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In the middle of the California Desert lies a very special private institution. It is in the public eye a location where juvenile offenders can be sent to change their outlook on life and make it far less likely that they will return to illegal activities. Operated by the Scandie Corporation this facility seems to operate in more black areas than one would think possible.

There has never been an escape from "The Farm", and no matter how rough the offenders seem to be upon arrival, quick reversals in personality are the rule of the day.

Officers of the Scandie Corporation call this one of their "experimental facilities", and the data gathered here seems to be channeled right into various government agencies.

The offenders are hand picked, and certain types of offenses are not eligible, and others are actually more desirable as "recruits".

Residents at "The Farm" are called "recruits" initially, and on paper. What they are in reality will be revealed as the chapters of our story unfold.

The ages of the "recruits" start as early as twelve and range to seventeen years of age. Several of the recruits have remained at the facility a great deal longer and have become "instructors".

The latest techniques including subliminal programming and sleep-learning are in use for education. This has been quite interesting because at testing the boys are returning higher test scores using sleep and subliminal techniques than students in the conventional educational system.

When these men leave "The Farm" they are most special indeed. They all end up with jobs with "the government".

When each boy arrives at "The Farm" he is required to keep a computerized diary. What you will be reading are the files and diaries of a number of the "recruits". The initial files will introduce each recruit and those then will go to his diary for various parts of the process under which these young men are "groomed" for service to our country.

Subject #1-0965-BA2 G-1 Michael Kilvaney is a 16-year-old white male who was recruited from the Theodore Roosevelt Institute for Boys in Arlington, Texas. He was a repeat offender and had been institutionalized three times starting at age twelve. His offenses included, grand theft auto, assault, battery, illegal use of a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm as a result of probation, possession of drugs for sale, and possession of drug manufacturing chemicals. Used e-mail for drug sales and is quasi computer literate

In Michael's medical examination many abnormalities were noted. In spite of an exaggerated attitude his body lacked any type of muscle tone which should be present in a 16-year-old male. His body appeared to be that of a male four or five years younger. Sexual development also appears retarded with penis and testicular size under established norms. Facial, pubic and other hair growth was also sparse and not typical of a male of this age group. Blood chemistry testing was not conclusive, the only abnormality found was that levels of Testosterone and Growth Hormone were in the bottom ten percentile range for normal males in this age group.

Age: 16 , Height, 5'1", Weight 96, Waist 26, Chest 29, Biceps 9, penis 2.7 flaccid 3.9 erect. Sexual orientation is unsure. Subject claims heterosexuality in such a manner as to make this Doctor question his claims. Subject admits engaging in mutual masturbation and subject went into details of these experiences in great detail. Retained memory of details indicates possible homosexual tendencies. It is my personal opinion that subject is latent homosexual and will matriculate easily into recruit population.

Diary Transcript 11-21-97/15:45hours

I don't know what I am supposed to say, they told me that I have to write down everything about my feelings and observations while here at "the farm".

I never had such a long physical exam before. Never at Roosevelt, never in juvenile hall, never by Dr. Russell back home, never anywhere.

When they were finished taking most of my blood, I was given two shots and they hurt badly! I have never had shots in my balls before. I didn't know that anything could hurt so much! Damn, there goes that green line again. They say we have to use spell check and see to it that our grammar is OK for these diary things. They also told us that we can't use swear words, and it seems that whenever I type one, this little red line shows up under it. I got here at about noon and because of all of the blood work I didn't get lunch. I hope that they feed me soon.

The room I am in is sort of strange. It is not like a jail cell really, and it is not like a motel room either. There is this computer terminal built into the wall and a sort of desk thing. There is what looks like a TV set over my bed also built into the wall and for now I will be in the room alone. They say I will be transferred in about a month in with another guy, and then again in three months into the dorms where I will be with a bunch of other guys.

The only communication I get with the outside world is an e-mail address. My Mom doesn't know how to use a computer and my Dad left us years ago so I guess I am on my own.

I guess I will sign off now

11-21-97/23:35hours I finally got fed at about six o clock tonight and boy was I hungry! The food was not too bad and they said we had to drink these special hi-protein shake things. After those two shots today my balls still hurt.


I can't believe that they got us up this early! My balls are still sore from yesterday and they are sort of numb and tingle a little. I awakened this morning with what must have been the hardest "hard-on" that I have ever had. The thing was so hard that it hurt. There is this flashing thing down in the corner telling me I have a message. Excuse me and let me check the message. . . . Damn! (the only swear word I can use that the computer doesn't freak over) They are sending my "Counselor" to meet me at 06:00 then I report to the Doc again and then my "Counselor" takes me to the gym.

11-22-97/12:00hours I can't get over my "Counselor". This place is not like any I have ever been in before. After (Jerry) that's my Counselor's name, outlined the rules and regulations (which really were very few) we went to the Medical Labs and this time I got a shot in my butt. I thanked the male nurse for not shooting me in the balls. He just laughed! One thing that is really weird around here, all of the guys are muscle monsters. I have not yet seen any other "inmates", but the counselors and medical staff are huge! I was a little nervous initially, but I asked Jerry how much he weighed and how tall he was. He said that he was 330 pounds and six foot four inches tall. He treated me real nice and when we went to the gym he changed into some shorts and a sweatshirt and started teaching me how to work out with weights. I screwed up my breathing a bunch of times, but he remained patient with me and as long as I kept trying he was kind of neat.

