Ty's Power

Growing Up


By Changes

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Dustin was a little cold now that the hair was gone and went to his room to grab a few robes. He put one on and placed the other one next to Ty.

"Ok it's your turn to draw a change" Ty said getting ready for what would come.

"Here goes!"

Dustin pulled a slip of paper and read what it said, then proceeded to think what he wanted to happen to Ty.

After a few moments Ty began to feel the affects of his change. Slowly his clothes began to tighten as his 15-year-old body aged. Hitting a growth spurt at about 16 he had to remove his clothes before they got painful. As he pulled off his pants he could already see that the hair on his legs had gotten thicker, although he still wasn't sure what was happening to him.

Standing with only his underwear on Ty began to grow taller; his feet grew quickly to their final length of a size 10 . As the rest of his body was catching up to his feet Ty and Dustin watched as the bulge in his underwear grew in size; Opening up the top he could see that he was still quite human down there (but a lot hairier).

"Well, it looks I'm not species hopping! Wow, is that my voice? I think I'm going to be a man of some sort," Ty said in his still changing voice.

Dustin just sat and smiled while Ty's shoulders expanded a little and his pecs and arms grew a little definition.

"It feels like there are ants crawling up my legs!"

Ty looked down at his legs and watched as the hair thickened and moved up his legs and into his shorts. His legs were now covered in a heavy pelt of light brown hair. Hair also began to work its way out the top of his underwear and around his navel.

Crossing into his twenties Ty's height leveled out at about 5'11" and hair finally began to grow across his face leaving him with a few days old worth of a beard. Hair also moved from his navel up his chest and across to both nipples.

After puberty had finished it's job Ty's body aged quickly; he gained a little weight over his body with most of the gain adding to his stomach, which still remained small, just not well toned anymore. The hair on his head also started thinning just as the transformation was complete.

Looking in the mirror down the hall Ty yelled into main room "I definitely look like a average 30 something guy, does that sound about right?"

Actually that's what you would really look like at 30 based on if you lived your life how you have the past 15 years."

"I guess we will have to change that, won't we? I didn't even get lucky in the sex department."

"The five minutes will be up soon; finish exploring so I can have another turn!" •

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