My First Time

By Christopher Martinez

I remember the age of 17...I was in the Military...I was in a Special Forces I wore the infamous Green Beret...I worked hard all the time but I was destined to be just a little boy with a 24 inch waist. I weighed in at a whopping 104 lbs...One day I was helping a new soldier inprocess into the unit. I waited for 3 hrs before he finally arrived. When he got there, he reported to my desk..I was working on some paperwork and on the phone at the same time so I didnt see him come in. He report to my desk at parade rest stance, and I started to look up from my desk only to see these huge thighs encased in BDU's, followed by the most obscene bulge in his crotch. His waist was so small, and it tapered up to the most awesome chest..Never before had I seen such a perfect body in Military Uniform..and I found the most perfect face...oh my god,, what was I thinking. Im straight. The following week after he arrived it was my friends B-day. I was throwing a surprise party..I asked the newbie, lets call him Dave, to bring my Cpl friend to be surprised. They arrived on time, straight from the Gym...Im the one who got the surprise...the awesome body in BDU's was replaced by a body fit for a God. He was dressed in tight spandex shorts, with a jockstrap, and a tank top. I couldnt believe my eyes. The party went as planned, all of us guys were drunk. We decided to watch some porno. We thought what the hell, we are all straight. 3 of us were laying on my bed, which was two small singles pushed together to make one big bed. I layed facing the TV and Dave layed across the bed. This Bitch in the movie was getting plowed by the biggest cock I had ever had to be 10 inches and thick enough to chock a horse. Daves stretched and placed his arms behind his head while laying on his back...I secretly eyed his legs....he had bowling ball calfs..that had veins ringing in them..they looked like huge hearts that would flex with everystep..I looked at his thighs that were bigger than my came his crotch! I was laying on my stomach with my chin in my hand facing the tv just over is crotch..I had not looked down at this point..but since no some was looking I took a quick peek to see what might be there...I seen his cock stir. Its started to swell, I looked back at the tv just in time, because he looked around. I took another peek, his cock got thicker. It started throbbing...and inching its way to the waist band of his shorts. It got to the waist band and stopped..the shorts were snug so it could go any further...there a wet spot formed.... An especailly exciting scene happened on tv and his 8 pack flexed with excitement which caused his cock to jump to its full potential. his cock sprang out of his shorts past his navel sending a string of precum flying across my face and landing on my lips...I sat there shocked with the most wonderful taste on my lips...he grabed his cock looking aroud to see that no one had seen that...and discoved no one had but then I had licked my lips clean..he grabbed his cock which was so thick then even he couldnt get his hands around it and pushed it back into its tight confineing prison...I put my finger to my lips signing that I wouldnt say anything...come on, we are all straight guys here and no one could see what I had just witnessed. he nodded at me and turned to watch the TV...he placed a pillow on the other side of him so no one could see his massive erection...again, his cock moved to the waist band and layed across his stomach....with just the head poking out...I could see a drop of precum form on glisten on the heard of his cock....he was watching tv..and I was confused..I wanted to see his cock again....and here was the head poking out at me..I wanted to taste him again but there were 10 other soldiers in the room...and if they thought I was a fag they would have taken me out and beat me to a pulp...I had seen dave with his girlfiend and now I knew what made he happy...I was drunk...I lowered my head making sure no one was watching and gently licked the precum off the top of his cock. His cock sprang out of his shorts...he sat up and looked at me giving me a look that would kill...and he quietly said "You fucking faggot"..he got up and left...I knew I was in trouble..I could get thrown out of the Army. Man was I screwed...The other guys asked why he left, I told them I thought he was tired so he left...well the party ended with no problems..right..none that they knew about.. After all had left, I had time to reflect on what I had done..I had put myself in a postion to where I could be thrown out of the Army...all those days of sweating in the hot sun while traing, jumping out of planes, all fr was over for me...I just layed on my bed in the dark and cried. about a half hour later I got up and turned on the radio real low, turned out the lights, took off my clothes, and went to sleep....there was a knock at my door...I just layed there and said come in the door is open...I could see a shaft of light from the hallway then the door closed...I couldnt see who it was though....I could hear breathing..heavy breathing....heavier...and heavier..he then came over to the bed side and stood there...he removed his shirt, his pec looked like someone had formed them from concrete..they looked as if they would rip out of the skin. His 8 pack was hard and flexed with every breath he took..He removed his shorts and out sprang the cock of all was huge and it slapped up his stomach..a bead of precum rolled down the wash board abs.first one then the other...the drop of precum stopped on the 3 ripped ab and stayed then dripped from there onto his awesome thigh...I kneeled before him in amazement..not sure of what to do...but I knew that drop of gold on his thigh had to be mine...I leaned over and licked it off of his head started to swim...I could feel his awesome member pulsing against the side of my face hot enough to melt steel, but not the steel his body was formed of....knowing that we had never did this before, it took us a couple of minutes to realize just what we wanted...he picked me up and held me in his arms formed of cable and kissed me deep, tasting himself for the first time....he layed me on the bed and ontop of me he placed himself...I could feel his cock burning my stomach....we kissed....he rolled me over and placed his head against the head board..he pulled me ontop of his knees and his massive slab of pecs....he pulled a cock to his lips for the first time..he sucked it trying to pull the essence of my boyhood from my soul....I came...I cried for it was so wonderful...all of my cum went down his throat scalding him where no other man had been...He placed me on my back...I knew what his intent was...I wanted it. I needed it..he spit on the head of his cock and placed it on my virgin ass. He pushed in..the head popped in...I had a blinding flash of white pain....he shoved into me, not knowing just how to go about it..and layed there...I his pole lodged up my virgin ass...he just layed there with soothing words...telling me how sorry he was for hurting me..he started to pull out.....I said stop it hurts..he then pushed back in..It felt full inside, I had never felt like this before.....I wanted more...I moved my hips with his...I could feel his huge balls on my hands traveled up his thighs to his waist, I found this vein that I knew ended in his cock. which was now in my cherry fingers found his abs..1..2..3.up they went one after the other...7..8...up to his pecs...I cupped them in my hands...felt the hard nipples..I needed to be fucked....we fucked me for what seemed like hours...I knew I would never be the same...I had ruined me for other men, for no man would ever compare to my first. The next morning he was gone....I wondered if it was all a dream....I just layed there and started to think of my dream and beat off...I was on the verge of cuming.....remembering how he had fucked me ....fucked me till I came all over myself without even touching my cock...when my door opened and he came in with a smile on his face.....he took off his clothes and said.....what about me.... We were together for several years after that first wonderful time...still nothing beats me having my cock shoved up that tight, hot, muscular ass....... •

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