11-22-97/18:00hours I don't know why but I feel sort of "hyped" and restless. I tried the TV set and I found that there were a couple of regular stations and then there were two channels that had porn. One channel had stuff with guys and girls and the other channel had stuff with guys and guys. A reform school with built in porn? I have never seen anything like this before! Maybe if I jack-off this hyper and edgy feeling will go away.

11-22-97/22:24hours I dozed off about an hour ago and had this really weird dream. There were guys trying to have sex with me! I am not a queer! In the dream I was enjoying the sex and that scares me a little bit? I wonder if the stuff they are giving me can make me gay?

11-24-97/06:00hours Our computer terminals were out of commission yesterday, and it was supposedly some problem that originated in the medical department that caused it. Nothing eventful just starting to get into a routine with life here at "the farm". I checked the mail this morning as I am supposed to, and I have to go to the Medical Department again today. Surprisingly I did not require an escort today, and for the first time I saw another "inmate". He did not say anything, but he was too young to be working here. He looked actually younger than me, but the funny thing was that he was covered with muscles and I could see a shadow where his beard was. I could also see hair on his chest and growing out where his shirt was. We both walked into the Medical Department at the same time and sat in the "waiting area". For some reason I don't understand I am not as scared of this medical stuff as I was. When I leave here I am supposed to meet Jerry at the Gym and do my daily workout.


So far life here has been a "breeze". All I seem to do is eat, get shots, workout, sleep, and watch television. I go for my next workout at 16:00hours. I always thought that when you worked out all the time that your muscles got sore. Mine did for the first day, but even though Jerry pushes me very hard the soreness seems to be getting less and less. The only feeling I get is this sort of full feeling in my muscles like the skin is stretched or something. The other thing that is happening is that I seem to be getting hard-on's more and more often. I finally got the courage to ask Jerry about this and he said that this was normal and would probably increase a great deal more as the stuff they were giving me built up in my system. I jacked off to the guy/guy porn this morning. It was strange but the guy girl stuff just didn't do it and the guys were so much hotter to look at.


I saw the same guy in the hall on my way to the gym that was in the waiting room at the Medical Department. He was dressed a little differently and in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He sure had a lot of muscle. The other thing I noticed is how hairy his arms legs and chest are. He is one of those guys with real light skin and real dark hair so the hair shows up a lot. I asked Jerry about him, and he stopped and thought a minute. Oh! I think the guy you are talking about is Tom Halpern. Tom is one of my charges also was Jerry's reply. I asked Jerry how old "Tom" was. Jerry told me that Tom was fifteen years old. It took a few seconds for that to sink in, and then I actually realized that I might end up looking just like Tom, which would not be half-bad! I don't know what to say I am afraid to ask Jerry about what is being done to me. I looked in the mirror and other than the raging hard-on I did not look any different. It's time go get to sleep as 05:30 comes early!


My e-mail said that I was to report directly to the Medical Department this morning and not to eat first. I reported as I was instructed and Jerry was waiting for me there. He explained to me that I was to get my first major "infusion treatment" today, and that unfortunately this would start off with two more shots into my balls. Then they would start what would be the first of two large IV bags. Jerry stayed with me this first time and said that I would be receiving these treatments depending on my blood work at various times. Jerry laughed and said that I would be starting to enjoy these treatments very quickly. He also told me that Tom Halpern had undergone one of these yesterday, and that other recruits go through them all the time. As soon as the infusion was over it was lunchtime. When I went into the eating area I was assigned, Tom Halpern was there and from the plates he had consumed already, it was clear that he had gone through one heck of a lot of food. Tom continued eating as he nodded acknowledging my presence for the first time. He was in the same T-shirt and shorts that he had worn when I had last seen him, and now even with him sitting and me standing, it was obvious that the T was stretched a great deal tighter. He stood up and I could see that overnight he had gained probably thirty pounds of muscle. In addition, if it were possible, the hair on his body had grown in thicker and darker, and I noticed something else for the first time. The pouch of his shorts was absolutely stuffed with the size of his cock and balls. As Tom finished his final plate, he stood up and the tight T-shirt rode up exposing a slightly rounded but very hairy belly. Self-conscious, Tom pulled the shirt back down and started talking very nicely to me. His voice, unlike mine was deep and resonant, he was very calm and cool as he told me what to expect. I was shocked! Tom told me that when he arrived here at the farm he weighed a scant 105 pounds! He must have weighed easily 180 now. Tom laughed, and said that he was still in "growth phase" and that this stage would not be complete until tomorrow. He was no taller, just more muscular, more masculine and definitely more hairy. Tom told me that when he arrived he had zero body hair, that his cock was only 6 inches long when fully hard, and that his arms wouldn't have been worth measuring. I asked Tom how long he had been at "the farm". He thought a moment and said about two months. He seemed to be growing before my eyes. He kept scratching his chest, arms and legs. He noticed my stare, his only comment was that during the growth phase it all "itches". I told Tom that I had just had my first "infusion treatment" and he told me that in a few hours I would start the "ride". •

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