That Summer of Jake


By jab415

The other day I was stuck in traffic near a road construction crew that was working on the side of the road…and as I stared at some of those incredibly built men my mind took me back to that summer a few years back when I was working on a construction crew during one of my summer breaks from college. I will admit I took the job for a few reasons besides money…and it was the opportunity to work among some of the hottest men around and getting paid for it. It was during that summer that a new guy was going to start working with us and the day he showed up was like my fantasy had come true. His name was Jake… and to say that he was built like a freakin house would have been the biggest understatement of all time. I mean he was a rock and the biggest man I had ever seen. By now you have guessed that I have a thing for muscle…always have and always will.

And from the looks of the other guys on the crew, I was not the only one that was looking at him. I'm 6' and weigh around 225 and had been hitting the weights for a few years, and have a pretty decent body to show for it. But, seeing Jake made me feel incredibly small. He was about 6'2" or so tall and my guess was that he must have weighed in close to 300 pounds (later that summer I was to find out that he actually weighed 345 pounds). He had what looked like at least 24" arms with what looked like hoses snaking up and down his massive arms and triceps that could only be described as two hams hanging off his shoulders. I know that he had a neck, but I was hard pressed to see it as his delts and shoulders were so massive that it was like he had one giant muscle going from his neck to his shoulders. And his chest…well even though he was wearing a tight white t-shirt, I could tell he had pecs of death. (and I for one could not wait to see this muscle beast with his shirt off…and something told me that would happen very soon). His waist couldn't have been more than a 34 and I could also tell by the fact that his jeans looked like they were spray-painted on that he has some massive thighs underneath. The foreman introduced him to the crew and he flashed one of those pearly white smiles that would melt ice instantly. Now besides being incredibly built, he had sandy blonde hair and the most incredibly green eyes…along with the scruff on his face …well I knew right there and then that it was going to be really hard to concentrate on work…boy would that ever turn out to be true.

Now just by the looks of him we knew he was a powerhouse, but man did we underestimate how strong he was… and how soon we would find out. For the first couple of days we were working on the site and he was getting to know some of the guys..turns out he is really easy to talk to and a genuinely nice guy.

I think it was towards the end of the first week that we got an idea of just how strong Jake was. The foreman told us that we were going to be building some sort of a road in the complex and that he would need some of the Jersey Barriers moved to a new location. If you're not sure what Jersey Barriers are…they are the concrete slabs that are used to divide lanes of a freeway or to block traffic when construction is taking place. They are constructed with two slots in the base that are used by a forklift to move them where they are needed and even though I have never weighed one of them they are at least 20 feet long and 4 feet high and must weigh at least a ton or more. The forklift operator is Manny and the foreman was looking around for Manny as he wanted to get the barriers moved as quickly as possible to the other side of the complex by loading them onto a flatbed truck. Manny was nowhere to be found but Jake spoke up that he would take care of it. Now the foreman assumed that Jake was going to use the forklift to start moving the jersey barriers… but boy was he wrong.

Jake proceeded to walk over to where the barriers were and he squatted down and reached his two hands in each of the slots near the base of the barrier and simply started to stand up as if they were made of Styrofoam. After he rose to a standing position he simply curled the barrier upward and walked over to the flatbed truck and placed the barrier on the truck. My heart was racing while I was watching this…and I was also getting a massive hard on. There were only a few of us around and he glanced over at me and gave me a smile. I swear he knew that I was getting totally turned on. There were about 30 or so barriers that needed to be moved and he went on to the next one. Now you gotta picture in your mind how big his arms were getting with each barrier he lifted. You could literally see the veins throbbing with blood as his pump got bigger and bigger. By the time he was about half through he was sweating a little which caused the t shirt to cling to his moist skin… which made the viewing only better for me. It was about this time that he decided to get a drink of water from the portable containers that were placed around the site. And of course, where was I watching from. As he approached the water and got a drink I was trying to think of something to say without sounding like a complete idiot…and all I could come up with was " Wow, you really are strong!"…and so I did sound like an idiot. But, he was so cool he just smiled and thanked me for the compliment… and told me that this was just one small example of how strong he was… I then came up with some lame excuse about how long he had been working out and he said we could talk about it sometime…after he finished with the barriers. Now, as you can imagine my head was swimming at this point as I watched this total muscle stud finish off the remaining jersey barriers with ease. He caught up with me a few minutes after he finished and just looked at me and said " check these out" which point he started doing a double bicep pose. His biceps were so pumped and so big, I was getting another major hard on and he must have noticed as he commented on how much I must like muscle. My mouth was completely dry and all I could think of was how much I wanted to feel how hard those rock hard guns were…. I was also pretty amazed at the fact that his t shirt seemed to be holding up despite all the abuse his arms and body were giving it….deep down I was hoping to see him completely rip the sleeves of the flimsy cotton… but not this time. All I could think of is that I knew I would need to jerk off real soon or I was going to blow a major load in my jeans.

