Roomate, The (II)



We were a few weeks into the semester now, and I was struggling to keep up. My classes weren't all that challenging, but I found myself spending more and more time in the lab, trying to break my total infatuation with Jack, my musclebeast roommate. You wouldn't blame me if you could have seen. I got a special scale for Jack through a laboratory supply company, a scale that went up to 500lbs. He had been packing on over 5lbs of muscle a week, and was closing in on 300lbs faster than either of us had imagined. Only when I was in the lab could I keep myself busy enough not to constantly think of him. Most nights, I would get back to our room so late, he'd already be asleep. I'd open the door quietly, and as soon as I stepped in, I could smell him. Not a funky stale smell at all, but a guy smell, the pheromonal aroma of a powerful, growing 19 year old weightlifter musclehead. I would sit on my bed looking over at his hulking shape underneath his sheet. His massive chest heaving as he breathed in deep and full. Sometimes I swore I could hear his muscles growing. Actually, it was my attraction to his scent that almost got me in big trouble. I was in the room alone one night, trying to study. I noticed a pile of his used workout clothes at the end of his bed. I knew they would be ripe with his musclesweat, and eventually I couldn't help myself. I went over and picked up a tank top, damp with Jack. As I raised it up to my nose, I thought "this is so not right". It was then that the door opened and Jack walked in. "Dude, what the fuck are you doin?" he said. I was so fucking embarrassed. I dropped the tank and stood there like an ass. "Nothing Jack,nothing really....shit..." I said. "Come over here, you little perv," he ordered. Jack had just gotten back from lifting. He was more pumped up than I had ever seen him, and more new veins were crisscrossing up and down his huge arms and delts. I don't know how, but I got my legs to move over to him. I stood in front of his hulking mass thinking "fuck, I'm gonna die". " Why didn't you just come to the source, little dude, " he said, smirking. He lifted his left arm into a bicep pose. His huge lat spread out like a bat wing, exposing a deep powerhouse armpit. He put his right hand behind my head and slowly pushed my face up and into his underarm. "Yeh, little buddy, just benched 960 for reps with all this, " he said, pushing me gently but firmly against his deep pits. The sweat glands still pushing forth the smell of musclegod. I breathed in slow and deeeeep. Slowww and Deeeeep. Jack began to moan. "YEH, man, smell my POWER", he said. I wrapped my legs around his waist and locked on. He supported my weight with ease, and began to thrust against me. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach, while mine slid up and down on his thickly muscled abs. He pinned me up against the wall, grinding into me hard. "Fuck," he groaned, "you get me so horned", and he grunted and grunted against me, restraining himself from full bore, but getting us both to climax. We both unloaded every drop we had on each other. So far, just j/o buddy roommates, but who knows what will happen next.... •

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