Sling, The

By Musclebuff

This story puts together some of my personal favorite fetishes and dreams - hope you all enjoy it.

And so I lay there, stoned to the gills. Heíd put something in my drink that would make me "more receptive" to what he had to offer. You think Iím crazy? Maybe I am, but I wanted what he had to offer too much to miss the opportunity. And Iím big enough (230 lbs. at six feet, competing bodybuilder) to look after myself - or so I thought till I found myself with my wrists cuffed to the chains that supported the back end of the sling he had me in, with my feet in stirrups several feet higher at the other end and my butt unnaturally high as a result and unable to refuse anything he had to "offer".

Weíd met on the dance floor at the local leather dive - something about him (and maybe about me) had magnetized me towards him as he gyrated slowly and sexily, seemingly ignoring the talent around him, his gigantic muscles covered in a sheen of sweat so they shone as much as the skin-tight chaps he wore around the studded cod-piece. His eyes glittered under the peak of the biker cap, set off by the three-day growth of dark stubble on his face.

I made him look at me by copying his movement three inches in front of his face. He was at least 3 inches taller than me and his huge, defined deltoids were a good deal wider than mine. As I caught his eye, he started to flex: his pec slabs bunched up and relaxed - his bis hardened and bulged, his abs moved in and out of sharp ridges. He pushed the waistline of the chaps a couple of inches lower, never taking his eyes of my face, and revealed the thickness of his obliques plunging downwards inside his big, bulging codpiece - I mean the bulge was big - the codpiece seemed hardly able to contain the load of its cargo.

He grinned, turned abruptly away and walked off the floor. We reached the bar.

"I can tell ya like what ya see - whaddya want from me, little boy?"


"Muscles like yours."

"Seems ta me youíve got plenty of yrí own."

"Not enough."

"Tried steroids?"

"Not interested."

"But yíre innerested in me, huh?"

"More than. Youíve got what I want - how do I get it?"

"Whadda ya prepared ta risk, little boy?"

"Enough of the little. Letís cut the crap and get down to business. I wanna know how you did it and how do I do it?"

"Ah repeat - whadda ya prepared ta risk?"

"Pretty well everything within reason."

"Aní if Ah told ya itís beyond reason, what then?"

The more he challenged me, the hornier I got - and the more determined. I was about to throw caution to the winds.

"OK, beyond reason. How much would it cost me?"

"Cost ya? Nothiní, Ďcept for some of ya time."

"Iíve got all the time in the world and you can have it all if you just tell me how to get

where - to become what you are."

He dropped all that regional stuff, and the grin, and turned deadly serious.

"All you have to do is come with me and submit to my muscle." He flicked the ring in my (left) nipple. "I see youíre a top. Ever bend the other way?"


"But you still think you could - endure what Iíll expect of you?"

"Iíll put up with anything if I get those muscles of yours."

"Oh, youíd get them OK, promise you that, but would you be able to suffer enough to give me what I want?"

"What do you want?"

"Youíd find out soon enough. But enough questions - yes or no? Just how much do you really want what I can give you?"

You all must think I was a fool even to think of going with the guy on such slender hopes, not to mention the possibility of danger, or at least having to do things right against the grain. But there was something about this guy that made me trust him - and made me want him ,and whatever he was or wanted to do with me, even more. I didnít feel I had anything to lose, except my buttís virginity.



"Yeah, unconditional."

He picked me up, flung all 240 pounds over his shoulder, walked out of the club and dropped me on the back of his huge and glittering Harley. He didnít live far away, somewhere So. of Market. I tried not to, but finally I had to cling to this massive frame encased in black leather. There was so much throb between the legs from the Harley and my head was already getting dizzy, so I felt I needed to be joined to his muscle, and even the leather seemed to conduct his charisma in my direction.

"Nice bike!" I said breathlessly as I got off.

"Like it? Itís yours."

"Wha - ?"

"After tonight Iíll have no use for it. When weíre done youíll have the papers and the keys - and a new body."


