Lifting Club, The

By Muscle Wimp

It started out like any other ordinary day at the gym. I had just begun my workout and I noticed that there was a lot of activity in this special area of the gym known as the big boys' room. You know, the place where only serious muscle heads could work out. I heard laughter and screams and applause followed by gasps of astonishment. I had to know what was going on back there.

Usually there was a sign posted on the door that read "Only the strong survive in here..." But today there was a sign that read "Only serious muscle junkies please".

There was a crowd of people hanging around this ordinary looking guy. He didn't have any muscles that I could speak of but what he was doing shocked me beyond belief.

He was actually bending the barbells in half like they were pretzels! "Holy shit!" I said to myself. The unmuscled strong man looked up. "And now for my next amazing feat of strength, I shall need a volunteer from the audience." He pointed to me.

"You... back there...Please come forward."

I shook my head no but some of the people shoved and pushed me towards the front. I had no choice but to be the "volunteer".

"My friends, you see before me an ordinary looking Joe... Someone who I would say weighs about 170. I will show you what I can do with this guy."

Suddenly he reached over to me and grabbed me by my armpits. He was at the same height as I was but suddenly grew several inches taller than me! He started lifting me up and down by my armpits like I was nothing.

You have to know something about me, I'm really into lifting, this guy was fulfilling my ultimate fantasy. The more he lifted me the harder I became, it was seriously evident too, I was tenting up my gym shorts. I was so embarrassed, but the other guys in the room began applauding, whether it was my boner or the lifter's strength I didn't know. The guy kept lifting, up, down, finally I came, I couldn't help it. My cum stained my shorts, the lifter smiled and kept pumping. Once, twice, three hundred times later he put me down. He wasn't even breaking a sweat!

I just lay there in a pool of my own semen and curled into a fetal position as the crowd dispersed. The nerd without muscles came up to me and said "Dude, are you alright?"

I finally managed to regain my composure. "Uh yeah, I was just never lifted up 300 times by a guy with no muscles."

"Oh that's only the beginnings of the things I can do. Come home with me and I'll show you." With that he picked me up in his arms and we walked out of the door. We actually went out one of the fire exits that opened directly on to the parking lot from the big boys' room, he slung me over his shoulder and strode out to the parking lot. All I could see was pavement, my midsection was over this scrawny guy's shoulder. Where did a guy with a bony shoulder like this get all this strength? His arms hadn't flexed at all while he lifted me. In some ways this made his strength even more exciting, my dick began to harden. "Cool it, Tiger," he said, "We won't start for a while yet."

We stopped, I heard the "boop" of an automatic door control. He opened the door and lifted me into the seat of a 4x4, a top of the line model, a Chevy, or something, I'm not into cars or trucks. But I am into guys, he shut the door and went over to the driver's side and got in. He was tall, about 6'1" to my 5'9", his hair was short and brown, his eyes that dark puppy dog brown, he didn't look that old, about twenty or so, although he might have looked younger because of his slim build, not skinny, not lean and muscular, just your "average" build, no muscles, no great shakes. And he looked, well, nerdy, like he should be at a cybercafe, not a gym. Me, I am 170, and toned, no big muscles, but I can raise a bicep, no peak, just a lump above the skin, but still in semi-decent shape. I have black hair and blue eyes and normally I wouldn't be attracted to a guy like this with no muscles, but the lifting, the strength! I could have gotten away, the door wasn't locked, he wasn't looking at me, it was a sunny Saturday morning and the parking lot was busy, I stayed put.

"Buckle up!" he said, "I don't want to lose you on the drive home." I belted myself in, as did he, we pulled out of the lot and headed out of town. "What's your name?" he asked. "Luke." I replied. "I'm Mike." he said, "You're really into lifting aren't you?" "Uh, yeah, couldn't you tell? Look, what's this all about, did you really grow back there?" "Uh, hold on a sec'," he said, picking up a car phone, he pressed speed dial. "Terry? Hi, look, I've got a live one, a real lifting junkie, I think he's into muscle too. Yeah, answer to our prayers. Get the others.....Dave's, that's right. See ya." He replaced the phone.

"Don't worry about the growing, or the bending of the bars, or your cumming, they won't remember it. I don't know why, but they never do, it isn't real to them I guess," he said. "I don't understand." "Neither do I, some friends of mine and I, we found an old book of spells, we used one in it, and the damned book disappeared. The spell gave us certain powers, but it's also a curse."

