Rex and the Mad Scientists

The Procedure (2)


By Musclebuff

Whatever theyíd put in my "breakfast", I was feeling as high as a kite and what happened now only increased that pleasurable, horny feeling. There was a gentle shimmering vibration over my whole body. The large TV monitor was filled with abstract, gently moving swirls of ever-changing colors which only increased to feeling of being stoned. Then the fuck pole up my butt-hole started to activate. Ever so slowly at first, gently in and out, rubbing sweetly against my prostate. The rubber "cock ring" started to squeeze, relax, squeeze, and some kind of sleeve started to slip slowly up and down my dick as it grew harder and harder. The harder it grew, the fuck pole seemed to swell more and more until I felt more than completely filled. All this was gentle and beautiful at first - I wanted it never to end, but I guess that was not in Matt and Zippís plans for me. As I started to moan in ecstacy, the motions and pressures increased and, over a period of time, maybe five minutes, they steadily became more and more demanding - especially the milker.

Then I received a hit of something through the mask and immediately sensed a big, hard spirt of liquid up my ass: it seemed to cling on to the prostate for a moment, causing me to catch my breath, then soaked itself into my inner body. This process was repeated over and over again: each time it happened the fuck machine seemed to swell more and began to ram itself more and more insistently up my chute, and the milker squeezed harder as it ran up and down my own fuck pole which now felt swollen to bursting point.

Zipp: 45% assimilation, going well.

I fought to restrain myself from obeying the demands of the milker: I wanted this to go on for ever and didnít want to spoil it all by cumming so soon. I pressed the More button several times and was rewarded with even more intense feelings and activity.

Matt: Donít like the look of this dial. The crazy fool is trying to stop himself from cumming! Do something about it, Zipp!

I saw the handsome tough blonde head of Zipp swim into my vision against the colors on the screen.

Hey, fucker! Let go or youíll fuck it all up!

I groaned and shook my head. He leaned forward and siezed my right nip and twisted it unmercifully. Had he got to know me so well so soon? This has always been a switch point for me. He twisted it hard and went on squeezing. The combination of this and the nearness of his pheras did the trick. All the bells and whistles went off as I exploded mightily. Only then did he let go.

Good boy! Now just enjoy whatís coming to you and donít try to resist it, OK?

I neednít have worried about spoiling it all: the moment I came there was an almighty sucking feeling as the milker greedily emptied my nuts. It felt wonderful. There was an amazing all-over churning feeling as my butt was filled to bursting with short, sharp, jabs of squirting gism.

Zipp: Up to 65% assimilation and going well.

Matt: So letís prep him for the next phase.

Dials were turned, switches switched, and Rexís hum grew louder. Another hit. Then it felt like a thousand tiny needles - like "pins and needles" - started to cover my entire body, slowly emanating from my balls, through my cock, up into my abs, over my butt , up my back, into my pecs, down my quads and hams, across the delts and down into the bis and tris, until my whole body was reacting in ecstacy to this strange new sensation.

Zipp: Weíre preparing your skin for the inevitable expansion. Hold tight.

Another hit and my whole body started to spasm. The straps that held me down so gently began to tighten against my muscles involuntarily trying to break free. The condom suit started to feel tighter and tighter. It felt great. The needle stim to my cock began to get more insistent and I started to feel the need to cum again. Donít know how they did it, but the stroking milker tightened against the "needles" and demanded ejaculation. At the same time, the fuck pole started really ramming into me and I felt more and more gism being pumped into me. My whole body started to feel warm and saturated. The cock ring tightened again and my lower half from the abs downward bucked like a bronco as I erupted. But this time, there were continual eruptions which went on far longer than the normal few spurts of cum. I pressed the More button over and over again. It had all suddenly become super intense and no longer natural. I was yelling and moaning in ecstacy as my bound body thrashed around in ecstacy.

Zipp: 95% and weíre almost ready for Phase 2.

Matt: Heís taking it so well, letís give him a bit more and push him over the edge to a 100%.

Dials were violently twisted and I at once felt a supreme charge as if I and the 50 guys inside me were all coming at once. The fuck pole seemed to swell to enormous proportions as it siphoned buckets of muscle juice into me. The juice slowly soaked into me and everything calmed down for a bit as that warm feeling spread through me once again. The only thing that didnít relax was the cock-ring which gave one more squeeze, causing me to spurt mightily once again.

Both the guys came over.

Zipp: Feeling OK?

I nodded, speechless.

Matt: Not too exhausted?

Man, just give me more of the same and never stop!

Matt: The best is yet to come!