We descended into the cellar. It was like going down to Hades. The room was huge and bare except for a sling, a table cluttered with stuff, and a huge mirror. The only light was a single spot angled down on to the sling. Almost as soon as the light went on and I started to take in what was there, my legs gave way and the top of my head came off.

He caught me before I fell and carted me over to the sling where he deposited me without ceremony. Immediately he started to fix the cuffs and all that but I was too far gone to object.

Finally he stood before me, between my legs, and stropped off his jacket. The overhead spot exploited his muscles in the most extreme light. His gigantic, striated pecs flexed and heaved - I started to count each muscle layer till his constant flexing made me even more dizzy.

"Relax, boy! Lie back and enjoy! All this can be your if you just submit to it."

And he flexed his bis. They bulged and crested and split into two twin mountains, heavily covered with veins, springing from the melon-sized/shaped delts above (which looked as big as my butt on each shoulder) and the pincer-like horseshoes of his triceps below. I panted with desire and had to shut my eyes to stop myself from blowing my wad there and then.

He reached forward and stroked my erect fuckrod, then clenched his fist around it and reached behind him for a leather thong which he tied TIGHT round my root and then again round my nuts.

"Like what you see, huh? But we canít have you cumming too soon or everything Iíve planned for us both will collapse. In fact you MUST NOT cum until I give you permission. Not even when I do, and that will be often."

My dick was collapsing in on itself slowly as he clipped some kind of pipe in my nose, like an oxygen clip, and then did the same to himself.

"Now this is going to help us both relax into whatís coming to us. When I press this bulb here," (fixed to the chains near my feet) "weíll both get a whiff of this stuff. Youíll enjoy it - itís a mix of vapor from some kind of niacin concentrate, and amyl."

"Hey, no amyl - canít take the stuff - "

"You WILL take it, like it or not, because I like it. If youí/re going to be noisy, weíll just have to shut you up."

He snatched up a monstrous cock-type gag and shoved it between my teeth even as I was objecting, and strapped it tight behind my head.

"You would have got it later anyway because of this." And he tapped a tube coming out of the center of the mask and, presumably, running up the length of the dildo which was halfway down my throat. He grabbed hold of the rubber bulb and pressed it hard.

"Just try a little whiff of it - to see how you do!"

As the stuff hit, my body leaped up in its bonds and thrashed and writhed in the sling. I wanted to cum and cum and have him fuck me to the end of time - especially as I could see all his veins pumping and writhing like snakes across all his huge muscles. I looked down and saw the same happening to me - theyíd leap and pulse in once place then rush to another to do the same thing. It was if all our muscles were leaping about, stoned by the stuff we were breathing. I moaned and groaned and yelled impotently around the cock-gag. He was going through the most incredible metamorphosis from giant to super-giant as his muscles expanded beyond belief. It was if there was someone else in his body stretching him in order to get out. It was hornily dazzling.

My dick, in spite of the tight, tight thong constricting its blood supply, had leaped to its maximum height and size - perhaps even bigger and harder and more veiny than usual. He was watching it all through his crazed muscle dance, his huge fist clutching at the monstrous bulge in his cod-piece. Why the fuck wouldnít he tear it off?

Eventually the stuff wore off and things seemed to return to normal - except my dick which was still thrashing about.

"I can see that needs some special stimulation!"

No, no, I yelled, I knew I would come.

"Oh no, you wonít - youíll find it very interesting, pitting your will power against what you dick wants to do. Itís a very special sensation, I promise you.

He dug half his fist hard into the peritoneum halfway between my dick and my butt-hole and jammed his thumb hard against the top of the cock-base, causing it to turn purple as it swelled in a way Iíd never known it. It felt as if he had my whole being tightly imprisoned in his fist. He made my pelvis leap as he flicked the crown with his other hand, then started to rub the swollen tip against the roughness of his palm. This seemed to go on for ever and the rubbing got faster and faster till I was screaming round the gag. My whole body was throbbing with the experience being transmitted from my dick.

