Ty's Power

Who's the Big Guy Now?


By BigMe

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty and Dustin decided that had had enough of school today, so they began to stroll home. Dustin wanted to chase girls with his new and improved bod, so Ty took his leave of him and wandered home through the park. On the way, he noticed a dad beating on his little son. The boy could not have been more than six, so there was no match to be had.

Not standing for any abuse (save the kind that teaches bullys a lesson), Ty put his mojo to work, freezing the dad in his tracks. Next, he decided the make the match more even. The father began to lose height as the son quickly ballooned up in size. Within seconds came the expected clothes ripping from the kid as he grew foot after foot in size. Within seconds, a giant boy towered over a man less than three feet in height. Ty now unfroze them both, and they both screamed. The dad quickly realized that he was now small and he started off, only to trip over his own pants and shoes. The boy picked up his father and began to spank him. Ty could see that the boy was full of love and that the father had some problems, so he decided to have a bit of mercy on him. The size reversal would only last day, if the father didn't learn his lesson. He changed them back to their normal sizes and removed the memory of the actual transformation from their minds, but not the vague memory of punishment. They had a second chance to get it right... Ty walked off and left the pair.

That night, Jim Smith got drunk and began to beat his namesake son, Jimmy. Later, he stumbled off to bed in a stupor. The next morning, Jim awoke to a strange sensation. His clothes felt extremely loose on him and the room seemed... bigger. He picked up his watch from the nightstand and is was huge! Looking at his wrist, it looked like the hand he had had when he was just a boy. Jumping up, his pants fell off of him and he was left completely nude (he had not been wearing a shirt). All his body hair was now missing and his body was now that of a small boy. Then, he heard some heavy footfalls in the hallway. Staring up in terror, he now saw a large man with features not unlike his son Jimmy filling the doorway. Jimmy only had a tattered bit of clothing hanging of his body. Giving his diminitive father a quick smile, Jimmy strode over to the closet and pulled out some of his father's clothes. The clothes were a little small on him and he couldn't get his overgrown feet into Jim's size 9 shoes (Jim had had small feet), but at least he was clothed again. Jimmy then grabbed little Jim and gave him another spanking. It was obvious to them both now who was the father and who was the son.

From his home, Ty felt a sense of contentment in his dreams. He dreamed of a father-turned-son finally receiving the love of a parent. Years of neglect melted away and they both rediscovered a sense of family over the years. •

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