They both laid heir hands on me and gently stroked me all over. Those pheras had almost the same effect on me as everything Rex had done! I came and came again and again is a kind of calm ecstacy as they stroked and massaged every part of the body they could reach.

Guys, do one thing for me? Strip off while youíre working? I really need to see you in all your naked glory while this is going on. Iím hungry for you both.

Zipp: Sorry, we canít do that - maybe later, but to do it now would destroy your focus which weíve got to get back to the real reason youíre here, nice as the rest may be.

Matt: And anyway, feeling the eyes of your hot bod boring into us might destroy our focus!

Zipp: OK, so now weíre going to start the main phase. This is not going to be easy for you: weíll do everything we can to help you through it, but itís only fair to warn you that this is the dangerous and untested part. You ready?

Ready for anything, man. Just lay it on me - and keep my hand away from that panic button!

I could see them adjusting a few dials and re-plugging some circuits and cables etc from "my" equipment.

Zipp: Weíre going to hit you now with something that will feel good but will send you to sleep for a bit. While youíre out weíll start the process which will eventually wake you, as if you were waking into what we hope will be a very pleasant dream. We do this so that your whole body, libido and everything else is completely relaxed and unresistant to the continuing procedure.

Matt: Enjoy!

And I felt a massive hit that smelled partly of ozone, partly of amyl, partly of grass - whatever....... I dozed off and had beautiful dreams - at least I thought they were dreams. Great muscles swam into my vision, flexing, bulging more than was humanly possible. Cross-fading from one to another in a mish-mash of color and sound. Is this what LSD felt like? Donít know never tried it donít want to....

Duvallís bis...Strydoms delts.... Sarcevís abs..... Cutlerís quads..... Strydomís magnificent pecs.... Newmanís delts....... Colemanís bis..... Colemanís tris...... Paris perfection...... Benfatto perfection....... Francoisís amazing split bis...... On and on as I felt my own muscles answering each of theirs........ montage of biceps: Francois, Coleman, Duvall, on and on....... Then some huge dicks, erect, dripping pre-cum, spurting spontaneously like they do in Kristen Bjorn movies ....... Fuck sequences from the Link movies, back to muscles and dicks.

When the dicks started I felt my own responding massively and the milker got going again. Just as I was on the point of cumming the fuckpole started up insistently. Thatís when I realized I wasnít dreaming. All this was happening!

Mattís distant voice: Heís back with us - letís go!

Pecs blooming, swelling, growing on the monitor - at once my own started to contract sp hard it was all I could do not to press the Panic button. At first it was complete wrenching agony, then another hit of what was almost certainly amyl got to me and I started to revel in the ultra-contractions as my eyes (and dick) ate up the pecs on the screen. These now gave way to major morph pictures and some of Master Nís. Yeah! THATís what I want! Fucking big slabs of swelling pecs, fantastic shape, one inch nips pointing down to the ground, high upper pecs, thick on the outer slabs - bigger than Arnoldís any time!

I felt my own now swelling inside their rubber sheath, but my restraints stopped me from feeling them. Go on imagining them, said Zipp, then youíll get exactly what you want!

My whole chest was broadening to accept the new muscle. It felt huge - it felt great! Then I felt a demand from my delts to match in with the new pecs. The monitors obliged with close-ups of Strydomís and Newmanís and others. They were live shots so they moved and flexed inviting my mind to join them. Another hit as the contraction threatened. I felt my already melon-sized delts expand and could even imagine their striation as the fronts separated from the laterals from the rears. How could they ever get so big? I longed to ee them.

Soon, guy, soon! Promised Matt. Wait till youíve got the full package.

At once I felt the arms answering the delts and I "gave" myself a superior version of Francoisís amazing split bis - even bigger than Colemanís, and thatís saying something. But then, this was all something else. Once again my frame seemed to shift and stretch to accomodate the muscle.

Interlude, said Zippís voice which as usual, sent tremors all through me whenever he spoke.

However, "Interlude" didnít mean Time Out. The milker and fuck-pole got going again, and once more I was sent over the moon as I was fucked and filled and sucked and milked a few more times. Each time, the "new" muscle responded by flexing, or tensing as much as my bonds would allow. Later on, I was to see a video of the whole procedure, focussed on my thrashing, pulsing, GROWING bod. It was almost as much a turn-on as having it happen. (Especially as Matt and Zipp were double-fucking me at the time of viewing: my new butt-hole could easily accommodate both their pricks with the greatest of pleasure - but that was all in the future).

New assimilation complete - we can continue.

