Ty's Power

Turnabout Brewing


By BigMe

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty and Dustin decided to head off for lunch. When the entered the cafeteria, they noticed a circle of kids surrounding little Matt. Matt was extremely small for his age and very underdeveloped. As a result, he was the constant victim of the teases of the relatively big kids. Matt was in tears when he finally escaped and ran off to another room. Ty decided that he would be benevolent to little Matt. After all, he knew what it was like to be the small one.

Ty and Dustin quietly followed Matt into the neighboring empty classroom and saw him slump into a corner. "So, they want to pick on the small guy, eh?" Ty said as he put his powers to work on little Matt. Matt started to feel a tingle throughout his body that was warm and somehow comforting. Feeling a bit braver, he stood up. Just then, his feet and his hands started to grow extremely rapidly. The shoes that he was wearing expanded with his feet as he went from a size 5 to a size 14 shoe within seconds. Now looking extremely lopsided with such large hands and feet, Ty started to work on Matt's height to match. Matt felt like a balloon rising into the sky as he grew from 5'2" to 6'4" in a little less than two minutes. So that Matt would only be vaguely aware of his transformation (after all, he didn't want Matt to forget his being small so that he would be a bully too), Ty mustered up all his strength and altered all the memories of people surrounding Matt so that they would think that Matt had hit his growth spurt over a period of weeks rather than seconds. The now giant Matt saundered out into the hallway. But, something seemed missing for Matt, Ty thought.

Then, Betty walked into the hallway. Betty was also small and underdeveloped for her age. She barely had breasts and her limp, short hair combined with her slumping posture made her seem uglier than she should have been. Dustin and Ty gave each other a nod, then Ty began to transform Betty. Her hair started to grow out until it was shoulder length. He then started to make her breast enlarge to a good size--not too large as to her make her seem a bimbo, but large enough to catch the eye of any young (or old!) man. He then used his power to erase some of the pain that Betty felt. This change seemed the most dramatic of all as the air of pity seemed to lift from her. She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but she had a quality about her now that made her more desirable than the entire cheerleading team put together.

Betty's new body and her new attitude soon drew the attention of the now towering Matt as they walked closer to each other in the hallway. They knew that somehow they were different than they had been and that something truly special happened to them. This change would make them bond and fall in love for the rest of their lives.

Seeing that his good work was done for this pair, Ty and Dustin decided that making the two small and unpopular kids wasn't enough to right all the wrongs. Now, the time seemed ripe to make the popular kids taste the bitterness of rejection and ugliness for a while... •

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