Dream?, The

By ManInMi6

Hi, my name is Dave. I've always been over weight and had a small penis, and have always lusted after bodybuilders. To be like them was my dream, but never could get motivated enough to workout long enough to get that way. My story begins when I came home from work one day. I came home from work one day and took off my shirt, tie and pants and got into someything more comfortable. Then as always I plopped myself down in front of the tube. There wasn't anything on that I cared to watch, so I decided to pull out some of my Increadible Hulk tapes that I had recorded. I loved the Increadible Hulk, how I wish I could grow and rip out of my shirt, it got me so hot watching it. I started getting hard as he started to grow and his shirt started to rip off his huge muscular frame. I pulled my dick out, which was about 5 inches hard. I started stroking it watching him grow, I played it in slow motion to see it rip really slow. I was getting close to shooting so I put my favorite episode in the VCR.

I watched as his arms inflated and I could see the material slowly starting to seperate and rip. I started to pump faster as his chest expanded and the buttons strained until they flew off the shirt. I thought god I would love to do that. when the last of his sleeve burst open I shot like always a small load on my thigh. I was satisfied for now and decided to go to bed.That night I had the strangest dream of my life. I heard a knock on the door and I went to see who it was. When I opened the door there stood a mountain of muscle. This man must have been 7' tall and about 400 pounds of solid rock hard muscle. Immediately I got hard, but I'm so small he probably couldn't tell. "Hi how can I help you". He said "It's me who can help you". I asked him what he was selling and he said "I'm not selling anything, I'm giving you a gift if your intersested". Now he had my interest so I asked him in. As he walked in I was checking him out. He had a tight tee shirt on and some tight jeans, but then on that body anything would be tight.

His arms must have been about 30 inches, his chest about 75 and the rest was in porportion with his body. "Where I come from we grant wishes" he said, "and it's your turn to get your wish. I looked at him like he was crazy. "What wish would that be" I asked. "The wish of becoming like the Hulk and ripping out of your clothes when ever you want to". I looked at him as if saying how the hell did you know that. "but you have live out your other fantasy first before it will happen". I thought this is to good to be true. He stood up and put his arm out at his side and started to bend and flex it. I could see the huge muscle start to swell and grow stretching the material of his sleeve. Soon the sleeve couldn't take any more and it started to seperate and rip as the huge bicep came ripping through it with a peak like I've never seen before. The sleeve just kept tearing as the muscle got more pumped from the flex, until it was shredded to pieces. Then he did the same with the other arm. I was so hard hard at this point my dick felt like it was going to shoot right in my pants. He put his arms back down at his side as far as they would go because of his lats. He stood there relaxed and flex his chest and the shirt gave way and ripped down the front. He spread his lats and it ripped right down the back. I had to take my dick out of my pants it hurt so bad and had to be free. I started to stroke it as he continued. I could see his huge dick growing in his pants, the crotch was getting bigger by the second. He said "watch this". He flexed his dick and the zipper on his pants ripped open like it was made of paper. His dick popped out and slapped his stomach almost reaching his chest. He then flexed his quads and calfs. Slowly the jeans started to rip and tear into little pieces that fell to the floor. He was amazing . After the last of his jeans fell to the floor he stood there doing different poses for me watching me stroke my cock. He walked over to me and with one hand picked me up so my dick was level with his mouth and started to suck my cock.

Almost instantly I shot my load down his throat. He said it was my turn to go down on him. His dick was huge it must have been at least 15 inches long and I couldn't even get my hand around it. I was determined to go down on this thing . I started on the head sucking it and playing with it with my toungue. I took as much of it in my mouth as I could and there still must have been about a foot of it onot in yet. I couldn't take any more of it in my mouth, so I thought. He started to fuck my face pumping hard and faster. I soon was taking about 3/4 of his monster dick down my throat. I felt his balls pull up tight and his already huge dick swelled even bigger, I was thinking my mouth was gonna rip open it was so huge. Then he let out this load low growl and shot his huge load down my throat. He would let go of my head so I had to swallow ever bit of his thick creaming sweet cum.

