face became that of a early teenager and then that of a ten yearolds and then it stoped at 5 years old, his once form fitting muscle tees shoulder straps sliped off his now considerably thinner torso and fell to the waist line area of the pants that had fallen down around his ankles, he kmew he was a 35 year old guy but what staired back from the mirror said something totally diffrent all this was just to much for him and he passed out.

Ty felt his own body gain both height and even more streanth as the the coach fell back to prepubessens and then stop, Ty took the coaches height and then his clothes and put hte coach on his couch in his office and left the gym.... •

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