That Summer of Jake


By jab415

Ok.. so by now I have figured out that not only is Jake one freakin powerhouse, but he actually seems to enjoy the thought of others getting off on his body and his feats of strength… with me being his #1 fan and him knowing it.

Later on as the day was winding down and my hard on was not as rock solid I spied Jake talking to some of the guys near one of the buildings that was being put up. It was going to be a 5-story office building or something like that. I casually walked on over to where the group was noticed that the foreman was there and they were getting ready to move onto the next phase of the project which was to put up the steel infrastructure of the building. My heart started racing as I approached the group of guys and noticed that Jake was aware of my presence. The foreman had given the crew their next instructions and he went off to supervise another group of guys. Near where they were standing was a pile of steel I-Beams that were to be used in the building and I just thought to myself that I would again be bold and see what he could do to those I-Beams. Most of the group started going about their business but when I approached Jake he said in that low gruff voice of his.. " whats up bud… what can I do for ya" .. ok, so here is my opening. I started talking about some of the things he had accomplished earlier in the day and just flat out asked him if he thought he was strong enough to bend one of those I-Beams. Again, that killer smile of his was flashed and he looked at me and whispered, " You really do get off on muscle don't you?" and my only response was " yup, so now lets see what you can do with that I-Beam" I must have pushed the magic buttons for him because I could just sense that he was totally into showing off how strong he was. It was like we could read each others minds… he knew that I was 100% into muscle and he was just the stud that was going to fulfill my fantasies (much later on we talked and he confided in me that this was the turning point in our relationship as he had always been looking for someone that he could be with and get along with and that would be into his body and his love for showing off) Little did he know that I would have been willing to do anything he asked just for the chance to worship him and every muscle in his body.

Jake kind of strutted over to the pile where the I-Beams were…to size them up. The beams were about 10 feet long and looked like they were at least 3 or 4 inches thick…and I had no clue how much they weighed. It was so cool to watch him perform and even though there were a few others around, it was like my own personal muscle man performing for me. He told us that he was going to place the beam behind his neck and balance it on his traps and use mostly his biceps to bend the beam. There were some in the crowd that doubted he could do it, but not me. I knew he could do it…and so did he. He bent down and with a wide grip he actually lifted the beam as if he curling a barbell and then he stood up with his meaty paws around the beam and said he had to figure out how heavy it was and the only way to do that was to curl it a few times… so here he was in the late afternoon sun… getting ready to curl a freakin steel I-Beam. And yeah, you guessed… I was already hard as a rock. He turned and faced me… and it was weird because even though no words were spoken by him… the look on his face said it again… that this was for me. Slowly he curled the beam upward towards his massive chest all the while the sound coming out of him was basically a deep grunting that sounded so animal-like… "GRRRRRRRRR" The beam and gravity were no match for Jakes massive bicep muscles and finally the beam touched his chest and he lowered it down. Someone yelled out… " So how much does it weigh??" and his response was that it felt like at least a thousand pounds of so… Thank god no one was looking at my crotch otherwise they would have noticed a wet stain that was getting bigger as time went on. He hadn't even started bending the I-Beam and I was already pre-cumming. Damn that man has no idea what an effect he has on me….or so I thought!

I was remembering that he said he was going to try and bend the beam behind his neck and was trying to figure out how he was going to get the beam to where he wanted it… when he suddenly started to press the beam straight in the air… holding it there for what seemed like an eternity to me. You gotta picture this. This total muscle stud of mine (yeah I'll call him mine) was standing before me with a 1000- pound plus I-Beam pressed over his head. There were beads of sweat that were slowly trickling off his forehead as well as his arms…. All I could think of for that brief instant is how much I wanted to go over and just start licking that man's sweat. The desire I had to go over and just start to lick those juicy and sweaty pits of his was overwhelming for me. Then he started to lower the beam behind his neck slowly till it reached the point where it was resting on his mountainous traps. Now he must have been feeling a little bold himself as he looked at those of us that were watching… and more specifically..ME… and he said "OK, bud you asked for it…"

His mighty arms were fully outstretched at this point with his hands wrapped around as much of the beam as possible. I could see the veins on his entire body start to pop and expand as he started applying his intense power to defeat the I-beam… even the veins on his forehead were visible. And at this point he was getting a little verbal… as if he were talking to the I-Beam as if it were a person. "Come on you freakin hunk a metal, you're no match for this muscle stud" he bellowed… and about a minute or so after he started to outmuscle the steel I-beam… it started to creak a little.. It was hardly audible at first, but then it got increasingly louder as if the steel in the I-beam was screaming for mercy. But, Jake was not about to show it any mercy. His powerful arms kept increasing the pressure on the beam till we could slowly see the beam start to curl inward and begin to form a horseshoe shape. In this battle of muscle vs. steel… steel was losing badly…. Then the steel beam started to curl inward more and more until it was like he was bending taffy. Finally the he was able to get the two ends of the I-beam to meet and he knew he won the battle… This whole scene must have lasted about 10 minutes, but in my mind it was like an eternity… My wildest fantasy man was standing less than 20 feet from me… Mere words cannot describe the feelings that were going through me head at this point….

Jake lowered the I-Beam to the ground… and a couple of the guys came over to congratulate him… and of course he was very gracious to them… knowing full well I was the one he wanted to speak to. There was a building nearby and Jake kind of motioned to me to follow him to the building. It was a storehouse for the construction equipment. Ok, now here is where I became so crazed with desire that I actually had to remember how to walk… He went behind the building and I followed him there… he had only gotten there a second or two before me… but just enough time to be standing there…

He looked straight at me… and said " well …what do you think of this muscle stud now?" and he proceeded to start the most awesome double bicep flex I had ever seen. I have no idea what came over me… but my response was " take off your shirt… I want to see more" to which he proceeded to take off his sweat stained white t-shirt… I walked as calmly as possible over to him… and without even thinking I started to knead his might pecs with my hands… and he started purring like a cat. It was like running my hands over a wet granite counter top… His pecs were wet with sweat, but still hard as a rock…. He stopped long enough to grab me by my arms and pull me closer to him and his words were " so … you like what you see?" I just licked my lips and started to chew on those magnificent pecs of his….and this just sent him into orbit……… •

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