"Good boy! Lotsa willpower! Try this now."

He took a black leather tube the size of the inside of a toilet roll and slipped it over my swollen fucker. Then, slowly, inexorably, he squeezed. Again I screamed and thrashed about. It was lined with some kind of fine sandpaper but it felt like my dick was being pierced with a thousand needles. I thought I would die as he started to slip it up and down the shaft which seemed to have a mind of its own for, instead of shrinking in misery, it was waving higher and bigger than before - it actually seemed to be enjoying it and, thank heavens, not inclined to cum.

He took it off and I sank back, sweat dripping from every pore.

"We just needed to open all your receptors to receive the Power. Hereís another whiff."

It rushed through my head into every muscle as I writhed against the leather, loving every minute of it. Now I was longing for more of the stuff - and more and more. He ripped off his cod-piece and the biggest dick I have ever seen sprang out. At least 16 inches long and about as thick. Another crazed whiff and he jerked off all over my tense and blood-dancing abs. It spewed out in huge spurts, over and over again. God how I needed to do the same!

Before the amyl rush wore off he plastered a giant black dildo with his spunk and rammed it up my butt- one huge, remorseless, demanding thrust, and in it went, up to the fucking hilt. But it wasnít your normal dildo - -

As he massaged the rest of his spunk into my abs, I felt the dildo inflating. It filled my whole gut and seemed to increase itself inexorably and without cease. When it finally stopped. The pressure on my whole inside, especially the prostate, was extreme. And extremely exciting. The it suddenly deflated and began all over again - like a slow giant fuck.. And all the time those fucking huge pec muscles were hanging over me as he went on massaging his cum into my abs.

"Just tuning you up for what you are about to receive."

Another whiff took m y head off as he leaned the whole weight of his chest against my pecs, somehow lanaging to squeeze all four of our nips with his huge fingrrs at the same time. And at the same time as grinding his massive poker up and down against my alwasy contracted abs. And in the same tempo as the dilfo suddenly started to deflate and infklate, gaining speed so that it felt like a road rammer on my joy-button.

As he came again he scooped up the gism and started to rub it into my pecs, his eyes never leaving mine which were only about 4 inches away from his. I wanted this man so bad, even if he didnít keep his promises about my growth - I wanted his fucking great poker up my chute, ramming me like a machine. I wanted his muscles pressed against mine until the sheer ecstacy took me off this earth. I wanted to be in him, him to be in me. The amyl was coming pretty consistently every few seconds now in short sharp whiffs - everything beating in time at once - my heart, his hands, his dick, my throbbing poker, the amyl, the thrusting dildo - it all beat beat beat till I thought I would die - happy.

It all stopped - he got off me - he picked up his end of the breathing tube that went through the center of the gag and attached it to a gismo that was partly condom, partly vacuum tube. I could see it starting to pulse somehow as he came close again. This time he started to massage my quads, my hams, my calves , my delts, my bis, the rest of my arms - all the time with his eyes shut as if he were trying to memorize their shape and size. And all the time I could see his already huge fuckpole growing and growing inside that tube as it slide up and down like some monstrous milking machine.

The massage was almost unbearably sensual - his touch reached into my innermost being and vibrated there. Suddenly he grabbed my balls with one fist and a nip with the other, squeezing both unmercifully. Finally the biggest hit of amyl yet - and the biggest and longest rush - and he yelled as he jetted pint after pint of his muscle juice into the tube. It rushed up into my mouth.

"Swallow it. Boy! Swallow it - donít choke, enjoy it - feel it on your tongue - let your mouth fill with my juice then swallow it - thatís good!"

The outpourings went on longer than could ever be possible for a mortal man - and i swallowed more than was possible fro a mortal man! I felt it soak into my whole body and soul, warming me from to head to navel. But, jeez! How I wanted to feel that dick itself in my throat.

"You could never get it in, boy - not when itís as big as this - at least not right now. Later perhaps!" He answered my gagged thoughts.

