By Bruno

TO:Dr. Richard Klein

RE:Mack 11 experimentation

Dr. Klein: Attached, please find the latest entry in Jack Johnson�s computer journal. As expected, everything is going according to plan. I didn�t think that Phase I and II would go by so quickly, but apparently they do. Since reading Johnson�s entry, I don�t believe that Phase III has begun yet, but from the way he writes, it can�t be far behind. The entry is not long, nor is it in as much detail as I would have liked, but I think you will find everything in there that you will need. There is one small problem that we were aware might happen, and although we took precautions that it wouldn�t, it has. Frank Alberto knows. The infestation of Property Nine, which we had him ingest to bring on symptoms of the flu and keep him out of commission did not last as long as we had wished, and he was witness to Dr. Johnson�s metamorphosis. What should we do about this? I would hate to see Dr. Alberto�s career end tragically, and yet I am not sure what else we can do. I will let you decide, but I do have to state that we must work quickly.

I look forward to our next meeting


PS: How is Marcy? Tell her I am sorry that she ingested some of the Property Nine. It was intended only for Dr. Alberto, but the coffee was the only way I could think to hide it. I did not expect her to drink any, since she mostly only drinks tea. Enjoy the following entry. I will send you the next as soon as it is written and as soon as I have copied it from the good doctors computer.

Journal Entry of Dr. Jack Johnson.

Well. Here I am. I am sitting here butt ass naked, and I have never felt better. I can�t help but place my hand on my hard pec, massage the nipple, and enjoy the feeling of euphoria that shoots through my system. This may not be a very long entry since I will probably end up jerking off pretty soon, but I will type as fast as I can. Fuck. My cock is beginning to get hard already. All right. I will type with both hands!!! No hand on any part of my body till I am finished with this entry.

You are probably wondering the same thing I am. What the fuck is happening to me. Yesterday, I was Jack Johnson, a 28, somewhat handsome (yeah right) 5�5, 135 lbs guy. Now�now I don�t know what the fuck I am. I�m still 28. I�m still 5�5�, but I�m not 135lbs anymore. I�m over 350. My scale wouldn�t go any higher!!!! Fuck. I can�t even type these measurements in without my cock spasaming with joy! Chest: 75�, biceps: 28, waist: 33, thighs: 35, calves: 30, cock: 19� long and 9� around. I have a fuckin coffee can for a cock!!!! Standing and looking at myself in the mirror, I look like I was sculpted from stone�I�m like one of those statues that you would see in the Metropolitan or that big museum in France. How do you spell that�The Louvre? Sorry if my grammar and spelling isn�t the best, but my brain is a little cloudy. Probably all of the blood going to other parts of my body!!!

So, how did this happen. Fuck if I know!!!!! All I know is my day began as a day from hell and has ended up as the best day of any mans life. I woke up a twerp and I�m going to go to bed, if I go to bed, a god!!!

After getting the shit beat out of me by Aries, and going home to shower, I felt a little different, but nothing that I thought I needed to be worried about. Hell, I even went and played racquetball with Frank. LOL!!! You should see Frank�s face when he left. He still can�t comprehend what happened to his �little� friend! Though, being a doctor, I am sure he is more than willing to experiment on me�hmmm�sounds like fun� huh. Odd thought. I can�t wait to get out there and fuck every women I find�yet�I would love to have Frank back over here and measure me again�feel my body�touch my pecs, my thighs, my cock�I�ve always thought he was a hot guy�I would love to see what he would look like naked, wet after�.shit. I�m just horny! I don�t want to see Frank naked!!! Anyway.

I woke up from my nap with the hardest hard on I�ve ever felt. My cock was so red and filled with blood that I couldn�t help jerking it off and cumming after stroking it about 15 times. The jism shot everywhere. I�ve never been a shooter. I�ve always been more of a dribbler. Now, it�s shooting everywhere. I ended up shooting my load about 9 more times that afternoon before meeting Frank for racquet ball, twice I didn�t even have to touch my cock. Just looking at it made me cum. It seemed larger, but not much.

I went and played racquetball, and that is where it all began. After going a round and feeling really good about my game, my cock started to get hard�I mean really hard. I could feel the blood pouring into my cock from my entire body. It felt so good. I ran into a stall and pulled my cock out. There it stood, hard and proud�and longer than it had been that afternoon!!!! With every beat, my cock got harder and bigger�bigger and harder. Suddenly my 5� cock had grown to nearly 8� and thick. I placed my hand on my cock, and jism started shooting out of it like a fountain. I couldn�t stop it. I�ve never seen anything like it before in my life. I was getting cum all over the stall, so I tried and aimed the shooting load into the toilet. I did my best, but I really couldn�t control where the stream went because I was in cumming heaven!!!! It was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. After about 5 minutes, the cumming stopped, and my cock began to get soft. Frank was worried, but I told him I was sick and ran out of there!

