Let's Get Physical


By Onix

The next morning Eddie woke up and slid into a pair of vibrant orange bikinis with a vertical stripe pattern on them.

It was weird yesterday Eddie was totally worried about his stock portfolio and keeping his clients happy and today all he could think of was when he was going to be able to get to the gym.

He had been so focused on his workout that he had put on the unitard that came in the mail, on under his suit. The confining striped hot pink and black lycra molding to his body was making him hard and giving his every movement a exaggeratedly sensual feeling. The tight spandex against his naked skin even made him feel sexier.

On his way to the subway he felt himself rolling his hips and shaking his ass languidly. Brining attention to his hot bubble butt. He smirked at the boys giving his plump little ass the once over letting one or two of the really choice picks even have a flirty little wink.

After strutting his high prized body across half of the east side, he sauntered onto the subway and took a seat delicately eyeing up the other passengers. He sighed in a huff, No other Hotties Eddie thought. Too bad. All the other guys in on the train riding into the financial district were nose deep into their Posts or Wall street journals not Eddie, not today. He flipped through the latest issue of YM looking for the cover article on The Backstreet boys.

When he got to his office there was so much stupid boring stuff to do. First he had all kinds of paper work and then he had a meeting about that deal thingy that went bad or something, like it was old fruit or something?

When he got to the stuffy conference room he had already taken off his stupid tie cause it was choking him and was trying to figure out a way to leave early and go to the gym.

"Edward is that you?" Exclaimed one of the other Brokers, JakeTimmons. "Jesus Christ! Man that sun did you wonders. You look ten years younger. It's amazing."

"Really" Eddie asked uninterestedly as he fussed with his blonde bangs.

"Jesus man, It's unbelievable."

Eddie smiled "Thanks I know I am."

Everyone else in the meeting couldn't get over the change in Eddie they all agreed it was nothing short of a miracle even his hard nose boss, Mr. Carlson, seemed to take notice. "Did you have plastic surgery while you were out there?" he asked

"Oh my Gawd no!" Eddie laughed.

Not only was his drastic change in appearance garnering comments so was the strange new attitude. Halfway through a report on the rising stock of an internet company called "Creek.com" he launched into a five minute speech on how great the show Dawson's Creek was, "THAT Show Rocks so hard!" he exclaimed I totally want Dawson and Joey to get back together and that Gay kid on the show is so cute, and even though on the show he's like only like 18 in real life he was in like his 20's so it' not illegal to think he's cute or anything."

Everyone stared at him for a good ten minutes

After that he was really quiet.

Then he found he was having trouble concentrating in his meeting. He kept looking over at Mr. Carlson and thinking about what broad shoulders he had and how great he would look if he worked out. He'd catch him stealing glances at Jack Timmons' crotch trying to decide if he wore boxer's or briefs and he always found himself looking back to the mirror opposite him to make sure his hair was okay or just to reassure himself how good he looked.

"Uhm...I don't wanna work here anymore." Eddie said out loud and everyone in the meeting looked at him abruptly. After the shock of his appearance and what seemed like years shaved off his age nothing was going to surprise them. He picked up the briefcase in front of him and collected his jacket. "This place is so dull and you guys just aren't any fun." He huffed. "This place sucks...and not in the good way." He laughed immaturely at his joke.

"Edward what is going on with you...Son are you on drugs?" his boss asked him.

Eddie looked at him sassily, "Why are you offering?" The man began to sputter, "And don't call me son, you aren't my daddy and believe me I'm not into that scene baby." He made his way toward the large doors of the conference room. On his way he strutted passed Jack Timmons and grabbed the flesh of his ass catching the entire cheek, giving the other man a playful squeeze. "But I am into your scene, call me..." and then he was out the door and out of that office forever.

There was only one place for him to go and on the subway up to 64th St. he removed his suit jacket and button down white shirt, leaving only the lycra tank top like top of the unitard and his baggy suit pants on. Sure he didn't match but at least he was giving everyone a good look at his upper body.

He swaggered into the refurbished gym like he owned the place and more then one well built gym rat gave him the once over, but he was playing it cool so he didn't return their appraising glances. He headed right for the juice bar to talk to Tony.

He was glad to see that when he got there not only was Tony tending bar but Jack and Mark were having protein shakes. "Hey boy, Damn baby you lookin phat. Greased up and bein all fine like that." Tony exclaimed with his heavy thug lingo. Tony used to hate little urban street boys, how could he? He made such a hot little ghetto boy. With his tight tanks and jogging pats with accessorized gold jewelry he either belonged in Vibe or Inches. He was the envy of every horny man in the 64th street gym... and to think the other guys had thought he was going to have to change membership so he could keep variety in his sex life.

"So glad you could join us, man." Mark said as he coyly sipped on his protein shake holding it upright with a ridiculously bulging arm. Mark was so fucking big simple movement like raising those mountainous arms over his head must be awkward. That body was so big it must be hard to manage packed with all that muscle. Mark would be one hot lay...to bad he was totally devoted to Kenny. They were inseparable. Kenny sat across from him with one hand on Marks huge thigh rubbing it affectionately. He was fanatically in love with everything about Kenny. It was Kenny this or Kenny that. Good for him, but it was going to be awhile before some man came and curtailed Eddie's alley cat ways.