"You have to take it from me at both ends : my gism has to permeate every corner of your being, and when it all meets, thatís when it all happens!"

He unstrapped the gag and gently pulled it out my mouth which was still so full of his muscle-cum I couldnít yet talk. He pulled the gismo off his giant throbbing dick and lay in top of me again. This time he kissed me, swilling the remains of his own gism around both our mouths. When I had finally swallowed the last drop - and his tongue with it -

he spoke.

"Feel anything different yet, boy?" He unlocked my hands and rubbed them over my pecs. Jeeze - either they were swollen with all the niacin/amyl, or they were actually thicker - and harder! I still couldnít speak properly after the long visit of the gag down my throat.

"Yeah " he said, "theyíre bigger. Not as big as theyíre going to be, but bigger! So now we come to the money shot!"

I went on kneading and stroking my "new" muscle while he gently attached the same gismo to my poker, attached the other end of the pipe to a hollowed-out butt-plug - a VERY large one - which he then stuffed up his ass. He took a monstrous gob of lube and shoved that up my ass before lubing up his unbelievably thick and swollen fuckpole which then pushed against my now wide-open and willing fuckchute.

"Here we go! Been nice knowing you!"

My ass viciously clamped round his pole as he whammed it into me - in fact Iíd say my ass willed him into me - he wrapped his gigantic arms round me and the sling, forcing our great pecs into the most intimate collision yet. I could feel our nips answering to each other as our great slabs of muscle-pecs ground into each other. At last I could wrap my arms round his magnificent back, even though they couldnít hope to meet round those wide, wide lats. At least my hand s were finally allowed to touch and FEEL him.

He started to fuck me, slowly at first, the full length of that great fuck-poker stroking in and out of that willing hole, butting over that willing joy-button over and over again. I started to moan in ecstacy:

"Fuck me, you great fucking muscle god! Ram that great fuck-poker in as hard as you can! Let me FEEL all that muscle grinding in to me - go on, fucker! Give m e that fucking beautiful fucking muscle! Show me how you can fuck!"

He silenced me as he clamped his mouth on mine and at once picked up speed and force.

My pelvis was rubbing my dick hard against his abs, bruising them with the plastic milking-cylinder. I was determined to make this last as long as I could: it woudl have been so easy to come quickly but I wanted to savor each stroke, each pound of muscle in my hands, each thrust against my prostate. The strength of my enlarging dick was able to overcome the tightness of the thong that was till tied tight round my genitals but the thing was still helpful in delaying the inevitable. I wanted it never to stop.

I felt my whole being melting into this man - our muscles coalescing - our tongues fusing, our souls fusing together. MY arms seemed to sink into his thick, thick, heavy back, my abs seemed to mate with his. My legs round his waist seemed to cut into him, slicing into him like butter. And all the time that monstrous sex-poker poking hard as a battering ram into my insides. I could no longer tell what was him and what was me.

I could feel our hearts pounding away exactly in time with each other. We were completely fused together in one giant about-to-be orgasm, one muscle entity, one soul.

And then, the world split apart. I came, he came; he roared like a god-bull, I roared. My dick was in him as much as his was in me - the torrent of cum crashed like a wave round us, through us, lifting us to heaven and smashing us down again. Over and over again. I couldnít have counted how many jets we both spurted - jets is hardly the word - it was a continuous Niagara-torrent which tore into us and melted us into one giant fuck-muscle.

A final wave bore us up as we exploded yet again into each other, then sent us crashing down. I lost it. I was out. The word was black.

When I woke, I donít know how long after, I was lying on the floor underneath the sling which was still gently swinging. I fekt incredible - charged up as never before. My whole sexual apparatus was screaming at me for further release - without opening my eyes I felt my dick - it was huge - long, thick and huge. Fuck.

With one hand clamped around this demanding phenomenon, I opened my eyes and sat up. I was alone. Where the hell was he? I yelled out -

"Hey, you great fucker! Where are you?" No answer.

