Ty's Power



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Excerpt from the interactive story "Ty's Power" from an interactive story site called cyoc.net.

Ty continued the rest of his day as if it were a normal one, waiting to see what would happen that night with his birthday. He spent 4 hours on the yard trying to get it cleaned. On his way into the shower to clean off the sweat he could see that Dustin was still in his room with the door closed, he probably hadn't come out since the incident this morning. After his shower Ty headed to his room to stay until dinner. At about 6 Mark and June called for the boys to come down. Ty went down and took his seat and began to eat. After a few minutes Dustin was still a no show. 'Get down here for dinner Dustin!' yelled Mark. 'I'm not hungry.' 'You haven't eaten anything all day, how do you expect to grow without food. Now come down and eat!' Dustin slowly made his way down the stairs dressed in long baggy pants held up by a belt and a long sleeve shirt that looked 2 sizes too big, but would have fit him the day before. He sat down and began eating quickly, never taking his eyes away from his plate. Once finished he stuck his plate in the sink and ran back up to his room. Finishing up Ty asked to be excused and was again stuck with the dishes. He headed back up to his room expecting to be stopped and given his present and a cake but found himself in the room without a thing - They had forgotten his birthday.

Midnight came around and after making sure everyone was asleep Ty made his way into Dustin's room. The past few hours he had thought about what had happened earlier that day and what he would do to test the limits of his power. Upon entering the room Ty closed the door and said out load 'You will stay asleep until I leave this room.' To test his command he walked up to Dustin and shook him enough to wake anyone but Dustin remained in a deep sleep. Ty turned on the light and began to pull the sheets off of his foster-brother revealing his shrunken body in a pair of oversized briefs which he quickly removed. Pulling a chair up next to the bed Ty thought about what he would try first and began to speak when he had made up his mind. 'I want you to turn into a golden retriever' Almost immediately Ty could see changes beginning to happen to Dustin's body. The small amount of brown pubic hair he had was quickly replaced with golden fur that started moving toward his navel and down toward his ass. He watched as his legs slowly began to grow fur starting at his feet and moving up his legs. At the same time Ty could see his legs were gradually shrinking to accommodate his forming body. Dustin's heels were disappearing under new black pads on his feet while his big toes were shrinking and his nails were turning into black, claws. Looking back toward his crotch Ty watched as the fur enveloped Dustin's balls and brought them closer to his body. His penis began to become erect on his fur-covered stomach as his forskin grew to form a sheath. By now the fur had completely covered his shrinking legs that now looked almost like those of a dog. As his legs bent into their new position his body rolled onto his side to accommodate. Ty could see that the fur covered his back as well as his chest and his arms were beginning to shrink. His fingers grew shorted while black pads appeared on his palms. A quick glance at his ass showed a new tail had begun to poke its way out quickly growing to full length. His arms finished their change while his face began to grow fur and his ears lengthened. His face began to stretch as his mouth opened and a long canine tongue lolled out between his lengthening teeth. He watched as Dustin's nose turned black and wet completing the transformation. Where once a young man lay there was now a golden retriever in his place. Ty began to run his fingers through Dustin's fur, which made his tail begin to wag from the pleasure. 'Well I can do animals! Okay now I want you to change back quickly.' In the time of a minute Ty watched as Dustin's body turned back into his old (still underdeveloped) self. 'Looks like I can also vary the time of the change. Lets see… what's next?' 'I want you to change into a perfectly normal 16 year old female version of yourself.' Dustin's body reacted quickly and his body began to lengthen. His long skinny legs lost the small amount of hair around his ankles and became soft and smooth. His pubic hair quickly thickened while his penis and testicles shrank into his body leaving his new equipment. Dustin's fingernails grew longer while his arms got skinnier. His hair lengthened past his shoulders and Ty watched as his small nipples began to grow and his newly forming breasts began to expand. His facial features softened while still maintaining the same look and it was over. 'Amazing! But I think I liked you better as a boy.' After those words Dustin's body quickly started it's change back to male. His breast shrank while his penis quickly grew back out of his shrinking body. Starting to get a little tired Ty decided to try just a few more things before going to bed. He did after all have a busy next few days coming up! 'Lets see what it will be like to have a baby of my own.' Dustin's pubic hair receded while his penis shrunk back into his pre-puberty size. As his body began to shrink baby fat began to build around his stomach as he passed 10. He quickly lost most of his height as his body rounded 6. At 4 Ty could see the teeth starting to disappear from his mouth and watched as his hair began to disappear into the infant's head. Ty picked up the child and held him in his hands. He could feel the helplessness that Dustin obtained with his youth and knew that he now had total control over his little life. 'I think I'm going to like being a father, but I think I'm a little young still.' Lying Dustin back on his bed Ty again spoke with another change. 'I want you to quickly become your normal 13 year old self without being a late bloomer.' 30 seconds later Dustin was much alike he was a few minutes ago except for the shorter height due to his younger age. 'Ok, now I want you to slowly age to 20.' Ty watched as Dustin's pubes began to thicken and darken over his slowly growing maleness. Dustin again entered the growth spurt he hit at 15 as he grew to close to 6 feet and hair worked its way up to his knees. Ty became aroused as he watched Dustin's dick grow to its former size. Big tufts of hair were now under his arms as his shoulders began to widen. Dustin's pecs began to tighten and expand while his abs constricted into a slightly visible 4 pack (he still had a little fat on his belly) that was growing a line of hair halfway up his chest. He now had hair all the way up his legs with a small amount on his ass. His sideburns slowly moved down past his ears as hair began to grow above his lip and on his chin. A small ring of hair circled his nipples and moved to connect with the line coming up the center of his stomach. As he reached 20 years old his body was now a tad over 6 feet tall with some rather large feet. Wanting to test one more thing Ty watched as Dustin's 4 pack became a 6 pack and then a 8 pack. His pecs quickly grew even larger as his arms bulged with muscle. Ty orgasmed as he watched Dustin's dick add a few more inches. After regaining his composure Ty quickly willed Dustin to a 13 year old and watched as his body shrank before he closed the door behind him thinking to himself 'It's my turn to be the older brother.' Ty quickly fell asleep and began to dream of what he would do on Sunday. •

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