Ty's Power

Gym Class


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Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty and Dustin headed to gym class. Upon entering they both went to their locker and began to dress into their gym clothes. Just as Ty was finishing he felt two hands come down on his shoulders rather hard. "Look, its small fry!" Ty recognized that voice; it was that of Christian, one of the star basketball players. He was 16 and had already grown to 6'1". He had a swimmers build with a dusting of blonde hair up to his knees and on his lower abs. Ty ignored Christian as he moved toward to locker. Dustin looked toward Ty as if asking if he was the one. Ty replied with a small smirk. Once everyone was changed they headed into the gym for some basketball. Making sure to cover his tracks, Ty made some silent thoughts making sure everyone would think whatever happened to Christian was how he had always been. Ty and Dustin were on a team together with a few others and were playing against the team Christian was on. During Ty's first break he began to make small changes to Christian. While making a free throw shot Christian began to shrink about 5 inches causing his aim to be off and miss the shot. He continued to shrink as he ran back across the court. Dustin watched Christian as his muscles began to disappear from under his shirt and the hair on his legs began to recede. Christian almost lost his shorts but was able to grab and tighten them wondering why they had gotten so loose. He screamed at one of his teammates and heard a cracking voice come out of him. Most of the people on Christian's team had started to ignore him by now because as far as they knew he had always been bad as basketball. Ty finished his break and headed back onto the court. He immediately took a position guarding Christian. As Ty stood next to him Christian looked up at the now taller Ty and stared in wonder. A half hour later the class was headed back to the locker room. Christian had played the worst game of basketball ever, even getting knocked down by small fry a dozen times! All the hot sweaty boys began to strip and head for the shower. Ty and Dustin were already in the shower when Christian entered. Comments began to fly around the room almost immediately. "Look at baby dick" "He don't even got any pubes. Hey kid shouldn't you go back to your Jr. High?" It took a short time for Christian to notice that the comments were being directed toward him. It was then that he noticed what had happened to him during the class. He looked down and saw his small body along with his childish privates. He quickly grabbed his towel and headed for his locker. Ty and Dustin watched as he quickly tried to put on the clothes that had fit him an hour ago. He left his shoes and ran out the door and bolted for home in complete fear. With a big smile on his face Dustin asked "So, what's next?" •

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