Rex and the Mad Scientists



By Musclebuff

As we went through the building, I began to get the feel of my new muscle in regular action. I felt the glory of muscle thrill through me and I couldnít stop flexing this bit and then that bit all the way to their bedroom. We got as far as the door where I stopped moving, catching sight of myself in a well-lit full-length mirror in the corridor. Only then did I really appreciate what Iíd got. I stood there, took a deep breath, felt one pec, and my abs with the other hand, shook my head in disbelief as I was filled with the intoxication of being BIG. Every muscle in my body thrilled with me and one hand went automatically to my big dick as I instinctively went into another Most Muscular. Zippís hand removed mine from my dick and led me into the bedroom.

Bedroom? You might have known these guys were scientists: there wasnít a thing in that room except a huge mattress on the floor and a few pillows. A couple of strategically placed spotlights illuminated the scene of action which was fully reflected in a mirror let into the ceiling over the mattress.

What followed was a tangle of muscle, dicks and tongues grasping and thrusting, demanding and receiving entrance. Full body contact, wrestling, plenty of oil. Grasping each otherís muscles, squeezing, stroking, fucking, sucking, cumming licking swallowing, kissing, looking, being active, being passive.

It was during this hot melee that I finally remembered, and felt, just how big these two guys were themselves. Then I really began to appreciate them and to enjoy their attentions on an equal footing. When we had finally cum enough, with every muscle pumped and buffed, we fell asleep in each otherís arms.

Well, a lot of that seems like old history now. One way and another we were pretty well-off as a group and paying the rent wasnít a problem. What was, was our inequality of size. I didnít want to go on being the Big One when they were both as hot or hotter than I was. So they were happy to accept my suggestion that I should learn all that was necessary from them to make it possible for each one to go through the process. As a result, we were a pretty huge trio.

Though we tried hard to find other suitable and worthy candidates for the process, they were few and far between, mainly thanks to the steroid problem (thanks, Mr Weider) and the usual undependability of bodybuilders as a whole. We never divulged the secrets of the Process and one day the guys will destroy their notes etc.: we couldnít face the idea of Washington getting hold of it for their own nefarious ends - and I was just a lucky I(and beautiful) freak as far as the rest of the world was concerned.. We were happy together: both the guys had other research to work on, more or less full time, and the rest of our time was spent in working out - one way or another.

My career in bodybuilding was, of course, sensational for a while. I beat them all out wherever I went. One thing I did achieve for the sport - setting myself as an example, there was a complete turnaround back to an appreciation of symmetry and style. Gone were the hopes of bulkers for bulkís sake. Of course I passed every drug test they could give me and gradually the steroid system disappeared over the years - except in football colleges. After a couple of years, I retired from competition at the old age of 27 to let others have a chance of the winnings. I kept myself on the scene with a big program of personal appearances, seminars and guest posing; I maintained my pro status as an IFBB member to enable all that but, as I was thankfully not on a Weider contract, I could more or less come and appear or disappear as I wished. All of which suited me just fine. I had a great time - in the gym, on stage, in bed, you name it. Arnold even called me his Big Brother and I started to stage Physique Contests on a lavish scale myself. Happy to say I changed the regular tacky presentation style of those shows quite formidably. I had my two Big Guys in Maine - what more could I want? What they had given me was the answer to a dream: I was as big or bigger and better than I - or anyone else - could dream.

I donít seem to get any older, I never have a dayís illness, and I have never lost the Glory and the Great Thrill of Big Muscle and I never will. •

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