"Look," I said, "I'm into role playing and fantasy as much as the next guy, but I don't have to think the game is real to get turned on, just tell me the truth." "I AM," he said angrily and he began to grow. I didn't believe it at first, but his t-shirt was riding up revealing his stomach, flat but no washboard, his sweatpants rode up his legs, and soon his head brushed the ceiling of the cab. "Shit! It is true!" I said. "I told you so," he replied, rapidly shrinking to his 6'1" height.

"Uh, you said there's a curse, I don't like the sound of that," I said. "Don't worry," insisted Mike, "the curse is on us, our powers only work when we're with someone who's turned on by them, sexually." I was puzzled, "But your powers worked in the gym?" "A lot of guys are turned on by strength who won't admit it, but I couldn't grow until you showed up, and when I realized you were into growing and lifting I began to see the possibilities."

"You mean lifting is your other power?" "No lifting is part of strength, our other power is muscle growth," Mike said. "Wow! My ultimate fantasy!" I exclaimed. "I know, Luke, or should I say CUMLIFTME?" Now I was a little afraid, "How did you know my online name, I buried it under tons of security!" "We needed to find someone who was turned on to all our powers simultaneously, our powers will only work when we have completely sexually fulfilled someone, all of us together, at once. At first we thought it would be easy, we cruised the gay bars, took out personal ads, everything. We gave some guys great times, but it didn't come together for us. One of us would turn the guy on more than the others and the curse would stay, only one of us would have our powers, and then only for one evening, we needed some common turn on." "The lifting!" I exclaimed. "Yeah," Mike continued, "I'm an internet expert, us guys, we're all nerds basically. We scoured the internet, trying to find someone who fit our profile. I cracked your id late last night, I came straight over to your healthclub this morning, someone said you were there so I began the show. It worked great."

I still had a lot of questions but then we pulled into the driveway of a big house, the driveway was more like a minor road, we ended up at this big circular drive. The house was low, modern, big, and obviously very expensive. "Dave made millions in setting up web companies, he got out quick and now consults just to keep busy," Mike said. Mike got out of the car and came over to my side, I got out and stepped on to the gravel drive. "No you don't," he said, and bent over and picked me up, "I want the guys to get the full effect of your sex drive." He lifted me effortlessly into his arms, I was amazed at the strength he showed, and I began to get excited again.

Mike carried me up the steps into the house, we entered into this big foyer with cathedral ceilings, lots of glass let the sunlight in and the area was decorated with lots of Asian art, sculpture mostly, Japanese, I think. Standing in the foyer was this Asian guy, about my height, 5'9" or so, but thinner than I. I weigh about 170, this guy couldn't have topped 120, he had straight black hair, that nice tan lots of Asians get, and black eyes. I recognized him from some newspaper photos a few years ago, he was a web pioneer who'd gotten reclusive after making his millions.

"Hi Dave," Mike said. "Hi, Mike, I think you may be right about him," Dave responded, "I can feel his excitement from here." "Try him out!" Mike exclaimed, and tossed me ten feet over to Dave! I was amazed, I flew through the air and Dave deftly caught me. "Ohhh, yeaahh," he said huskily, " he's even better up close." Dave cradled me tightly in his arms, his strength was incredible! I was being crushed against his thin chest! All that power was a real turn on, I groaned in lust and pain at his crushing strength. Then Dave shifted his grip and lifted me over his head! One hand held my neck, the other my crotch, and he began pressing me up and down. I was thrilled at his power and surprised at how his scrawny arms lifted me so effortlessly, I began to get really aroused.

"Cool it Dave!" Mike yelled, "We need to all put him over the top!" Dave lowered me, and then set me on my feet. "Sorry," Dave said sheepishly, "he's just such a perfect rush, he's the best so far." I stood shakily on my legs. "The others are out on the patio," Dave said, and led the way out there. We went through some open glass doors at the other end of the foyer and out on to the sun lit patio.

There were two guys there, one was average height, 6'0", and build, he weighed about 180, no muscles, with red hair and fair freckled skin and glasses, with green eyes, he wore a shirt and tie and khaki trousers. "This better be worth it Mike," he said in a sort of wimpy voice, "I told the library it was a family emergency to get out of work." The other guy replied, "Cool it, Terry, if this guy is worth it you'll never work there again, and, if he isn't they'll not want to lose the best rare book guy they have."

