Hot July, A


By FanTCMan

"What is it, man?" Ted asked, leaning against a kitchen counter, when he could catch his breath after the rocket ride of the first rush.

"Holy fuck. What is it that can take a guy and turn him into a total muscle queer, man, so fast? What is it about huge muscle on a guy that is so hot it makes you want to cum? Oh, fuck, man, this is so intense."

"Don't know, bro," Chad said. "Don't much care either." He smiled across the kitchen at Hal. "Do you?"

"Naw. Who could care when you feel like this?" Ted, like the other guys, Ken, Sean, Steve, and Kyle, was feeling his body, looking at the other guys feel theirs, feeling the contours of the muscle that was thickening up as they stood there, not so fast as to be totally visible, but enough to feel. Oh, yeah, definitely enough to feel.

Already more muscular. And they stood there with the crotches of whatever they had worn stretched with their erections, now so incredibly hard that they demanded attention, harnessing the awareness of the guys to their muscle and their male sexuality, now, suddenly, completely merged into one overwhelming sensation of erotic masculinity.

Hal and Chad watched as the formula worked its effects. The guys became more intensely focused on their bodies, their own and each others, as their arousal soared beyond control, beyond desire, beyond lust, and grew to a more basic and powerful urge than hunger or thirst, and more natural. No matter how many times they watched guys overtaken by the formula, it never became less exciting. "Whatever it is," Ken said, "it could take over the world. Whatever it does to the guys it changes, it makes them irresistible to other guys. I mean, my own, son, man. I saw my own son turn into a fucking arrogant, blatant, sexual muscle guy, and even while my head wanted to reject it, I was excited. All he had to do was display himself, turn it on me, and I was helpless, man."

Steve, flexing and caressing his muscles, running his hands over his thickening, bodybuilder torso, grinned at his dad.

"Yeah, I could tell from that first morning when I came down in my underwear, all hairy and muscled up, I could tell you were turned on.

Your boy's a hairy muscle stud, and that turns you on big time, doesn't it, dad?"

"Yeah," Ken couldn't even try to hide it. "Big time."

"You want to see your boy get totally fucking huge, don't ya, dad?"


"Yeah," Steve said. "And you're gonna get huge for your muscleboy, aren't ya, dad?"

Everyone in the room listened, and they felt their bodies responding to the talk and responding to the growing effect of the formula.

Precum stained their crotches. Their faces became masks of animal lust as they watched, listened, felt everything.

"Yeah, Steve, I'm gonna get huge, son. That what you wanted? You want to see your dad be one of you, don't you?"

"Yeah, man. I do."

Then Ted joined in.

"I know what you mean, man. To see your own boy. To see how it made him feel. I could see it the minute he walked in. His mother was so upset, but there was just something about seeing him walk in looking muscular, those hairs growing out the top of his t-shirt all of a sudden, just knowing how the rest of him must be looking. I couldn't get my mind off it all night. There was something I could no more resist than, than. . . I don't know. And then, when I came in and saw him and Kyle in the shower, how much more muscular they were, even the kid here. Fuck, man. I don't know if I can handle it, this is so hot, man. I feel so totally hot."

"Sean," Steve said, laughing, "see what you did, man? You're a home wrecker. You turned your dad into a big muscle fag, just like my dad."

"Yeah. Cool." Sean said. "Every guy should be one.

God, man, I'm so turned on right now. Can we just get naked?" he asked Chad.

"Well, of course," Chad said, rubbing his own eighteen inch boner, "I insist."

"Why don't we go downstairs?" Hal said. "It's more comfortable, and the other guys always love this, bringing in new guys."

They went down to the gym/rec room, peeling clothes as they went. "Kyle, dude," Sean said, when they were all naked, and flexing to feel the size of their muscles, and how hard they were already starting to feel, "you are already looking so hot. Look how much hair you have already. You totally look like a high school dude, maybe even a college guy. And your hair is coming in so blond, man. It's like you're getting blonder. Even your pubes and you pit hair. Dude, look at all the pit hair. Dude's gonna be a big golden boy. Man, let me see."