The next incident only blew me away even more. We were pouring concrete slabs and while the cement mixer was being moved to a different location, the driver must have run over a nail or something as he managed to puncture the two rear right side tires. The "normal" way to change a tire on one of these trucks is to call someone in that has a strong enough jack to lift both the weight of the truck and the concrete. And since we had only been working on the concrete for about 30 minutes, the cement mixer was pretty full…. Which only added to the total weight. Now as I watched the driver examine the flat tires and curse about the situation, deep down I was hoping that Jake would again come to the rescue and show me ( and the others) another example of his Herculean strength. Ah, its so nice when your wishes come true…. As Jake approached the truck I filled him in on the situation and I was in the mood to be a little bold so I turned and faced him and basically asked him what he could do to fix the problem. Again, that killer smile was flashed at me… and he turned to me and kind of whispered to me to watch…as " this ones for you"… He started talking to the cement mixer's driver and the next thing we knew there were two new tires and a heavy-duty wrench with an air compressor brought in. Now Jake asked the driver if he was ready and he gave him a thumbs up. He then started loosening the lug nuts of the tires just enough to keep the wheel on, but loose enough to take the tire off. He then gave another thumbs up and what I saw next freaked me out even more. Jake simply reached under the mixer and there was a bar that went across from left to right and it was attached to the frame. He grabbed the bar in a pretty wide grip and squatted down so that his muscle butt was about a foot off the ground. He started to stand up… slowly at first. Now besides the pure sight of this hunk of muscle in front of me…he was grunting at the pure exertion that was needed to lift the combined weight of a cement mixer and its contents off the ground. I had no doubt in my mind that he could achieve this task…and I was right. When he was standing upright… the wheels were not quite high enough to take the flat wheels off and the driver simply yelled "higher"… with that Jake actually turned his head to the left… where I was standing and looked straight into my eyes for a second then did something that again just made my cock as hard as a rock… He actually lifted the truck higher by curling it….as if it were an ordinary barbell. And the driver took the old tires off and put the new ones in place and finished this in about 3-4 minutes. He signal led to Jake that he could lower the truck… But, Jake had other things in mind…and again…that quick glance over to me… and I could almost read his mind.."this ones for you bud" and he started to curl the combined weight of the truck and cement. The driver was in shock..but I just stood there trying to hide the major hard on that would not go away. While curling the truck a few more times he became even more vocal in his attempts. He grunted that he wanted at least 12 reps…. I also began to notice that he was actually sinking a few inches into the ground due to the awesome poundage he was tossing around. By the time he got to 10 reps… I got my first wish. His arms were getting so pumped up that the t shirt could not hold back his massive triceps and biceps any more… and the seams started to expand… and on the 12th rep they simply could not take any more of his massive arms… and there was an audible rip of fabric. I also noticed that his jeans seemed to be getting a little tighter… but no luck.. they held up. He did three more reps and finally lowered the truck down. The driver came over and thanked him for helping him change the tires… and commented on how strong he was. Jake just shrugged it off and walked over to where I was standing… and his only comment to me was " so..did you like the show?" and he again flashed that killer smile at me. Ok, now I have no idea what kept me on my feet at this point as it felt like every ounce of my strength and ever drop of air in my lungs had vanished as well as the fact that my mouth felt like the Sahara desert…. Its too bad there were a lot of the other crewmembers around that were congratulating and speaking to Jake now…as I really wanted to be alone with him. I also got the same feeling from him… Yes, he enjoyed the other guys complimenting him on his awesome strength and muscles… but I think he truly knew down deep that I was a true fan of muscle… While he was talking to the other guys…I kind of smiled at him and walked away… the fact was that I needed to get to one of the porta potties real quick and jerk off to what I had just witnessed. •

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