The Process


By Musclebuff

Leather was an extraordinary guy. Apart from his incredible physique with the well-honed and massive muscles that were a witness to hours and years of hardcore training, he possessed certain other very individual qualities. These were inherited from some murky origins which are really not interesting to us. The point is the qualities themselves. On a "normal" front, he has never been fucked; he has always been a top; from a very early age his passions for both leather and muscles have guided his life. There is no more potent combo than that of huge muscle and leather: he grew up as a boy with illicit copies of all Tom of Finlandís great work, and these were his muse and his incentive. He never wavered from his chosen path and now, at the age of 32, he is magnificent.

How he achieved his other facilities is not our business: that he has them is enough. The money he acquired to support his amazing lifestyle was considerable, but that doesnít concern us either. The power he had over other men is undeniable, and he used it to hunt down and achieve his quarries. Once a guy, no matter how strong or hetero-sexual, had inhaled his pheramones he was easy meat: all defenses were down. Once a guy, no matter how hetero-sexual, had been fucked by Leather he would never again desire or be able to fuck another man: he would be a bottom for life, and an insatiable one at that, for, once fucked by the Master, most other men paled into insignificance. From his bottoms Leather drew the source of his strength and size: while in action his cock would suck the power out of them, thus constantly increasing the size and quality of his own muscle. In exchange, the bottom would increase his own size somewhat: with the increase came the obsessive need for more of the same.

BB Olympia had heard all about Leather, and he had been hunting him for ages: he needed him, he thought, to be invincible in competition, to conquer the top place of the most prestigious pro contest in the world. BB was also indiscreet in his enquiries, though he pasted he only "needed" Leatherís services for advice on "supplements". Leather didnít need such supplements: his were all built in. But he was interested in feeding his muscles off someone as big and famous as BB. He was, in fact, a kind of muscle vampire, though, instead of the "eternal life" given to a vampireís victims, he gave much-desired size back. He particularly enjoyed sex with certain young porn stars - good bodies but what they lacked in size they made up for with some very interesting sexual techniques from which Leather was able to learn a lot. He had "obliged" several young studs with his services, but although he enjoyed the sex, especially if it were rough and hardcore, he didnít get a satisfying enough kick out of any but the biggest muscle monsters. Some of these were not contestants, some were bigger than Olympia contestants, some were bigger than him, but none had his other qualities of inevitable seduction or finesse in the Process of drawing his power out of them.

He was annoyed about BB, because BB bragged too much: he opened his big lips to bad-mouth Leather too often, saying Leather was insignificant, only a haunter of bars, a spook, could never win a contest, whereas he desperately wanted to meet Leather and profit from his magnificence. Leather had come to San Francisco because he heard BB was there to make a porn video - pretending he was straight, of course. One of Leatherís own contacts in the industry had alerted him to the whereabouts of the BigMouth and now he had him strapped to his motorcycle on the way to his temporary Playroom.

This was a vast out-of-the-way loft that he used when he was in town. It had the advantage of steel shutters which came crashing down to seal the windows, and he had paid good money to ensure he had the advantage of being the sole occupant. He was used to importing all the equipment he needed for his sexcapades and it was all ready for him when he dragged the shivering BB in the freight elevator. What met BBís eyes when he was pushed out of the cage was like some nightmare out of a Clive Barker story ("Hellraiser" et al). He hardly had time to take it in when the shutters came crashing down and the lights went on: hard spotlights emphasized every piece of the equipment that lined the walls and was fastened to the supporting pillars and beams: it was some 23rd century torture chamber. BB shrank back towards the elevator at the sight, but Leather soon ahd him in his grasp.

"Youíre only here only to give me what I want, and maybe get a little of what you want, so stop whining you big fruit! Get over there and strip!" He pushed him over to a king-sized leather-covered couch, or table. BB lay there, feebly and slowly removing boots, socks, chaps - unable to take his eyes off Leather who now slowly removed his trench-coat. The full magnificence was revealed.

"Now listen up! Iím not interested in having you lick my boots or any of that kiddie leather porn stuff we see in videos: this is going to be the real thing - heavy duty and hardcore!"

