Ty's Power

Little too much pep


By BigMe

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Frustrated with Kody's increasing need for size, Ty said "Ok, if you want to be bigger," Ty said, "then I'll let you expand gradually." Ty then put his power to work on Kody to let him grow.

The changes started to take place as Kody began to expand to more inhuman proportions. After a moment, he was now the tallest man ever as he passed nine feet in height. "BIGGER!" he screamed as he headed outside to give himself growing room. Thinking that Kody had had enough, Ty tried to stop the growth, but found that he was unable to. Panicking, he headed out to find the giant Kody passing eleven feet in height.

"Stop growing" Ty kept trying to ply onto his friend, but his previous wish to let Kody grow until he wanted to stop seemed to be interfereing. Apparently, Ty's powers did have some form of limitation in that they could only apply one change at a time to another. He could only stare in horror as he became hip high to Kody, then thigh high, and onward. He soon had to move back a bit as Kody's oversized feet began to encroach on Ty's position in relation to him.

Kody was clearly enjoying himself. He felt invincible as the world shrank around him and started to feel less signficant. He wanted to destroy all those who had mocked him and grab the apple of his eye, Candy. She had been taller than him, which had made her intimiating, but now she'll respect him.

Ty could only now watch as Kody's head grew larger and more distant. He knew that he had to stop him before he destroyed something. •

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