Rex and the Mad Scientists



By Musclebuff

When I came to - a short while later - I felt both rested and excited. As I lay with my eyes shut, power seemed to throb through me. A touch on both biceps and a familiar pher-effect opened my eyes, to find the guys, still buck-naked, smiling down at me.

Matt: Well, guy, you came through it all with shining colors. We’re proud of you.

Zipp: How d’you feel?

Me: Wonderful.

I sat up. The equipment was all detached and presumably skied again. All that was left was the body suit which they were now stroking at the same time as they stroked their pretty massive dicks. I looked down at mine. Jeez! Some monster was protruding through the hole in the suit. About 16 inches long and VERY thick. And it was only semi-flaccid as yet. Through contemplating it soon brought it up to full strength as it poked up beyond my navel, almost to the level of my nips.

Nips! I could hardly see them below these gigantic mounds of muscle slabs called pecs.

Matt: Think it’s time he saw the results, Zipp?

Sure, said Zipp while stroking these new massive quads on his side of the bed. Pulling the hood back off my head, they helped me up. Darn it, I was a head taller than they were! Must be at least seven feet! They went with me towards the full-length mirror I had seen earlier. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It was a dream come true. Sexily swelling under the transparent sheen of the suit was the best of the N-bodies.

Matt: You look so fucking hot in that suit we thought we’d let you have a look at yourself in it before we had the pleasure of stripping it off you.

I want to keep it for future use, I said, as I proceeded to go through my most recent posing routine to see what it all looked like............ The guys couldn’t help but feel themselves up while I was indulging myself and my new build by doing this. I was going to have to reward them for all this pretty soon. (And I wanted a copy of that Chris D. video!)

Couldn’t yet believe this shimmering, condom-covered giant was me. I had to feel my pecs, my bis, my abs - oh! Those abs - my quads, before I could accept that this hot, horny guy was really me. My bis swelled to huge, SPLIT, dimensions as I double-bi’d into the mirror. Even as I flexed, they actually grew bigger and the snakelike veins bubbled across them. I licked the condom-like sheath over them and felt the split on my tongue, and the cord-like veins. Side tris brought out a massive and striated horseshoe under pulsing and pumpkin-sized delts, fully separated into their separate strands, while my hams and calves supported the whole like flexing pillars of marble.

I couldn’t get over what these muscles looked like in the transparent rubber - even though I wasn’t "in" to rubber. From side tris into side chest: I heard Zipp groan as the pecs swelled and swelled and the new long nips got steel hard at their points. I felt the muscle stretch, fill, until the rubber threatened to burst. But, as promised, it never would - just accentuated everything under it as the muscles flexed bigger and bigger. Front lat spread gave me wings I never thought possible: from the front they pulled the whole physique wider and wider; from the side they swept thickly down and in to the erectors. Even they were cut to ribbons and you could lay a thick finger (or dick) in between the muscle masses.

Then came the most muscular. First I correctly placed and flexed my quads and calves - quads that were miles bigger than Jay Cutler’s, but then I must have been nearly two heads taller than him now - then I crabbed my newly thickened traps over the pumpkin delts, crossed my flexed biceps over my crotch (with my dick, weeping gobbets of pre-cum, rearing up behind them) And finally, and climactically, flexed my new 10-pack abs to the extreme. Zipp let out a yell at that and came on the spot. I nearly did too. But Matt yelled, Jeez! Look at the striations on his big butt! It’s the most fuckable I’ve ever seen. And without a by-your-leave, he plunged his steel-hard rod through the butt hole in the suit and into my depths.

Don’t stop flexing! He yelled. He was looking at my front view in the mirror while he was fucking me from behind. Zipp did a knee-slide to my front side and slammed my engorged dick as far down my throat as he could manage. That was pretty far, in spite of its size. All I needed now was one down my throat as I flexed and gasped and flexed and gasped again as the two guys pumped in and out of me as hard as they could. Matt yelled and grabbed at my orange-sized nuts as he made a final ram-thrust into me and I came simultaneously and massively down Zipp’s throat.

While he still had his dick up me, Matt started to peel the suit off me from the huge shoulders down to the ab-armored narrow waist where it draped over Zipp’s still-sucking frame. Then they both came off or out of me and peeled the legs down.

Now I was buck naked like them, still shining with the oil they had put on me all those hours ago, now mixed with sweat and testosterone. I still couldn’t take my eyes off the giant in the mirror, nor could I keep my hands off his constantly swelling, flexing muscles.

Zipp to Matt: I guess he’s still in shock.

So am I, said Matt, and so are you. I never thought it could go as far as this. We’re both going to have to reconsider our future -

Still locked in admiration of my beautiful N-physique I said: No, we’re ALL going to have to reconsider our futures. And reconsider them together.

He’s right, Matt, said Zipp.

How can I thank you guys for all this? I asked, smoothing the oil on my pecs.

Zipp: Don’t worry - we’ll find a way. But for now, the bedroom calls us - all three. •

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