When he was done cumming he pulled his still hard dick out of my mouth and said"your wish will now be granted". The next morning I woke up thinking about the dream I had, wishing it wasn't a dream. I got dressed for work and was in the bathroom doing my hair and thought about the dream, and how he said I could change when ever I wanted to. I started to wish and think about me growing, getting bigger andripping out of my clothes, but nothing happened. "I guess it was just a dream" I said to myself. I left to go pick up my buddy on the way to work. I went inside and we started to talk about things. He always knew I was gay so I started to tell him about my dream. I told him how I wish it was for real.I was about half way through when I started to get a hard-on from remember ing the dream. Something was different this time, it was like the crotch in my pants were tighter than usual. I looked down and there was atually a bulge in my pants like my dick was bigger. It was so big that my buddy Joe even noticed. Then I asked him if it was getting hot in here, he said "no".I told him I wasn't feeling to well, and that I needed to lay down. He called work and told them we wouldn't be in he was gonna take me to the emergency room. When he got back in the bedroom where I was laying down he asked me how I felt. I stood up and said I never felt better, like a huge surge of energy was flowing through my body. Then it started.Joe looked at me sort of funny and I asked him why. He told me to look in the mirro. I walked over to his full length mirror and loved what I saw. I saw my chest swelling and growing under my shirt and my tie was getting tight. I took my tie off and threw it on the bed. Stood there watching my chest groing and my shirt getting tighter. My buddy Joe was saying "thats amamzin". Soon my shirt was so tight the buttons started to gaps between them and then started to pop off my shirt. My growing chest just grew through my shirt "I love it" I helled. Then my arms started to raise at my side from my growing lats. I did a most muscular pose and my shirt ripped up the back. Then I saw my arms swelling and growing in the sleeves. I flexed my biceps and the shirt sleeve started to seperate as the peak formed. Growing bigger and bigger as I heard the material rippppp. I loved seeing my muscles getting bigger and ripping through my clothes. I helled "I'm the Hulk ". My arms kept growing the shirt kept ripping as the peak grew huge out of the top of the sleeve. The tricep was getting huge also and soon there was nothing but ripped shirt hanging from my huge arms. Then I noticed how tight my pant legs were getting. I was wearing dress slacks which have very loose fitting legs. My legs were filling out these pants and I noticed the bugle in my crotch was huge. Where I used to never even cause a bulge when I was hard there was now a huge bulge. Soon the legs of my pants started to ripppp and seperate from the growth of my thighs. My calfs even grow so big the ripped the pant legs. All that was left was shredded material hanging from my wiast which was smaller than it used to be. I looked at the bulge in what was left of my pants and it was still growing. Soon the zipper started to rip open and this huge cock came flying out and slapped up across my abs and chest, as my pants fell to the floor. I was so amazed at my muscles growing I hadn't noticed I grew about 2 feet in height. I could tell I was done growing and I was huge even bigger then the guy who made me this way. I loved it. I turned around to look at Joe and he was standing ther stroking his 8 inch cock. I said "get over here and worship this muscle monster". He walked over and I started going through some poses for him as he touched and sqeezed the muscle I was flexing.

Then he stood back and look at me in awe. I was massive. my arms must have been 35 inches my chest 80 inches I was about 8 feet tall and 500pounds of solid muscle. My thighs were probably 40 inches, I was fucking HUGE. I told Joe to get over here and suck my dick, which was 20 inches or more. He rand over and could barely get the head of it in his mouth. I said "this isn't gonna work" so with one hand I picked him up and put him on his back on the bed. I lifted his legs and shoved my huge dick in his ass. He screamed from the pain but said he loved it. I stated to pump him slow and then faster and faster. I stood up and carried him on my dick to his work out room. I pulled out of him and let him sit on my dick which was holding him up with no problem. I put all the weight he had on one barbell which was about 700 pounds. I grabbed it with one hand and lifted it like it was a feather. I took the barbell and grabbed the ends of it and bent and twisted it like a pretzle. Joe was so turned on by me strength that he shot his load all over my abs. I said "my turn". I started pumping my dick until I felt my balls pull up tight and my dick grew about 2 more inches, I knew I was gonna cum. I grabbed Joe and shove the head of my dick in his mouth and made him drink my huge load of cum. when I was done cumming I felt funning again only this time I was getting smaller. I said I'm gonna have to make myself do that again. II looked at Joe who had cum dripping down his chin and said "have fun growing when you decide to use this power you now have. Just remeber dreams can cum true." •

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