Well, I got home, looking forward to jerking off my new improved cock, but apparently my cock had other plans. It was going to do whatever it wanted to do. I had barely gotten in the door of my apartment when my cock began getting hard again. Just the touch of the material being stripped away from my cock got it shooting again, and this time it was all over my bedroom. I couldn�t stop it�and I didn�t want to. This was heaven. It was a drug. I loved every second of it. I began to rub the cum into my chest, and doing that made my nipples hard as rocks, and felt so good. I knew that all of this was crazy and that I should be a little worried about it�but I didn�t care. It was like all care had been thrown out the window, and all I wanted was for my cock to continue cumming, and while it did, it grew. I knew I had passed the 12� mark when I could stick the cock in my mouth and drink my own cum. It tasted like the sweetest drink I had ever drunk. I couldn�t get enough. I could feel it filling up my stomach, getting on my face, in my hair�it was the best.

An hour after all of this started, some reality began to set in. Here I was, sucking on my own cock, drinking my own cum, and after an hour, it hadn�t gotten soft nor had it stopped ejaculating. As quickly as I could, I went into the living room, my cock swinging back and forth shooting cum all over the place and called Frank. Maybe he could help me. I knew I needed help�but did I honestly want it to stop. No. I was in heaven!

Well, Frank arrived and for a moment I thought he had ruined everything. Maybe I was cum shy, because my cock stopped cuming right after he got into my apartment!!! Only a few minutes later, I knew it wasn�t that. I could feel that power building up in my balls, I could feel it shooting through my veins, I could hear a voice in my head saying that it wasn�t over and that I needed to be bigger!!!! Suddenly I felt that I needed to be more of a man than I was. I had never had these thoughts before, but suddenly my mind was filled with having a bigger chest, a hairier chest, a bigger cock�just a bigger everything. That was how a man was supposed to be. Not this little shell that I was in now, but bigger. Much bigger!!!

Frank told me that I seemed to go into some sort of shock, but I knew what was going on. I couldn�t talk to him, but I knew what was happening. As each muscle group began to get bigger, it was if I was becoming the muscle.

Suddenly I became my abs, and I was growing tighter, larger, more prominent. I could feel the blood and I was feeding off of it�getting larger. Like a spider web, I slowly moved down and became my thighs and my calves. Get larger, I thought. Get bigger and bigger. Become a man. I could feel my whole lower body swelling with blood, with muscle, fat being forced to evaporate from my body. I was in heaven. I wish that everyone could feel what it is like to be a muscle, be pumped with blood and grow and grow and grow. That is what I was. I was no longer could old Jack, but I was Jack�s abs, his thighs, his calves. I was getting bigger and bigger. I never wanted to leave. I wanted to be just muscle. Just man!

I moved up and moved to my chest. A man needs to have a big chest, and with that thought, my chest grew. I grew and grew, I was experiencing total euphoria. I was getting pumped and having the best pump of my life, and I never wanted it to stop. If anyone could feel this, they would never want it to stop. My arms started growing, my back, everything. I was becoming one giant muscle. I had become my whole muscles system. I could feel each movement of my muscles. I could feel each twitch, each stretch, each microsecond of growth. It was amazing. I am not doing it justice here by typing it. You will never know how I feel unless you experience it. Remember when you got your first hard on, and you watched it grown and grow, fill with blood, and you touched this thing that was once always soft and was now suddenly hard, and you loved it. That was me. Where my muscles had once been soft, now they were hard.

I wanted it to go on forever, but as quickly as I became my muscles, I was me again. With Frank�s help, I stood up and looked in the mirror.

�Look at me.� I said. I looked at myself, and suddenly I knew that I was a man. I wasn�t any taller, but I was huge. I don�t think that anyone could be bigger than I was. It felt great. �Can you measure me? I have a tape in the drawer over there.�

As Frank measured my body, I moaned. My skin was so sensitive to the touch. I actually came when he measured my thigh. I came on him actually which was kind of funny, but I�m not sure he thought so! �We have to figure out what is happening to you.� He said. Figure it out. Fuck! I wanted it to do it again!!! I wanted to be bigger.

I still want to be bigger. As I was staring at myself in the mirror, I told Frank that I didn�t think that the change was over. I still don�t. I know there is more. I can feel it. I�m not sure when it is going to happen, but I know it is. I know that it�s only begun. I�m on the best ride of my life, and I never want it to stop. What am I becoming? I don�t know. I think I am becoming what man is supposed to be. Where does it end? I don�t know.

Well, all I know now is that after all of this�I need to jerk my cock off!!!! Fuck that. I�m going out and getting laid. I just have to find something to cover at least part of my body!!!

I�ll write more later and tell you how the fuck fest goes, because that is what I intend to have.

Bye!!! •

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