Ty's Power

Dwindling Prospects


By jumpingbassflash

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty decided that he and dustin sould stay in gym class for another hour, he was enjoying the power he had over other people and prefered to change the bigger 12th graders the most, he hated the way some of these guys were just blessed with better looks and big musculer bodys without even trying, they useally ended up as the bullys of the school, and always got the babes. "first we'll make the teachers and the other guys think that weve always been in this class, but first Ive got to do something to you though." Ty said to dustin, and began to concentrate on Dustin, Dustin could feel himself shrinking down from his 6 foot height again, and he started to panic "not again I thought we made up with each other Ty!" Dustin said as his modestly muscular body began to become thinner until he was the skinnest guy in the gym class Ty stoped his height at 5'9inchs to essentuate his now bony 98Lb body. "WHY THIS TY IM THE SKINNEST GUY IN SCHOOL NOW!" Dustin said holding up his gym shorts.

"I know just trust me Im not going to make you stay that way." Ty said looking at dustin who did look pretty geeky like that "Well at leist I dont think I will." Ty was loving the fact that his big step brother was now way skinnyer than he was, even though he was still taller than him. Ty started to laugh at the idea of leiving Dustin like this, but quickly went back to his original train of thought he thought real Hard and convinced every one including Dustin that Dustin was alwats this puny skinny geek, He even gave Dustin an over bite and a thin weak lower lip to finish off the effect.

Gym class started and the coach ordered all the guys out to the gyms court and told them they were going to be playing dodge ball, for the next hour, and to pick teams. Even though neither he or the now pathetic looking Dustin were picked first for either team, at leist Ty was picked some where in the middle of the pick and poor Dustin was picked last.

This was Tys plan he watched to see who would be chosen as captains and who they would pick as their first string defence, as usaul they were the biggest guys there with Ty being picked somewhere near the middle of the pick. The teams were diveded into the shirts and the skins, as they always were, poor Dustin was a skin and he looked pathetic with out his now baggy shirt, team captian was a guy that every nick named Buffed for his well muscled and toned frame, he was one of the guys that Ty hated he was tall 6'2" and had to weigh at leist 185Lbs, and handsome to boot.

Ty decided to fix it so that Buffed would slowly get thinner as the game went on, but no one would notice the change ecsept him and he fixed it so that Buffed wouldnt notice the change until he was struck out with the ball.

As the game went on Ty was changing the bigger guys bodys in diffrent ways he'd make some guys smaller and some shorter just as they were throwing the ball so they would miss there marks alot when their bodys changed all the sudden, Ty had picked two other of the biggest most good looking guys to share in poor Buffed fate, the Brewer twins they were both teen models and did teen magzine covers and some work in TV commercials he hated these two stuck up assholes as much or more than he hated (Earl) Buffeds real name. The brewers ended up on diffrent teams having been picked early in the line up one right after the other, I wonder if theyll get picked so fast next time Ty thought as the three hunks bodys began to get smaller as the game went on TY had to work on one guy at a time so the changes wernt as noticable at first, Mark brewer was on the skins team he was the better looking of the two twins like either one even came close to ugly, and he was slightly bgger than Mike brewer his to Ty evil twin. Ty concentrated real hard on Mark and Mark began to loose weight fast as he was dribbling the ball as he ran to show off before he threw it Marks muscular thighs and calfs were becoming thinner and less defined his protruding quads shank down to nothing and his calfs became positivly puny and almost girl like, as he ran and his gym shorts fell down around hhis knees and his once tight fitting jock strap didnt have any thing left to hold it up and followed suit expossing the former teen models still impressive member it was to Ty a monster and he couldnt have that so he quickly shrank it down to a little kid size thing as poor Mark triped and hit the ground hard, Ty was laughing at the guy so hard that he forgot about making him unaware of what was happening to him, and Mark got up and looked around at every one stairing at his now little cock, Mark turned beet red and went to pull up his shorts, when he saw how small his cock was he paniced and ran off the floor trying hold up his now to big shorts up.

Ty got his compsure back and made every body think that Mark was always a tall skinny guy witha very small dick, this just made them laugh harder at the pathitic Brewer twin. Buffed was the next to be finished off he had just goten out a guy with the ball, so Ty made him feel real winde all of the sudden, and buffed who was already considrably smaller, smaller than Ty was by then put his bent over and put his hands on his knees and gasped for air, some one on the shirts team saw the now thinner guy waring shorts that were obviously to big for him bent over, and went in for the kill and hit Buffed so hard that at his present size knocked the former stud to the ground.

Ty had been watching and remembered that Buffed would now be aware of the changes that had happened to his body, and watched the now wimpish little guy check out how thin he'd become and Buffed freaked out and tryed to run off the feild before anyone else noticed it, he was to late though his team mates just thought he was always a wimp and told him "hey gearly get your pathetic little scrawney body off the feild before ya start crying" Earl was devistated how'd this happen to him he was the biggest guy out here and now he looked so thin, and that was my best freand saying that to me he thought as tears welled up in his eyes, he ran off the court crying to everyones laughter.

TY concetrated on the shirted Mike Brewer as he was running with the ball he was wearing a pair of jeans that were cut off just above his knees, they were begging to look a bit big on him and his underwear were showing around his thinning waist, Ty thought real hard and caused Mike to start to piss in his cut offs he thought it was a nice touch, Mike felt his bladder give out and droped the ball to clutch his crotch to stop but it was to no avail and again everyone just laughed there ass's off as the now skinny guy wet his pants in front of every one, poor Mike just kept hold of his crotch and ran off the feild a trail of piss following as he ran. •

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