Ty's Power

Monday Morning


By Changes

Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty awoke early and tried the best he could to make a decent breakfast. By the time the pancakes, eggs and toast were on the table Dustin was awake and heading down to eat wearing the only thing he found that would fit, an old pair of small underwear in the bottom of his dresser. "Smells good, how many pancakes did you burn?" asked Dustin. "Only about the first 5" they both laughed. "So, what do you plan to do at school today?" "Not much big, just a few things here and there. I can only concentrate on one person at a time and don't want to risk someone finding out and getting away." "Got any plans for Mr. Williams? I almost failed his stupid class last year because he's an ass." Dustin asked. "He is first on my list actually. If you like you can watch, I'm doing it before class starts." Ty replied. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." "Ohh, I almost forgot, it would look kind of weird if a 13 year old showed up in a sophomore class wouldn't it?" Ty asked. Dustin, still seated at the end of the table, could feel himself start to grow. His dick started to enlarge as he became taller. He started to hurt as the underwear began to cut off his circulation; he hurriedly stood up and removed them to leave room to grow. Hair started to grow up his legs and under his arms again. "This feels so weird" Dustin said in his deeper voice. His muscles had just started to increase in size when the growth stopped, leaving him his old 16-year-old self. "Going through puberty like that kinda makes you horny" Dustin said as his dick began to rise. "Well, I better go get cleaned up" and he headed upstairs. Before headed up himself Ty stuck a can of dog food outside for June.

They arrived at school a half hour early to take care of Mr. Williams. They waiting down the hall from his class until they say James Reiley walk into his class. "What's that kid doing in there?" Dustin asked. "I sent him a mental invitation this morning. No one likes him because he is such an ass; he also has this big grudge against Mr. Williams because he failed the class last year and got stuck with him again this year." Ty replied. "Well, it's time!" As Dustin and Ty entered the room Mr. Williams and James were already fighting. Mr. Williams was your average 40 year old teacher that was a little overweight from sitting at a desk for years and James was your average 16 year old slacker. "What do you mean you didn't call me to your class?" James asked rather mad. "Why would I want to spend even more time with you, I get enough as it" replied Mr. Williams. "Ok you can quit now. I called you here James and you will find out why soon." Ty remarked. Before they knew it Mr. Williams and James were both facing each other unable to move their feet. "What the hell" they both yelled in unison. "It would be better for you if you both took off your clothes." Commanded Ty. They both immediately began to strip down to their boxers. "How did he make us do that?" James asked a stunned Mr. Williams. At that point both began to feel weird sensations fill their bodies. James noticed the first change "Mr. Williams, your gray hair is disappearing!" "And I think you are getting a little taller!" Mr. Williams replied. They both watched each other and themselves as more changes began to appear. Mr. Williams gut began to deflate as he lowered back into his 30's while James continued to grow taller. The hair on James' legs began to thicken and spread as well as grow darker than its original blonde. Meanwhile Mr. Williams' hair was getting lighter than its normal dark brown. James' muscles quickly began to tighten as hair began to go up his stomach and on his face. Mr. Williams' muscles also began to tighten and his chest hair began to thin. The hair on James' belly spread upwards and out across his chest and at this point both looked like identical twins. The changes sped up as Mr. Williams' chest hair receded and grew lighter. James began to gain extra weight and removed his boxers before they tore. He looked down at his crotch to see his now larger member that was now circumcised. His chest continued to fill in with darker hair while he grew a full beard. Mr. Williams tried to grab his boxers before they fell off his small waist but missed revealing his shrinking tool that was now uncut. The hair on his chest had now almost completely disappeared and all that remained of his beard was a bit of peach fuzz. They watched each other as they completed the change into each other's bodies. "Welcome to your new lives. James, you will have the knowledge of being a teacher while keeping your memories and also gaining the basics about Mr. Williams' life so you can take it over. And Mr. Williams you will keep your memories but will become as dumb as James here was. You will also gain the basic memories of James' life. Both of you will never be able to tell anyone what happened to you and you will both learn to enjoy your new lives." Ty Explained. With that Dustin and Ty began their exit and Mr. Williams and James got dressed and ready for class. "Man that was awesome! It's so cool to watch someone change so quickly, I can't wait to see more." Dustin remarked. "I don't see any problem with you tagging along with me all day." "So what is your first class?" Dustin asked. "English." The bell rang and they both proceeded to Ty's first period. •

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