The other guy was the only non-nerd like guy there, like Dave and Mike he wore workout clothes, sweatpants and a t-shirt, but this guy had muscles. He was tall, about 6'6" with that lean hard build a lot of tall guys have. Defined muscles, but they're not big muscles. He had blond hair and blue eyes and wore a baseball cap backwards over his short haircut, he had a perfect jock tan. "Easy for you to say, Craig," Terry replied, "You guys all hacked your way into money, that job is all I have."

Mike interjected himself before things got too acrimonious. "Guys, this is Luke, Luke this is Dave, Terry and Craig. We were all friends in school and have been pretty close ever since. Craig and Dave and I all made a bundle in computers. Terry was always into books, one day he saw this rare book of spells up for auction, he convinced us to buy it. He told us about one spell in the book and said he thought he could make it work. We said if he could do it we'd set him up with enough money he could collect books for the rest of his life and ditch the library. The rest you know, the spell worked, but it didn't, and the book disappeared. Terry has figured out through further reading that if we all completely sexually satisfy one guy and ourselves the powers will be ours to tap at any time."

Mike looked at me and his eyes were filled with pain, "You have no idea how great these powers are, how addictive, we've only had a little taste of them and we're going crazy about not having full access to them, it's agony!" I really wanted to help them, boy, did I! But my rational side was still cautious. "What happens to me if we fail?" "Good question," Craig said, walking over to me, I looked up into his handsome face with its hard blue eyes and perfect cleft chin. "If you fail you'll be like all the others, you'll forget it ever happened, you'll think you had some fluke memory blackout." "And if I succeed?" I asked. Craig hesitated and looked at Terry. Terry replied, "I'm not sure, the old books seem to say that some unbreakable bond will be forged between us all, it's not too specific." "Like I'll be your slave?" I asked. "Or we yours," Terry replied, "We just don't know."

Dave spoke, "If it works, Luke, you have my personal guarantee that I'll dump a shitload of money on you, you'll never want for anything the rest of your life." I looked around at them, they all had this really desperate look on their faces, the same one Mike had shown earlier. They were strong enough to rape me, hell, I might even enjoy that, but they wanted me to do this willingly. Who was I kidding? I couldn't wait to do this, I wanted them to lift and crush and flex and fuck my brains out!! "OK, I'll do it."

Craig looked down at me, I was still standing in front of him. "OK," he said, "Let's get started." Craig grabbed me by the neck and lifted me off the ground until I was face to face with him!! God it hurt!! To lift you like that without choking you the guy has to have a big hand and be incredibly strong. Craig had big hands and was very strong, but it hurt!! His powerful hand was crushing my traps as he lifted me, my feet dangled off the ground, he had perfect control though, and I wasn't choking, although it was a little hard to breathe. Nevertheless, through the pain it was a real turn on, my feet dangled uselessly in the air, I could see Craig's biceps and forearm become more defined as he lifted me, my dick stirred.

"Shit!!" exclaimed Craig, "he's even into the rough stuff!" I looked into Craig's arrogant handsome face, his blond hair bristled with its golden hues through the back of his backward baseball cap, he looked at me with his hard blue eyes and smiled, his even white teeth setting off his gorgeous cleft chin. "So you like it, Luke?" he asked in a husky sexy voice. I tried to speak, my voice was hoarse, to relieve the pressure on my throat I levered myself up on Craig's arm. With one hand I pulled on his lean hard forearm, my other hand pushed on his peaked biceps. Craig's muscles weren't big, but they were hard and defined. "You're one strong muscle stud!!" I croaked. "Yes I am!!" replied Craig, and with his left hand he grabbed my shirt and tore it off my body! The force of his shredding of my shirt yanked my hands off his arm and I swung by my neck from his right hand, but his right arm never stirred, it was like hanging from an iron bar. Then Craig grabbed my shorts and jock and ripped them off my body which swung like a pendulum again.