"Iíve got something for you here that would feel real good down your throat or up your ass - come and get it!"

Silence. I stood up. What the fuck.....?

I caught sight of him at the far end of the cellar, looking at me in the dim light. Still yelling obscene promises and demands I walked over - he walked toward me. I stopped. He stopped. What the fuck?

"Whatíre doing, man? Whatís this Simon-says game?"

Then I saw he was yelling the same thing as me - but I could only hear ME. We continued to walk towards each other - then I stopped. So did he. There was something odd - something different about him. He was still amazing, but different. He was wearing nothing but his bike cap and under it I can see his hair is lighter - the black burnished with bronze - his pecs were even fuller - his eyes seemed to gleam green, not black.

I reached out to the wall and turned the switch near me and the spotlight over the mirror came on. "Mirror!" I mouthed - then stopped. I was looking at someone who was not me and yet was me in the fucking MIRROR. I shut my eyes - Iíd wake up in a moment.

A voice in my head: "Every year I must renew myself and I thank you for doing this. Iíve kept my promise and I hope you like your reward. Looks pretty great to me!"

A deep rumbling chuckle fades away as I open my eyes. I am huge. I am him. He is me. I flex my bis, they split and grow and grow and split - my tris wrap round my arm to meet them. My delts swell, my chest puffs up - my lats spread unbelievably. My quads arch out from my hips to my knees which look minute between those huge muscles and the swelling calves beneath them. The small waist is covered with an armor-plated eight-pack of beer cans. I must be at least six inches tallewr than I was for my head almost reaches the top of the mirror frame.

I check some details: I still have "my" ring in my left nip - but I also have "his" strange tattoo on my right delt. My waving and throbbing, monstrous dick - itís his dick, just as it was when it was about to fuck me last night....... Last night! I remember the fusing of our muscles and souls as he kissed me and we both came so torrentially. The feeling that we were part of each other - one huge muscle-fucking machine. Shit, we are part of each other! This is part me and part him.

As I realize I now have the body of a god, and as I stroke every shit-huge muscle I can reach, and as they respond and go on GROWING, I can see how perfectly weíve fused together and I rejoice in the feeling of huge muscle, in the feeling that I can grow even bigger with every set and rep. My whole being glows with an aura of might, of golden, shining, fucking huge muscle.

Before I go out to beat and fuck the world, I need to feel him in me once more, I climb back into the sling, my legs in the stirrups, and seize the biggest dildo from his equipment, ram it up my ass and clamp my new, huge hands round my new huge fuckpole and work my hole and my rod into a frenzy. No amyl needed any more! As I spurt to the ceiling and ram the rubber dick in to its max, I hear him once again through my ecstatic roars:

"Take me, boy! Iím all yours and youíre all mine! All this is yours - the world of fuck and muscle is all yours! Enjoy..........!"

I add his leathers to the cap as I check myself once again in his - my mirror: I pull on his sweaty skins - even tighter now that heís added my muscle to his - the cod-piece hardly contains the still-swollen fuckpole - I let out the snaps on the harness a few stops and squeeze into the jacket - my bis stretching the leather to its limits - exposing the huge, hard pecs to the world, framed in perfect black leather - and go out into the early morning sun. Itís like putting on his skin and I can feel the muscles rejoicing at the touch of the leather.

As he promised - the keys were left with the papers near the door - and I shall rdie that muscle-bike for ever into the sunrise - or sunset. I swing my leathered quad over the tank, switch on and enjoy the machine throbbing between my legs into my muscle-dick and all the way up my ass past the cum-invoking joy-button. My booted feet go up onto the pegs, slam into gear and I roar away - the machine and I are one - as he will always be one with me. Canít wait to get to the gym and start improving on muscular perfection. I know the guys, especially the big ones, will be creaming in their lycras when they see me.

Iíll be back tonight - and every night now the place is mine. Who knows what fun weíll all have, and wonít he be enjoying it too!? •

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