By now BB was naked and fear was taking over. His beautiful, Olympian physique started to quiver at these words. Especially as Leather was now flexing his giant fucking muscles: first the impossible cleft football bis, then the thick shelf of his pecs. He turned his back and made all the preparations for a lat spread which brought out every muscle in the center of his back, as well as his shoulders, into sharp boulder-like relief. Standing right over the prostrate BB he most-musculared in his face, so that every pumping muscle and popping vein swelled, bulged, throbbed in his face.

"This some of what you want? Well, youíre gonna have to pay the price. Get over to that gantry so in can chain you up."

"No - no - Iím not into the S and M stuff - I canít take pain - I wonít do it - Iíll just leave - forget the whole thing......." And so he blathered on and on. But Leather had his boot on his crotch, pinning him by his dick and balls to the hard bed. BB couldnít move, dared not move for fear of wrecking his equipment. Leather nonchalantly lit up a cigar and blew the smoke in BBís face. Now he had had these cigars made up specially by a scientist friend of his. The tobacco was laced with a compound of PCP and amyl nitrate and the aroma did two things: it removed the will of anyone who inhaled it passively and turned them into slobbering muscle maniacs. It also heightened the perceptions of the smoker to a considerable degree - thus all caution was flung to the winds.

Leather inhaled deeply, then leaned forward to blow it it into BBís face. Almost immediately BB started to jerk his dick violently. Leather removed hbis boot and BB fell to the floor, burying his face in Leatherís codpiece, lick, lick, lick. Leather grabbed him by the curly hair - "Pull it off - with your teeth!" BBís treeth latched on to the studs and with some effort managed to pull the codpiece away from its snaps. A gigantic, semi-tumescent dick fell out, BB gasped and strated to suck its magnificence. But Leather leaned down and said "Later! Now you will do as you were told!" And he flung him across the loft to a gantry fastened between two pillars. He fell to his knees. "Get up and stop snivelling! You donít deserve what youíve get coming to you!"

"Oh sir, I do, I do!" The magnificent BB cried. "Then fasten those leg cuffs to your ankles!" The chains attached were pulled taught so that BBís legs were spread to the limit. Leather grabbed two cuffs dangling on their chains from the ceiling and fastened the arms above BBís head in a Vee. He was now pretty well-stretched, but if his legs were to give way heíd pull his arms out of their sockets, so Leather laced him into a complicated set of straps and chains which would support his waist and his weight from above if necesssary.

Now he was pretty well tautly stretched across the gantry, Leather allowed him another inhalation from the cigar. BB started to tremble and his great dick started to rise towards his pecs. Then a thin black leather thong, about 1/4 of an inch wide was wrapped three or four times round the root of his proud dick, pulled extremely tight, then tied to separate his balls from each other, then tied even tighter round the whole huge, purple and throbbing set of genitalia.

"Thatíll keep you nice and big and stop you from cumming until Iím ready for you."

Then two alligator tit clamps were fastened cruelly tight to BBís big nips, thongs attached and thrown over the bar where ball weights were attached: every time BB moved a muscle they would swing and accentuate the delicious pain he was feeling in his ever-hardening nips.

BB started to moan incoherently: "No - stop - give me more - canít bear it - yes, tighter, tighter! Please no - yesssss"

"Iím tired of all this noise - if you canít shut up, and obviously you canít, I have to do something about it."

A rather large cock-dildo gag was shoved in BBís mouth and strapped to the back of his neck. BBís desires ands complaints were reduced to a gurgle.

"Couple more more things to do and then Iím ready - "

A commercial replica of BBís own dick (on sale at Falcon), well-greased, is shoved mercilessly up his butt-chute, then Leather started to grease BBís well-known and magnificent physique with a special salve. This was something like the heady stuff competitors use to bring up their vascularity, but more potent. As it soaked into BBís skin, the aroma set his brain dancing - so did his muscles as they responded: veins leaped upall over his body and the magnificent muscles were forced to contract, bulge, relax indiscriminately all over his body, so he could never tell where it was going to hit next. A wonderful warmth enveloped him as the championship physique started to generate his heightened adrenalin.