Jarod didn't even notice him. He was too busy leering at another man at the bar who was comfortably in the arc of his out stretched arm. Jarod leered down at the other man who looked insecure and timid in the gaze of the dominating presence of the hirsute man dressed only in a revealing box cut tank top, sweats and a weight belt. The little gym bunny looked like a mouse in the clutches of a hawk. Since he had been at the gym and working out Jarod had a lot more confidence and was now emerging as the most dominant of the group, a position that had always belonged to Eddie, but Eddie was happy to give it up. He was versatile he could top or bottom he thought with a mental smile.

"You look good man all healthy and cut. With that tan and your Bod in such great shape you look ten years younger." Mark said in the same uncharacteristic pleasant attitude.

"Yeah like Zach from saved by the bell on steroids." Kenny shot out with an arched eyebrow.

"Looks like somebody got his gift basket..." Tony said in a little sing songy voice.

Tony reached across the counter and ran two honey colored fingers up the ridge of Eddie's newly cut bicep flirtatiously. "If you're really good boo you might get another ...gift...basket, soon."

And the to Tony's surprise and even to Eddie's, Eddie leaned forward and whispered into the Latin homeboy's ear "And you're only getting a gift basket if you're real bad." And then he nipped at his ear and ran the tip of his tongue across his goateed Jawbone.

"All right ya cock tease, Gino wanted to see you if you came in. He's in his office..." Kenny said as he pulled the two youthful hard bodies apart.

Tony gave him a wink and Eddie allowed himself to be lead away. Kenny lead him toward the back of the gym with one hand firmly on the sever curve of his pants suit covered ass and another on the firm muscle of his shoulder. Eddie got hard at the tense way Kenny was handling his ass. "Kenny...what would Mark think?" he asked, with no tone in his voice indicating that Kenny should stop. "I don't know...maybe we should ask him. Get a little threesome going, a whore like you would probably be all for that huh?"

Eddie considered it, for as long as he could possibly consider things now. He didn't like to spend too much time on thinking things out anymore. It was simpler just to let things be simple. "I wouldn't be opposed." He smirked thinking of being underneath mark's gigantic chest in the middle of a mark Kenny sandwich.

Kenny gave him a long steady flat look, "Yeah," he said almost to himself; "Gino got you guys just the way you deserved."

"What?" Eddie asked in genuine confusion. He didn't understand what Kenny was trying to say but that seemed to be a usual occurrence lately. A lot of stuff was confusing to him now.

"Nothing loverboy, nothin'." The other man grinned.

"Oh okay," Eddie said with a dumb smile, taking his words at face value.

The door to Gino's office was open so he just pranced in. The office was better organized then the last time when he had stormed in...why ever had he been so angry? But now there wasn't only Gino in the airy room but another man. The unfamiliar guy was dressed in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a Chinese Dragon print shirt. His face was hidden by a length of long black bangs that hung over his eyes adding a shadow over his already dark eyes. The guy was cute in a kind of alterna-boy way. But he gave off a really unfriendly vibe.

He and Gino who was wearing a loose fitting t shirt and a pair of tight shorts that left nothing to the imagination, seemed to be in the middle of an argument.

"I don't care how much you like it, I absolutely put my foot down. I am not going to a bar called the "Meat Market."" The man said in tones laced with irritation.

"Why not?" Gino asked dejectedly.

"Because it's degrading."

"To who?" The Italian asked his friend.

"Meat...now pick some where else."

Eddie let out a polite cough to announce to the bickering pair of his arrival. They both turned to glance at him in unison. Gino got up from behind his desk and stood to greet his visitor. The man in black just gave him an uninterested glance. "Can I help you with something buddy?" Gino asked not recognizing the man who only weeks before threatened to have his job.

"You told the guys you wanted to see me the next time I came in." Eddie told him.

"I what?" Gino furrowed his dark eyebrows in thought. And then the dim light of recognition dawned on him, "OH! Edward how are you doing? Come in sit down." he said gesturing toward the couch in front of his desk.

"Call me Eddie," He said smiling a wide goofy grin.

"I thought you might say that." Answered the manager as he sat back in his own desk and his companion moved to a position behind his shoulder.

"You look very good Eddie I see your vacation and of course our custom made complimentary products have worked wonders for you."

"Oh yeah I feel like a new man! I feel so good I'd swear I'd have the body of a 19 year old kid." Eddie agreed.

"For all intents and purposes I'd assume that you do." The dark haired gentleman noted noncommentily as he shifted his gaze indifferently around the room.


Gino looked up at his noire partner worriedly, "Gino here told me what you said to him that day, and I worded the hex I put on the items he sent you just the way."

Eddie looked at him perplexed "I don't understand what you're saying,"

The piercing blue behind the black bangs fixed on him, "No I suppose you wouldn't. That's another part of it, of course."

Gino interrupted the strange exchange nervously, "Anyway Eddie, I just..."

