Ty's Power

Too Big Ty, Too Small Tony


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty could feel his Jeas getting a little tighter and his chest and his still under developed bicepts begging to get tighter and slightly larger his stomache started to loose some of its still remaining baby fat, Tony on the other hand didn�t notice any thing due to Ty fixing it so that he would be unaware of the changes right away, that would come later. Ty noticed the slight changes though Tonys 17inch bicepts shrank down to 15 inches an his shoulders narrowed as well as his firm prominent pecs, and his jeans didn�t fit him as tightly.

Tony still looked like the fox that he was and his body still looked impressive, but he still couldn�t believe that he couldn�t lift a lousy 120LBS, and that all the guys had seen him fail to do so. "Hey lets start with a weight that better fits your physic all rigth." Tony's lifting coach told him as he took off 20lbs, "here try this your probly just a little tierd so we'll take it easy till you warm up." Tony was a little emberissed but conceded to lift the lighter weight, Tony was able to lift it but it still felt like it might be to much weight for him to lift right now for some reason, but he managed to lift it nine times and only had one lift to go.

Tony was determined to finish the set and started the last lift and again he was struggling just to get it to his chest, his mind was realling just this weekend he had easly lifted 150lbs for two sets of 15 lifts each, and now he was strugling to lift a lousy 100lbs why? Tony tried to go the rest of the way with his lift but again he just couldn�t, he hadent noticed it himself but he was gradually getting smaller with every lift he made his weight had droped down from 165lbs to 140lbs, Ty was loving the feeling of gaining muscle as some one else did all the real lifting, Ty had gaind Tonys lost 25lbs of muscle and he now weighed 160lbs. The two guys had almost traded bodys by now, but Tonys weight wouldn�t stop dropping until he was under 124lbs.

Tonys coachs mind had also been altered to not think of Tony as weighing any more than what he saw standing in front of him at that moment and was starting to treat tony as more of a beginer weight student and not the advanced student that the three years of weight training Tony had under his now more nessasary belt.

Tony was indeed tighting his belt, the tight fitting jeans he liked to work out in the ones he had turned into his trade mark, were now sliding down his thinning thighs and didn�t show off his once powerful quads any more, Tony was becoming aware of his losses and was looking in the mirror and sairing at how different he looked Ty still had a good grasp on him mentaly but deep in Tonys mind he knew something was defenetly wrong with his reflection the guy stairing back at him just looked to thin to be him, but Tys hold on Tonys mind was still strong enough to just make Tony want to workout that much harder, and Tony set up the dumb bells for his curles he put on 35lbs each he still thought he could lift this easly, but when he began his curles he found that they were now way to heavy for him to lift easly and again he found himself strugling to lift them

Tony finaly stoped and began to lighten them a bit he thought that this just wasent his day to be lifting weights he was probly just tierd and so he took off 10lbs and started to lift the 25lbs dumbells thay did seem easy at first and he quickly knocked out 10 reps per arm and started his next set feeling a little better about knocking out the first rep so easly, but the second set of raps found him strugling with the light weights he was beginning to panic and a small crowd of guys was beginning to form around the thinning former star of the weight room, "Hey Tony why do try to lift half your weight like that dude you should stick to the tenlbs dumb bells and stop kiding your scrawny ass that your ever going to be a big guy small fry." Ken Tonys once best freand and spot partner said in a sarcastic tone, poor Tonys weight had droped down to 110lbs now more than Ty had wanted it to drop. Ty himself was now a hulking 190lbs on a to short 5'4" inch frame his jeans had riped off his now hulking legs and it was getting harder for him to hide.

Tony knew now that all this was wronge he knew he wasent a hugh guy but he also despite all of Tys mind control efforts knew he wasent this skinny guy trying to lift weights he knew that he not to long ago lifted easly. Tony was emberissed by Kens comment and put the weights down and got up to look at himself in the mirror, when he got up though his size 31-32 jeans slid down his now bone thin thighs and he had to hold them up as he almost ran to the mirror, Tony was still a little under Tys control and Ty concentarted hard on him and made him do some muscle poses, Tony was flexing his now non existing bicepts and small pathetic looking mounds formed where his once big bicepts had been he was in the middle off a pose that was intended to show off his bicepts and pectorial muscles sort of the increadible hulk pose weight lifters are famouse for, he looked pathetic though hiss pecs didn�t even show and you could make out his rib cage easly. All the guys were standing around laughing at the skiny little now almost nerdish looking Tony. "hey wimp no matter how hard you try to flex youll still be skinny guy give it up Ken said as he walked away laughing, the laughter broke the hold that Ty had over Tony and he suddenly knew that he'd gone from a strong guy with a nice body to a skinny wimp in less than an hour, Tony's eyes were filling with tears of confusion and shame and he held up his jeans and ran from the weight room.... •

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