At that point Leather started to flex his own huge slabs of meat, right under BBís nose. Huge, cleft biceps bulged within licking distance, then mighty slabs of striated pecs demanded the victimís tongue. He longed to get at those corded abs, flexing so invitingly, but theywer out of reach. He was being driven crazy with desire for actual contact with Leatherís muscle which was being kept so tantalizingly out of reach.

"If weíre going to give you a little more muscle eventually, your frame has to be ready to receive it, so I think a little stretching is in order."

He flicked a switch and the chains that kept BB in that Da Vinci position began to rack up, first lifting BB somewhat off the floor, then gently, then not so gently stretching his bones so they became subtly elongated. BB started to moan around the cock-gag, then his moans rose in pitch and volume as the sweat started to pour off his entire body, giving each muscle a heavenly sheen. The sweat reacted with the hot stuff so that his whole being heated to unmerciful degrees. His eyes started to bulge with pain and terror as Leather stood there flexing his outsize muscles, grinning up at his victim.

Eventually the racking stopped automatically, and the pain went with it, but not the tingling feeling all over his body and up his swollen dick. Leather started to run a leathered hand all over him, smoothing the sweat and the salve into every muscle and crevice: for BB it was hell and heaven combined as Leather stroked and squeezed him.

"Okay - think itís time to get going on you - Iím getting thirsty. Iím just going to attach some little electrodes to you to persuade your nuts to give me all youíve got."

BBís terrified eyes followed Leather as he wheeled an ominous-looking machine in his direction: dials, switches and cables, wires coiled on top.

"First Iíll just pump up your butt-plug so that it fits nice and tight and the embedded electrodes are really pressing into your joy-button" BB felt the said dildo swell until it was unbearably tight in his anus: half of him wanted it to get even bigger as he imagined Leatherís dick doing the same thing.

"These things are bi-polar so I have to add a few more to get the current flow really effective." He untied the thong round BBís dick which immediately started to pour out copious amounts of precum. Leather licked this off with a sweep of his tongue and then replaced it with a complicated cock-strap that went round the root and then round the nuts. He pulled it really tight so that BBís dick started to purple up again. Wires were attached.

He took two dollar-sized shining metal discs and held them up for BB to get a closer look.

"See these little gizmos? Iím going to replace the alligator clips with these. You see how the center opens when I squeeze the outside? When I release it, theyíll fit real nice and tight." He removed one alligator clip: blood rushed through the nip causing extreme pain and gag-filled yelps. Leather then pressed the disc close round the nip: as he released the edge it not only tightened round the nip excruciatingly but also inserted a tiny needle-electrode into the side of the inch-long nip. Screams from inside the gag.

"Now calm down! Itís just like being fucked for the first time - after a moment youíll love it." While he said this he deftly removed the other clip and attached the disc and needle. "Huh! You thought tops only had the left nip pierced, did you? Well, now youíre a bottom as well - and youíre going to love it! Think of the rewards!"

"Now, Iím going to clip this little nose gadget in here - and another in mine, so that you can receive an inhalation or two, automatically delivered to excite us both when I want it.

Just like amyl, only better! Itíll help to increase the muscle juice supply from us both, okay?"

While Leather was making all these attachments and adjustments BB started to consider what was going on in his own body. He always said he had never been fucked, but now his body was demanding it like crazy. For Gawdís sake, when would he get it? His stretched, heated, sweaty, abused muscles felt SOOOOO good - warm, swollen, pumped up - and his anus was aching for more excitement.

Suddenly a rush of vapor up his nostrils: "Big breath in, now.....and here it comes!" Both men were consumed by the heady rush of amyl: BBís great physique started to buck, screaming out from inside itself for fuck-release, while Leather was sent into a roaring muscle display as he violently jerked on his thick, 16 inch dick. BBís eyes were riveted on itís beer-can thickness, longing to feel it it side him. At the same time, the dildo started to swell and relax, swell and relax, each time getting bigger and tighter. How could he NOT cum? But the tight cockstrap prevented this.

Leather flicked a switch and hideous jolts of electricity started to leap through BBís cock, balls, chute and, worst (or best) of all, his nips. As the machineís hum became increasingly and demandingly louder, his pecs swelled to enormous proportions, veins rippling across them like snakes. Leather closed his fists on the thickness of the lower pecs and squeezed and squeezed and yelled obscenities while he was doing it.