And Sean lifted Kyle's arm up. The bush under it was thick and so blond it looked bleached against the tan color of his skin.

"Shit, man, that is so hot. You had like three hairs yesterday." Sean put his face into Kyle's armpit, kissing, nuzzling, then digging deep with his tongue. Kyle could only moan, his erection flicking with the excitement. Then, not to be left out, Steve came over and lifted the other arm, diving in. While they worked his pits, Steve saw Sean reach down, stroking down Kyle's abs, which were defined now into pavers, to the mother lode, and wrap a hand around Kyle's hard cock.

"Oh, God," Kyle moaned.

Steve slid his hand down the kid's back until he found the firm cheeks, and he worked in between them until his fingers found the sweet hole they wanted and pushed into its warmth, first one, then two, then three.

"So, Ted," Ken walked over to Sean's dad, looking the handsome dark Irish guy up and down, "What's your wife gonna say about all this?"

"Oh, man. I don't know." He looked at Ken, dark blond, looking more like a worked out thirty-five than a guy in his forties, and more handsome than he remembered or had ever noticed. "I love my wife, man, but right now I can't really make myself care a whole lot."

"So you wouldn't be upset if I said you are one sexy guy."

"No, man, I wouldn't be upset. You think so?"

"Oh, yeah. Sexy. Handsome. So hot." He ran a finger up Ted's stomach where a trail of dark hair was filling in, defining the central valley, ran it very slowly while they both watched the finger tracing the line of new hair, their hard cocks jerking, hitting against each other with their proximity, each brush of cockhead against cockhead causing a jolt of erotic pleasure in both of them. When his finger reached Ted's pecs, already noticeably thicker, he ran it around the edges of both pecs, first the right, then the left, finally putting his hand flat against Ted's left pec, resting it there, feeling its contour. Then he looked up and laughed. "What's funny?" Ted asked.

"A couple of big muscle fags. What Steve said. Gonna be a couple of big muscle fags, man. Huge muscle fags. We're gonna get so muscular, man, it'll be hard to walk. You know how that makes me feel?"

"How?" Ted's short, sharp breaths indicated he did know.

"Totally fucking hot as shit, man."


"You too?"


"You like the idea of being a huge muscle dude, man?"


"Fuckin' eighteen, twenty inch cock."


"Look at those boys, man. Our sons. We're all gonna be huge fucking muscle dudes, man, huge muscle fags."


"You think I'm hot, man?"


"Yeah. You wanta suck my cock, man? Muscle stud wanta suck on this big muscle cock?"

"Yeah," Ted said as he went down to his knees, his hands steadying his slow descent against Ken's body, feeling every hard, thickening muscle as he went. "I fuckin' want you to fuck my face, stud. I want to feel your big cock down my throat. Smother me in your pubes, man. I wanta bury my face in your stud crotch."

They hardly noticed Chad leave the room to answer the door. When he came back down, all five guys paused to look at the three men that came back in with him. One of the three was bigger than the others, his business shirt open to his abs where his pecs had popped the buttons. The material of the sleeves was so full with his guns it looked about to split. A huge boner tented his tight slacks above the bulge of his jumbo egg sized balls. His hair was thick and very dark gold, longish, falling across his forehead and over his collar, his stubble thick and heavy, accenting the hard, sharp lines of his jaw and the angles of his face. He looked like a movie star, or one of those daytime soap guys, so handsome and masculine that he could break hearts with a grin. About twenty-six, maybe twenty-seven years old.

The other two were also handsome and muscular, enough that they appeared to be showing results of taking the formula not too long ago, but long enough that they were already on the rocket.

". . . and I had to let our secretary go," the bigger one was saying, "when she walked in on us in the conference room. But fuck her, man. These guys were beggin' me to bring them over to meet you guys, see what goes on here, join up, and I was hoping it was time . . ."

