Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

I knew what I wanted, "Put it down," I said roughly. Jeff lowered the unit to the floor. "Come here you hot muscle god!" Jeff smiled and came over, "Pick me up, under the shoulders!" He complied, easily picking me off of the bed, "Curl me up and down, you stud!", I said. Jeff did just that, he curled me up and down while my hands rubbed his biceps, his pecs, I loved the feel of the flowing living rocks of his muscles under my hands. "Press me over your head" Jeff shifted me, one hand covered my crotch and rock hard cock, the other cradled my neck, he pressed me up and down, I could see he was fully erect now. It was incredible, flexing muscle lifting me, carrying me, an ultimate expression of strength!

"Lay me over your arms!" I ordered. Jeff seemed to know what I wanted, my crotch was over one biceps, my mouth over another, he flexed each arm, my dick felt peaking granite muscle under it, my tongue licked and fondled the flexing and relaxing muscle with its throbbing vein on top of it. I wanted more. "Rip my clothes off!" Jeff lifted me placed his right leg on my bed, and lowered me on his thigh so I straddled that mass of muscle. He tore my t-shirt to shreds, I groaned as his thumbs brutally massaged my nipples. "God, John, you've got a hot little body!" Jeff yelled... Suddenly there was a banging on the door! Visiting hours are over!" it was my dad and he sounded pissed!Quietly Jeff put me down on the bed "OK dad...Jeff and I were just playing videogames." "You know the rules, no visitors after 11PM." he said angrily from the hallway. Luckily he didn't open the door otherwise he would have seen an enormous 18 year old with nothing but tattered rags for clothes… •

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