"Never been fucked, you shit-hole? All you muscle-tops say that when secretly youíre longing for the guys in line with you to give you a good fucking gang-bang! Well next time maybe youíll get one! Now itís my turn!"

He knelt down and latched his lips around the crown of BBís swollen dickhead and started to nibble. Another amyl rush sent BB into ecstacy and caused Leather to swallow his dick whole, to the root. His tongue lapped round the stiff, veiny satin-covered sex tool, sucking the essence to its tip. Electricity started to pulse rapturously through BBís entire being as the pressure on his prostate and the demands of Leatherís tongue became deliciously, impossibly violent.

"Mnng-aargh-mnnpfomnggg" he shrieked through the gag as he pumped and pumped massive amounts of gism into Leatherís throat. Swallowing hard, Leather turned down the dials of the machine and the great hum grew less, quietly promising greater things to come (or cum).

"Not bad," Leather licked his luscious lips, "Not bad for a first taste. About a cupful, Iíd guess. Thatís little boy stuff - next time itíll be a pint, and the next - who knows? But, baby, Iíll be milking you dry till you canít cum for a month!"

Turning to the mirror he checked on the growth effect on his muscles - quite satisfactorily showing signs of improvement - as much as could be expected from only a cupfull.

He lowered BBís shining physique to floor level and began to detach the deliciously tortured limbs from their straps and chains. Before he quite released him, he pulled the dildo out with a large and violent plop!, then hoisted the almost inert bodybuilder over his shoulder and carried him to the other side of the machine where an interestingly shaped black leathered couch awaited him. It had a moon shaped hump in the middle and halfeway down the front there was a large dildo protuberance. First, Leather settled BBís butt firmly on to the dildo, pressing it down to maximum depth. The he started to remove the gag.

"I donít want a word out of you except to hear you begging for more of the same! Now lean back. The beautiful physique slumped backwards in the hump so that the body was arched to the ceiling. Leather then attached some kind of harness to the back of BBís head, settled his butt-hole over BBís face, then pulled straps tight across his own hips so that BB could not possibly remove his mouth from Leatherís sweaty ass-hole. Leather leaned forward towards BBís crotch.

"Dig that tongue in, boy! Let me feel what it can do! I know itís long enough so get working! If you want to get fucked, youíve got to make MY butt-hole feel real good!"

As BBís tongue set to work with a will, reaming out Leatherís wide open chute, running his tongue round it, fucking it with his tongue stiffened and curled, Leather increased the electricity charge and switched the inhalant to "maximum-continual" before he seized BBís dick in his demanding mouth. The couchís dildo started to pump in and out of BBís willing rectum - but when would he get the real thing from Leather? Every activity he was being out through only increased his desire for this leather-clad monster to extremes.

As Inhalant # 2 filled their minds and bodies with extremes of desire, both sets of muscles bucking and jerking, BB fastened his now-freed arms round Leatherís hard waist, rapturously feeling those obliques and armored abs; Leather started to EAT BBís dick, chewing, nipping, swallowing, tongue-lapping, fucking his own throat with mighty thrusts of his mighty neck muscles. The combo of electric charges and the new inhalant was causing BBís nuts to churn once again while he rammed his tongue up Leatherís backside. If this is what he had to do to get Leather to fuck him to hell, it was worth every precious moment of this paradisical activity.

It was harder for him to cum again so soon - the added time only served to heighten both mensí desires while the inhalant and prostate pressure generated power in BBís nuts and the muscular strength of Leatherís lips and throat muscles, working so hard on BBís now- massive dick.

Swollen, pumped-up sweaty, oily muscle rubbed against muscle, each bodypart rejoicing in the feel of the otherís huge muscularity. Finally, BBís productivity level could take no more and for several minutes this time he pumped and jetted huge gobs and streams of thick muscle-cum into Leatherís sucking mouth, streaming it down his throat in irreversible torrents.