"For another hit? Sure. Used to be limited to one a week, but with the new rules, man. Hey, guys, this is Bob Johnson, my next door neighbor. Steve, Sean, you remember Bob."

"Holy shit," Steve said, "Dude, you look like a young jock stud, man.

You look totally fuckin' hot and gorgeous. Dad, this is the guy I was telling you about."

"Okay," Ken said, "I'm ready now if I wasn't before. Very good to meet ya, Bob."

Introductions went around the room, and even while they were all being introduced, Bob and his two associates, Mitchell and Phil, were undressing. Conversation was pretty much halted by the voracious appetites for each other that almost immediately occupied their mouths and hands. The attraction of muscle and cock and intense masculine beauty arced between them in jolts of psychic, physical, erotic energy so strong that total surrender became mutual aggression of muscle stud on muscle stud.

Kyle wasn't sure when his uncle Ted had spoken with Chad and Hal.

He'd been too busy to notice. He only knew about it when Hal pulled him out of the group and took him to another room by himself. He was almost upset to be pulled from the group, but he was falling so in love with his own body that he merely let his attention shift, and he was fully hot and occupied again, feeling his muscle, looking at himself in the mirror, stroking his cock, even while Hal was talking.

Hal was saying something about his being their second live-in, like John was. But he hadn't met John yet. Anyway, John was their houseboy and trial subject. Every new version of the formula was tried on him, and he had been designated as the one they would use to test the limits that the formula could push the body to achieve.

Every center had a guy or two. And the Company had told them, with this new push to recruit as many guys as possible, that they wanted to test on a young guy, just in early puberty, to see how it would work on him. It had proved very effective in a few of the major centers, and now they wanted to move it out. Ted had consented to let them keep Kyle. He would be schooled there, because he would need to be on constant call.

"You see, Kyle," Hal said, while Kyle continued to almost ignore him and look at the image of the hot muscle stud in the mirror, starting to show pale blond hair on pecs and abs, now, and arms and legs, "one of John's main jobs around here, beside house and yard work, is being a muscle sex toy for all of us. Kyle? Do you know what I'm talking about?"

"Yeah, toy, whatever," Kyle said, getting closer to cumming over how hot he was starting to look, not to mention how unbelievably hot he felt. It just kept getting better.

"Well you just hang out here for a few minutes, I'll be right back." Hal left and closed the door. Kyle didn't care. The only furniture in the room was a padded bench, and he sat down and continued stroking his cock and looking at himself. He couldn't believe what was already happening to him. His cock, his little five-incher, was already a thick, heavy seven or eight inches in his hand, and it was surrounded by a thick tangle of pubic hair, just like the totally grown up guys had, only his was maybe even thicker, and as blond as pale gold. It did look bleached, it was so blond. He lifted his arms, and his armpits were filled with the same pale, almost white blond hair, so thick and hot looking. The hair on his head was longer and had turned just as blond. All over his pecs, tiny pale hairs were making a pattern and more was growing down the center of his belly, all around his belly button, and down to his pubic hair. It was like he'd speeded through puberty and was already like an eighteen or nineteen year old guy. His body turned him on so much that he came again, and watched as he spurted cum into the air, leaning back so it landed all over his belly and legs. When he felt the orgasm slow and stop, he just stared at himself. He even loved his cum. He rubbed it all over his abs and chest, feeling the muscle and the hair. He licked it off his hand, and the taste made him more turned on. Even the hair on his legs made him feel hot. He let go of his cock, and just watched it as it went semi-soft for a moment and lay against his groin. It was so fat and big, and it felt so incredible, and he knew it was going to get so huge, like Steve's, even bigger, and he wanted that so bad. He watched it lie there, twitch, and harden up again, and he could see it was bigger, a little bigger, even while he looked at it. He felt his pecs, and he could feel the mass of muscle building on his chest. He stood up, and flexed an arm to see his biceps, like a baseball, and then let his arm drop against the thick muscle where his back was spreading wide.