Craig grabbed me by the crotch and shifted his grip on my neck and began pressing me overhead, face down. "Tell me what you think, you weak lift toy!!" he yelled. "Oh damn, you are so powerful Craig, you could lift me to the stars!!" I yelled back, as my dick hardened in his hand. Craig only grunted back, and I could see his sweatpants tenting up as he lifted me up and down. I noticed that all his clothes seemed tighter, his muscles were growing, maybe he was taller too!

Craig seemed to realize that he could send me over the top if he continued, suddenly I was tossed through the air and caught by Terry. Terry was the wimpiest looking of them all, not only was he wearing a tie, dress shirt and pants, he had glasses on and a meek, bookish air about him. It was surprising therefore when he effortlessly caught me in his arms, cradling me like a baby. Terry extended his arms and began curling me up and down. He looked at my naked body, lying face up on his hands as he curled me. I was hypnotized by his intensely green eyes behind the round tortoise shell glasses, his red hair was like a fierce fire around his face.

I suddenly realized Terry was staring at my dick! He desperately wanted to suck me off! He didn't dare, however, it would cause our experiment to fail if he got his wish right now. I knew I had to say something to excite Terry, get him growing. "Terry, because of you, we'll be able to tap in to ultimate power!" I yelled. The wimpy librarian liked that idea of being powerful, he curled me faster. I noticed his collar and shirtsleeves were tightening up, Terry replied, "You are my pathway to power Luke!" His voice sounded deeper, more powerful, sexy.

Terry tossed me over to Dave, who caught me and lowered me to the ground. I stood in front of him, Dave was the same height as I, but thinner, my hair was curly and black, his black and straight, my eyes blue and round, his dark and slanted, my skin was white, his that Asian "yellow" tan. Dave embraced me, I immediately felt his superior strength, he was skinny, but he was strong, and hard. I was crushed against him and all of him muscle and bone, was stone hard. I struggled, it was useless, the breath rushed out of my compressed chest and I gasped for air.

Dave kissed me full on the mouth and eased his grip. As I breathed in air I also inhaled his tongue and he gave my mouth a pulverizing massage with his powerful tongue. Then it seemed as if his tongue grew within me, snaking down my throat, was I imagining it? I began to choke, and then at the same time I was lifted an inch or two off the ground, and the leverage was coming from my mouth, his tongue was that powerful! Then, just as quickly, the feeling disappeared, maybe I did imagine it. I didn't imagine what I felt next, bulging growing muscles as I was crushed against Dave's body, muscles where before there was just scrawniness! Dave released me and stood me back at arms length from him. Prominent muscles now filled out his workout clothes! Where before he was thinner than I now he must outweigh me. "You're like my muscle mirror!!" I gasped, we were so alike yet so different. "Yeah, the before/after pictures, you and me," Dave grunted.

"You guys are doing it all wrong!" Mike said, "I know what he wants!" He walked over and grabbed me under the armpits and began lifting me, just like he had in the gym. He was right, I did like this best, up and down he lifted me in his powerful arms. For the first time I actually saw the musclegrowth as it happened. Mike's arms writhed and flexed as the muscles grew. His chest began to fill out, the cleavage of his growing pecs at first clamping down, then stretching his t-shirt. Mike's legs, his quads especially, began flexing and relaxing, each time his sweatpants grew tighter around the growing muscles of his legs. I suddenly realized Mike was getting taller too. The ankles of his sweatpants were riding up on his peaked calf muscles and I was definitely further off the ground than I was. "Oh fuck, Mike, you growing, flexing, rock hard musclegod, flex and lift me!!" This really excited Mike, he fixed me with his puppy dog brown eyes, "OK you musclelift slut!!" he said, and he doubled the speed of his lifts and grew and grew until every muscle strained his work clothes and his sweatpants' ankles were almost at his knees.

By now I was dripping precum and Mike didn't want me to blow, he tossed me to Craig. Craig was also taller, taller even than Mike was now, and his muscles strained his clothes too. Craig held me under my arms like Mike had, lifting me some more. "Fuck, you are a powerhouse of a slut for muscle!" he exclaimed. "And you are a growing, flexing, nordic, musclegod Thor for a muscle slut like me!" I yelled. With that Craig groaned and began to rip out of his clothes. His t-shirt ripped apart revealing two perfect rounded pec shelves, each as big as my entire chest! His arms tore apart what remained of his sleeves, each was as big as my leg! His peaked beer ball sized biceps could crush my quads like melons! Each of his legs equalled my whole torso in size and muscle and demolished his sweatpants. A curving, uncircumcised cock was revealed, dripping precum. Even Craig's head had grown in proportion to the rest of him, snapping the band of his baseball cap, which flew off and fell onto the patio, revealing his butch cut blond hair, he must be above 7'6" now!