"Better and better, but not finished yet, boy. These fuck muscles and yours have got a way to go before weíre both satisfied." He picked up the huge BB as if he was a baby and carried him over his head to a sort of incline bench where he laid him gently down, face up, so that his ginormous dick was purely vertical, throbbing in the breeze. Leather then stuffed a gob of the hot stuff up his own butthole and started to massage his now semi-tumescent dick with the same, hot-greased up hand. As the potent stuff started to take effect inside his chute, on his joy button, and on his now wildly throbbing dick the gisant muscle guy started to writhe and spasm, contracting every muscle in his huge body by turn. BB watched the already huge man reveling in further development of his muscles. At this amazingly horny sight, BB started to moan and to whack away at his dick.

"Donít do that!" yelled Leather - "I need it all!" And he straddled to bench at BBís waist and sat on BBís steel-hard dick which zoomed directly to its root, deeply embedded inside the leather-muscle god. As soon as his dick felt the effect of the hot stuff, BB started to yelp and writhe himself. "Shit, man! What are doing to me? Yeah, hotshot muscle guy, dig that hot dick deep, man! Squeeze those fucking butt muscle round my fuckpole, sucker! Make my dick FEEL it!"

Both these huge guys were bucking and writing, pumping and bulging as Leather squatted up and down at a rate only a pair of legs like his could achieve. After a few strokes BB started to ram his pelvis up against Leatherís huge, hard glutes while Leather squeezed his chute muscles as hard as he could on BBís pumping dick.

Leather: Is that all youíve got, you wimp? Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me! Here, take this!"

He pushed a switch on the machine and they both instantly received a heavy shot of inhalant and a full charge to all electrodes on dick, balls, and nips. The two of them went wild, crazy, yelling , roaring, fucking, squeezing, battering at each otherís huge pecs and bis until, finally, Leather silenced them both by mashing his mouth against BBís and stuffing his tongue down the fuckerís throat. This was too much for BB who came immediately. Leatherís ass was filled to overflowing: without cumming himself, he got off BBís dick, shoved his butt in BBís face and told him to lick up the overflow from his hole and his hams - "And donít swallow it!" Then he lapped up the considerable amount that had spilled on BBís cock and abs, flung himself on top of BB (so their pecs were grinding into each other) and spat his mouthload of cum into BBís mouth. They then swilled both lots round their mouths in a passionate sex kiss until Leather swallowed the lot, nearly taking BBís tongue with it.

Then he stood and ripped all the electrodes and sniffers off himself and turned to the huge mirror where his giant physique was perfectly spot lit. He hit a Most Muscular: his abs ripped across his torso in massive ropes, his pecs bulged and striated beyond belief and the cleft in his football sized bis beca,e a dark valley between the two enormous muscle heads. And, once again, as he flexed he grew. He stood up to his full six foot now 6 inch height, threw a double bi and BB could actually see them ballooning, peaking to an unbelievable bulging height. His quads grew so fast BB could actually see it happen: the leather of his chaps was forced to stretch so much that he could see every crevice and striation of those mighty thews. The leather got so thin that it looked as if Leather had sprayed a thin coat of Latex on himself. As Leather turned, grinning, to BB, he spread his lats so wide, so thock that it looked as if he could take off and fly. The lats thickened and thickened and the pecs rose and rose and the obliques bulged obscenely as they stretched down to grab each side of the crazy dick which was now reaching up into the cleavage of his pecs.

BB lay back, exhausted, unable to resist desperately jerking on his still shining stiff dick and squeezing his empty nutsack. "Shit!" he thought, "I give him all Iíve got and more and itís him who grows ad grows! When do I get mine?" Once again Leather seemed to read his thoughts from a distance. He turned his now quite unbelievable physique from the mirror and stood over BB and began to undo all the electrodes and sniffer.

"Iím taking all this shit off you now - you donít need it any more. It was only an aid anyway, just to give us a good time! Weíre so charged and Iím so full of you - as you can see - " flexing a big bi, - "And now youíre going to get the rest of what you came for. Ready? You might be surprised, but just relax into it all."

BBís heart began to bang in his chest as Leather pulled him up by the armpits: for a moment the two fucking huge muscle freaks stood as close to each other as two fucking huge muscle freaks can stand close to each other - Leather gathered both their hard throbbing dicks into one huge hand and gave them a few squeezing strokes while they stood staring into each otherís eyes - sky blue into black. BB was now nearly a head shorter than Leather and he couldnít wait to get even.