The door opened, and Hal came back in. Steve was with him, and he had a vial in his hand.

"Okay, Kyle. I think you'll catch on pretty quick," he said. "Let's just get you really goin' now. See, the first requirement for you to be our boy and our toy is that every thought except man sex has to be wiped out of your head. Your job is to please and excite every guy who wants the services of a young, total muscle freak. Steve here asked to be your mentor, at least getting you started."

Kyle was still looking at himself in the mirror, but now he looked at Steve, his idol, so incredibly muscular now that he could shame any pro bodybuilder, with that dark gold hair all over those muscles, and so amazingly handsome and masculine.

"Kyle, you with us?"

Kyle finally looked at Hal.

"Sure, man, whatever."

"Okay, then open up. Let's start getting you up to John's level."

Kyle opened his mouth wide and Hal squeezed the dropper of liquid under his tongue. Kyle closed his mouth, but Hal said, "Hold on, let's do one more. You got some catchin' up to do, kid."

Kyle took the second dropper, and then Hal left Steve and went back to join the others.

"You're lucky, kid. Gonna be so huge and hot."

Kyle already felt the formula infusing his brain and body. He was hot, alive, stoned, and the only thing in his head was guys and sex.

Everything about guys, their muscle, their hair, everything. Was this what Hal meant? He felt like he was being chemically turned on to a degree that made him laugh with how he felt. Steve had taken hold of his head, and when his face got close, Kyle felt his warm breath, saw the stubble, was suddenly insatiably hungry for Steve's kiss.

They kissed so hard that he thought he might break his teeth, eat his tongue, but he couldn't get enough. His hands felt the solid mass of Steve's muscles and the hot, masculine hair on them, and he wanted Steve's body. He wanted it in any way Steve wanted to give it to him.

He didn't care.

"Whoa," Steve said, pushing him back a little so he could look him over, "fuckin' kid's an animal, man. Jesus, you are already such a hot fucker, man. You love my fuckin' muscle, don't ya kid? Yeah. So big and thick. Yeah. Fuckin' love this hot man hair. Yeah.

Feel it, you little fuck. Yeah, go on, feel these huge muscles, kid. You know what a toy, does, man? He takes huge cock. Get down there, you little fuck, take my pole down your throat."

He pushed Kyle to his knees, and Kyle reached around and grabbed Steve's furry ass cheeks and pulled his groin hard against his face, pushing Steve's huge cock all the way down the back of his throat. "Yeah, kid's gonna be one hot fuckin' toy, fuckin' huge muscle toy.

Yeah, eat my big cock, man. Oh yeah, you love my huge fuckin' cock, don't ya? Yeah, take my cum, boy, then I'll have your ass."

Kyle felt Steve cum down his throat, and he swallowed every thick, hot drop, remembering what Sean's cum had done to him so recently, a lifetime ago. He grabbed Steve's ass so hard he had his fingers in Steve's hole as he pressed the hunk against his face to get all his man juice out of him.

"Yeah," Steve said, when he finished. "Now get over on that bench you hot little fucker. Shit, I can see you getting bigger already.

Yeah, lie over the bench, you little fuck, show me that big musclebutt.

Shit, look at that. Boy's getting bleachblond fur all around that sweet hole and all over those big cheeks. Yeah. How's this feel, kid. You like these fingers in your hole?"

"Yeah, fuck, anything you want. I love your body, man."

"Yeah, I know you do. Let's open you up, boy, get you ready to be a good toy. You wanta be a good toy, don't ya, boy?"


"Yeah what, fucker?"

"Yeah, I wanta be a good fuckin' toy, man."

"I'm not sure which is bigger, man, my cock or my arm. Which one you want, fucker?"

"Whatever you want to give me, man. Just give it to me. Aww, fuck, man, I want you in me so bad."

Steve worked in four fingers. "Yeah," he said, "real good toy." •

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