Once again, to keep the sexual power flowing, Craig tossed me to Terry. Terry, unlike Craig and Mike, had not grown in height, but he had bulked out freakishly. His chest was straining his shirt, his neck had so expanded with muscle that the knot of his tie had almost reached the end of its line, his dress trousers stretched so tightly over his legs they looked like spandex. Terry obviously wanted bulk over height and he was getting it. He began lifting me under my arms like Mike and Craig and almost immediately burst out of his clothes. Terry's pale freckled muscles were so big, so freakish compared to his six foot frame that he almost seemed bigger than Craig. Terry was also the only one with hair on his muscles. I normally like guys smooth but the red hair that carpeted Terry's muscles was the perfect accent to his freckled bulk. Thin in some places, thick in others, it really looked sexy, setting off his muscles and turning a wimp into a real macho man. "Oh, Terry, you hairy hunk of muscle love!!" I gasped, and his cut muscle rod stiffly saluted me as it pulsed precum and he tossed me to Dave.

Dave remained my height, once again he began pressing me overhead like before, face down. I saw his muscles rip apart his clothes and he lowered me until I stood in front of him. It's strange to see someone your height with so much more muscle than you, particularly when you're only 5'9" like me. Dave wasn't more freakish than Terry, but he was so much more muscled than I was that it was fascinating. I couldn't resist, I reached out and touched his pecs with my hands, so hard, so big, so strong. Dave reached out and touched my much smaller pecs. We both rubbed each other's nipples at the same time and shuddered with sensual pleasure. His hands reached my small biceps as my hands touched his large and hard biceps, we shuddered again. The bond Terry had talked about was forming, Dave and I were in perfect sexual sync.

"Come on, guys, it's my turn, don't rush things" Mike said, and grabbed me away, Dave let me go. Mike lifted me under my arms as before, but he held me more tightly and I sensed his strength more. Mike burst out of his clothes, revealing big, brown muscles, he had a well tanned skin. He was tall now, at least 7' 0", he smiled at me, revelling in his powers. "OK now, time for the final act!" Wordlessly the other guys gathered round, they, and I, seemed to know exactly what to do.

Mike turned me around until I was face to face with Craig's chest. I gasped as Mike entered me with his long, cut dick, at the same time my face was thrust into Craig's pecs, which flexed around it. My head was buried in muscle. I tried to cry out and flailed about with my hands, my right hand met Dave's smooth chest and one of his arms, the other Terry's freakishly muscled chest and one of his arms. Their other arms reached down and their hands alternated massaging my dick and balls with well practiced power. The muscle gods pressed in about me compressing my body. Craig's dick was compressed between my thighs while Dave's and Terry's dicks humped the outside of my legs. Mike's dick was thrusting inside me, growing with power.

We got down to a thrusting rhythm, I don't know how long it lasted, I do know we ended sprawled in the grass, Craig on his back, the rest of us still in position on top. It was the ultimate experience of muscle power. The guys would compress around me and I'd feel every surging muscle, every compressed dick, every pant of breath and power. Then, we began to rise!! In an incredible exhibition of strength Craig arched under us, lifting us from the grass. He'd arch, and relax, arch and relax, each time raising us higher. Finally, in one great thrust he stood up, his great arms reaching behind Dave and Terry and gripping Mike's iron arms, he held us all off the ground.

That feat of strength did it. We came all at once, in great waves. Every muscle in that mass of muscle we were shuddered in ecstasy, it built on itself like a chain reaction orgasm, and we exploded with climax. Cum flew everywhere, hard muscles reached their ultimate definition and we screamed so loud I'm sure the cracked foyer window was our fault. Then we collapsed on the ground, almost senseless.

When we came to the book of spells was between our cum-glued bodies. All the guys except me could now change their bodies at will. But I can read and use the book, something even Terry can't do. It's not really spells but a guide to using our skills for ultimate sexual pleasure. Growing tongues are the least of it. Five way sex is a lot of fun when bodies can grow to match it!! •

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