"Okay, Big Boss - so what happens now? I want to get big!"

Leather lifted a cupful of his own precum to BBís mouth - "Swallow this for a start."

Then he led the big Germanic blonde to a leather sling in the corner and shoved back into it. He seized BBís ankles and fastened them into loops on the front hangers of the sling. "Iím leaving your hands free so you can feel and play - unless youíd find it more exciting to be helpless?" BB considered this silently - both options had such possibilities - finally he decided heíd had enough of being tied up and anyway he wanted to feel Leatherís muscles whenever possible, especially if he was now going to receive what he was expecting. He told Leather so, who said, "Well, just this then." And he pulled a leather cockstrap tight round BBís root, and locked another on to himself. "Thisíll give us all we need".

He picked up a VERY large black dildo and moved to straddle BBís head between is leather second-skin thighs. "Jeez! Iíve been wanting to have my head squeezed between those leatherd-up quads all night. Squeeze hard - I can take it!"

"Really?" so he squeezed. BB moaned and groaned with pleasure as he moved his imprisoned cheeks as much as he could against the leather-covered muscle. It was just as well he was distracted as Leather rammed that dildo right up his raised butt in one stroke.

"Whoa!" yelled BB, "what the hell was that?" "The first of a few to get you sized up and ready for me. Want some amyl?" "Sure!"

Leather rammed the dildo in and out until he felt that BB had loosened up enough, then he stuck an inhaler bullet into one of BBís nostrils and left it there for the hapless Olympian to sniff aa he liked. He liked. More delighted groans as the dildo was pulled out and another, with several huge knobs, was stuffed in. As the knobs went in and out, his joy-button was attacked by a continuous salvo of unmentionable bulges up his chute. He had nothing left to cum (for a few days - or weeks) so the activity was both deliriously horny and passionately frustrating.

After a few minutes of this, the bullet was removed from one end and the dildo from the other. Leather now positioned himself between BBís raised knees. The twenty-inch dick (12" circumference) nudged its steely way into BBís butt. The hot stuff immediately attacked his chute muscles. By now he was used to that stuff and was able to turn the sensation to his advantage. His bass voice gurgled with pleasure. "Give it to me, Boss! Fuck me really hard - I can take it!"

"Says Mr. Never-been-fucked! Well, pig, this is it."

He rammed the huge invader deep into BBís being and at once started to punch it in and out. Even before BB was able to drawn breath to yell out his shock and delight, an amazing blue glow started to dance around Leather. It started at his crotch and quickly spread like ignited gasoline round his whole body. He started to sweat and grunt and, as he began to flex, each muscle emitted a kind of reverse lightning flash. Soon the blue light entered BB through his butthole and increased its effect with every ramming thrusting of Leatherís fuckpole.

Already in fuckstacy, BB felt his own muscles beginning to throb and grow. Like Leather, this started with his abs and spread downward to the quads and upward to the pecs. The 8-pack soon divided into a thickly-corded ten-pack, he could easily see what was happening to his glorious quads since they were strung up before him. The outer quads suddenly swept outwards into an improbably huge curve, the teardrops ballooned into bicep-size, he felt his butt raised as his glutes reached the most tempting proportions. His pecs swelled and swelled as he massaged them and groaned with delight; the pierced nips protruded and begged to be pierced again. He felt his delts widen even further and he could hardly reach across to feel them because his now-cleft bis were so thick that they were prevented by the new pecs from stretching so far.

Meanwhile, with BB in joyous muscle-delirium, Leather pumped and writhed his dick into him harder, faster, deeper. Both men started to yell as Leather approached climax some minutes later. Both men were bathed in the pulsing blue light emitting from Leatherís sex when Leather let out a roar loud enough to cause another earthquake in San Francisco: his muscle-cum jetted into BB with such force and to such an amount that BB began to choke on it as it started up his throat and into his mouth. As soon as Leather saw some on BBís lips he yelled at him to swallow hard!

Gradually, as the power-cum filled BB and emptied Leather, the blue light faded and Leather collapsed on top of the newly-bulging BB. "For Christís sake let my legs down, man!" Leather laughed, pulled his dick out and released BBís legs which immediately locked themselves round Leatherís huge chest and waist. "Now show me what youíve done to me, man!"

