Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

Jeff's face passed from dejection, to disbelief, to elation, his gorgeous eyes brimmed with tears, one even trickled down his cheek. He bent down and picked me up under my shoulders and hugged me! "Oh God, John, you are so great! I love you too! But I will protect and serve you, 'cause you're so great! No one's ever loved me like you do!" Then he kissed me, wow! Our tongues met, even his tongue brimmed with power, I wrapped my arms around his thick, muscled neck and stared into his gorgeous blue eyes.

After a few moments Jeff put me down, back on my bed. "So, John, what do you want me to do?", he asked. Boy oh boy! I'd been waiting all my life to hear that question from a muscle god like Jeff. Even before puberty I'd loved muscle. "Uh, well, this might sound silly, but can you flex out of those tight pyjamas?", I asked. He smiled, God he was adorable! "Sure, grandma hates to buy new clothes, but I think even she'll admit I've outgrown these." With that he raised his arms in a double bicep pose, the sleeves of that pullover pyjama shirt didn't stand a chance! The flannel gave way with a satisfying "RRRIPPP" exposing Jeff's peaked biceps, each with a beautiful, thick, throbbing vein over the top of it! Then he flexed his chest and shoulders, the shelf of his pecs demolished the front of his shirt, and his traps and delts tore apart the shoulders, a lat spread annihilated the rest of the shirt, revealing his rippling six pack abs.

"Oh, God, Jeff, you have the hardest, strongest, most macho muscle in the world." Jeff smiled at this and his pyjama pants tented up a bit, like my underwear was. He grunted and flexed his pecs, damn! They rose up like tidal waves of muscle, all thick and striated, grinding together like two cement blocks. Jeff really needed affirmation, it was big turnon for him! "Come on Jeff," I said all, husky and sexy, which was how I felt, "Show me those killer thighs and calves!

It's hard to describe what Jeff did next, he sort of stood on tiptoe, flexing his calves and thighs all at once, at the same time spreading his legs outward in a squatting motion. The pyjama pants just exploded, the sound they made was more like a popping sound as the legs shredded revealing his unbelievable thighs, a sculpted colony of muscle nooks and crannies. Jeff's calves were peaked and striated too. The flex snapped the waist of the pants and tore out the crotch revealing a big, semi-erect dick, his balls covered in blond hair.

"Oh God, you are a muscle monster," I grunted deep and low, "Show me how strong you are! Lift my stereo stack!" This was in the pre-CD, pre-miniature electronics era. Most stereo equipment and speakers were still big and heavy. My entertainment center, as we'd call it today, was all these heavy components bolted together, I was proud of it and knew it weighed hundreds of pounds. In a sort of frenzy Jeff went over to the unit, he grabbed it in both hands, and, grunting, lifted it over his head. Wires and cables ripped out of the back of the units but the ensemble held together. "Is this what you want my lover and master?" Jeff grunted as he pressed the unit overhead. "I will lift anything for you, crush anything, nothing can resist my muscle power, and it will all serve you, John, my love, my master!" He pressed the heavy unit overhead, squatted up and down, and all his muscles became pumped, gleaming with sweat.

I knew what I wanted him to do next and I knew that Jeff would do anything for me, his muscle master. •

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