The man put his hand on Gino's big shoulder "Don't worry Gino, He doesn't really understand. You see "Eddie". You should be careful about what you wish for, even insincerely...you never know who might be listening."


The black eyes flashed, "You told my friend Gino here I quote "I wish that my friends and I could live the carefree life of these idiot queer bitches," And in my Zeal to spread a little happiness in the world I Granted it."

Eddie was shocked "Oh my Gawd did I say that?"

A smile crossed the stone face, "Yeah ya did, but you were a different person back then, an over stressed, over worked, 30 year old, incapable of having a real relationship. But now you've got what you wanted a chance for more fun, less worry and no more pressure. You're exactly what you wished to be; a young gay man, about 19 or so with 0-body fat, who is so shallow and simple that he's on a par with a male bimbo and your only real goal is to keep your dick happy. It's a shame your little wish included your cohorts, the three of them got taken along for the ride." He looked at Gino who was looking decidedly guilty, "Don't you love a happy ending?"

"But...But..." Eddie stammered as he rubbed the cleft under his right pec in thought, "how ...I mean why..."

"How? Well, the how was fairly simple, I put some bad juju on a couple of objects and then sent them out to your apartments. Your workout buddies have been living with their current bodies and personalities since you've been gone. It's actually funny. Gino said you made such a big deal about how us gay men are so controlled by our dicks I decided to give you a little test," He flashed a wicked grin of pearly white, "You could have stopped my innocent spell at any time, all you had to do was control yourself. If you could have just ignored that sexual charge you'd be sitting in your office right now thinking about which lucky secretary you were going to marry and move to the burbs with. But it turns out you were just as cock crazy as we are." Then He moved almost protectively in front of Gino, "and the why is just as simple, Ain't nobody mess with my friends, nobody."

"All right D, Enough with the doctor evil routine you're going to give Eddie a headache" The gym manager moved our from behind his desk trying to change the subject. "I wanted to see you because I wanted to offer you a job."

Eddie smiled, this was much better then the weird guy yelling at him. "Really. I kind of need one, that place I used to work for was so dull. So I like quit."

"Yeah your friends are all working here now too. It's been very convenient, when I started here I was understaffed and now I only have one more position to fulfill."

Eddie got excited, "Oh! Sweet!"

"We need a full time fitness instructor to teach aerobics and some light Tae Bo are you interested?"

"Am I, That would be so hot. I know just the music to design the work out around. I mean I saw that Brittany Spears "hit me baby one more time video" and I think I can like do the entire routine now, Oh and did you hear the new LFO song they are such hotties but they can sing too and they have this..."

"Wait a minute!" The guy in black said urgently drawing both their attention back to him, "do you hear that?"

Gino looked worried, "what?"

The guy cocked his head as if he was listening to something intently, "that sound...It sounds like ...it sounds like...Like my patience slowly draining away. Can we go now?"

Gino sighed, "I have to discuss this with Eddie.

"Fine," his friend muttered and grabbed a long black coat off of a nearby chair, "I'll be waiting for you back at the house don't be all day."

After he left, Eddie turned to his new boss, who was shaking his head haggardly, "So is that like your boyfriend?"

He looked startled, "Damien? My lover?" He considered and then looked off distantly, "well no..." he trailed of in what sounded almost like disappointment.

"OH," Eddie said his hopes and his dick rising. He made his move on the Italian hunk. He slipped out of the suit pants while Gino was lost in thought leaving him in only the unitard and his tanned skin. He walked right over to the manager of the 64th street Gym and put his hand on the bulge in the other mans spandex brazenly. Gino looked up with a sexual smile and began in turn to rub Eddie's excitedly bulging spandex covered cock. "So tell me, what are the employee benefits." Eddie giggled and was quickly silenced by the big Italian lips engulfing his mouth and tasting every inch of his kiss. He melted into the older man's forceful embrace and elated as their glorious bodies rubbed against each other.

Later as Gino's gorgeous body was hulking over him as he was bent over the desk doggy style bare ass naked, on all fours and moaning he thought about how great he felt. As Gino's thick Italian pole reamed him out with a sweaty urgency that no plastic dildo could mimic he thought about just how happy he was and then went back to jerking himself off as the other man plowed his enthusiastically presented ass raw.

Things just kept getting better for Eddie, it turned out that the extra job Tony had told him about early was at a club downtown and Tony hooked him up with a job their too. So during the day he taught aerobics to sweaty lycra covered boys and then went to the club and danced. He had the best act. He dressed up in a boy's parochial School uniform and stripped to a Brittany Spears song, every time he took off the tie and showed his glistening marble cut chest the club went wild. Tony's bit was that he got dressed up in a prison uniform and stripped to a remix of a Big Poppa Rap. And Eddie was never pressed for company at night; He always had someone who was happy to keep his ass full of dick. And when he wasn't spending the night with some random guy he was being Jarod's personal love toy. He wasn't really into the whole Leather S&M thing the way Jarod was but he was glad to pretend so he could sit on Jarod's cock and feel his stubble against his smooth jaw. The two of them would most likely hook up permanently someday...along way off.

Could his life get anymore perfect? •

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