Leather helped him out of the sling but BB couldnít wait any longer - he bounded across the loft and stopped short as this new wonder-him confronted him in the mirror. Who WAS this new guy? It was clearly BB, but improved beyond belief. Not only was he hugely bigger (but still not quite as tall as Leather had become - or becum) but his proportions were vastly improved. His face had a new glow, more godlike and less brutish, his fair hair had a new sheen like burnished gold. His dick rose proudly towards his pecs, like Leatherís. He posed, bulging and flexing, twisting to try and see his newly-wide mighty back. Flexing his quads that were now better than any new-time Tom Platz.

As Leather loomed hugely beside him, BB asked "How the hell do you do this, you crazy guy?" "Thatís not for you to know." "But who ARE you?" "Also not for you to know." While BB spluttered and smirked, posed and preened, flexed and felt, Leather began to pour some different heady oil over the New Olympianís shoulders. Gently he started to smooth it into the burnished, swelling muscles - big muscles that needed soothing after all that activity. While he was attending to the quads and calves, BB was flexing hugely above him, in love with his new look, and hardy noticed when Leather gently sucked his dick into his mouth. As he squeezed with his lips, BB looked down: "Geex, Iím sorry thereís nothing left to give you man - Iíd give you anything for what youíve done for me."

Leather stood up, close. "You donít know the half of it yet, kid! I havenít just given you new muscle. Iíve given you some my "auraí , some of that blue light - even if you never see it again, itís there. It means that any guy, ANY guy, even the most straight and homophobe, will not be able to resist you if you lay it on him. But I warn you, what you give them if you fuck them will make them grow some too - and if they fuck you or you blow them, youíll get bigger yourself. So youíll have to learn to balance all this - especially since Iíve got my eye on that Italian guy whoís always your runner-up! If you donít organize your life properly, heíll soon be beating you!"

"That should make life interesting! And all thanks to you." He put his arms round Leather and kissed him. As he did so, Leather enfolded him and the blue light started to flicker round them again. Their tender thank-you embrace got hot, and soon those horny titans were at it again on the floor, writhing, wrestling, grabbing, groaning, sucking and rimming, all the time with their hands feeling out the fantastic muscle development of his opponent. Finally, when BB was trying to cum again, and Leather had cum again, with BB pinned underneath him, Leather sat up, licked up and swallowed his own cum - except for a handful he let BB suck up - and said:

"Well, it was fun, guy - better than I expected. Time to go now. Get up." He left the flabbergasted and frustrated Olympian monster and flung a pair of jeans and a shirt at him from a closet. "Youíll get a cab easy outside." "Wonít you ride me home - or let me ride?" "No - quite enough fun for one night - and not half as much as youíre going to have in the future, so be a good kid and GO!" "Jeez! Thatís what I always say when Iíve got tired of a trick after sex - are you feeling that about me?"

"No, Iím not, kid - I like you more than I should, but all good things have to come to an end. Besides, you can be thankful for all the new opportunities Iíve provided you with. You can never be me, but you can be your own Super-Self, in your own right, and with the World of Muscle to conquer - so go and get on with it!"

"But canít I see you again?"

"You never know - I swoop down when I need to fill my reserves. Who knows? You might find me collecting your closest competitor at the next bar one day!"

Grinning, BB sank down in the elevator, but never taking his eyes off Leather as long as he could see his face, then his abs, then that great dick waving goodbye at him, then those leather-clad thighs, then............

Leather sighed and turned towards the huge mirror where he looked with satisfaction at his newly-huge muscles, smoothing the remaining oils and cum into the best pecs in the world, flexing the best cleft double-headed gigantic bi - one more devastating Most Muscular. Then, squeezing one obscene nip, he jerked off. His huge body writhed in sensual delight and he jetted on to the big mirror. There was a flash of blue lightening and his image slowly faded into the mirror. A while later, the loft was as empty as it had been last week, but San Francisco, for many, many blocks around the loft, experienced unanimously heightened horniness: more cum was spilled that night in San Francisco than ....................... •

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