The throbbing in my pecs, delts and arms was answered by a tingling in my back, neck and traps as I watched a melting procession of spreading lats on the screen. The only morphed back I could remember was Benfattoís which obligingly appeared on the screen. Mr N never provides back views unfortunately, so imagination set to work once the hideous contractions were dulled by the gas in my brain. Under the rear delts the rhomboids responded first, swelling to the same size as I imagined my rear delts were. The sensation continued into the thickening of the lats under my arms, a feeling that suddenly swept down to my lower back as the lower lats responded to the upper ones. I felt the spinal erectors stiffen and thicken like hauser ropes and my whole back throbbed as my rib-cage expanded to fit. Now my whole upper torso was fitted with new muscle and new growth and every muscle on throbbed hard in synergistic sympathy, compressed by my suit. Amazing feeling of power! I yelled and tried to break through my bonds in Hulk-like ecstacy. But Rex wasnít having this and he responded with a massive extra-swollen mighty ramming into my butt, causing an extra massive spurt from my cock which was greedily sucked out by the m ilker.

Matt: Well done, guy. Pause for relaxation before we deal with your lower half. As this involves your dick, prostate, and all internal power, as well as the abs which are their armor, and your legs which give you all your power support, we have to give you some time out and make a few more adjustments to the equipment.

Mine or yours?, I quipped. Probably all of them quite soon, said Matt, as he slapped my new pecs and almost got another ejaculation as a result.

Zipp: Weíll continue to feed you with the gism-concentrate but weíll calm down the machinery during this part of the process. When itís over, weíll enter the last phase which is easily the most demanding. But I can tell from all your reactions so far, youíll enjoy it all

more than before! Iím not going to spoil your enjoyment by telling you whatís going to happen, but I will say I can tell youíve come through the danger phase without any problems. "Rex" is very pleased with you!

Meanwhile, Matt had been making the adjustments, which included a considerable tightening of the internal rubber cock-ring and a few manual wrigglings of my lower half to make sure of the maximum contact with the prostate. He just enjoyed teasing me too much! Canít say I didnít enjoy it.

Matt: Wish you could see what youíve gotten so far, guy: youíd go crazy with desire for yourself. Itís as much as we can do to stop from jerking ourselves off!

Zipp: Stop teasing him, Matt, and get over here. We need to get going before that cock-ring cuts off his circulation!

Rexís humming had become almost inaudible during this interlude, now it increased considerably as some new kind of vapor found its way in to my mask.

Matt: Breathe deeply, guy! This is it!

And the whole machine started to churn. As promised, no milking or fucking just yet, but I could feel a continuous stream entering my butt and being soaked into the system. At the same a feed pipe which was in the corner of my mouth started to spray a tangy, salty, lemony viscous fluid onto my tongue and down into my throat. Definitely some kind of processed pre-cum. Swallowed it greedily. Yum.

Weíre going for the legs first, as the abs are connected to all your creative organs.

If youíve ever had post-workout cramps in your legs, youíll know what this felt like as mine contracted to the max. This I could see, more or less. The hit helped a bit as I saw my quads growing under the silky, transparent rubber sheath I lived in. First the outers, then the gracilis, finally the tear-drops and all the rest. The grooves between them all were deep, deep, as the muscles themselves separated and grew beyond belief. I could feel the hams going likewise. Jay Cutlerís were on the screen and I matched mine to his, only bigger! Then the agony of the calves as he turned to demo them. That almost brought me to the panic button but I guess the guys suddenly noticed what what going on and reacted with a further delicious hit. I never felt such power as I did now as my legs - complete - finally got to where I wanted them. As if in sympathy, I felt my glutes tense and swell in response. I wanted a great butt for more than one reason. Later on I found that I got it.

Now the climax - hold on, guy!!

The monitor showed a glorious and sexy parade of abs, tensing and flexing, 6-packs and ten-packs to choose from: I wanted 10, like the best of the N-men. My own abs started to contract, both the 6-packs and the obliques and the intercostals and serratus above them. I felt the contraction reach into the depths of my being. Then the magnificent feeling as I squirmed in delight began to spread towards the cock and balls. My whole body contracted as I watched that 10-pack develop under its silvery shimmering cover. The obliques swept invitingly down towards the scrotum.

I canít describe the feeling that then overcame me - it was quite unlike anything so far. Like the most massive fuck at both ends at the same time as being sucked and fucking too. My dick felt there couldnít be any more room for it inside the casing (which happily was big enough to accommodate an N-sized piece of equipment).

I was in sexual extremis. All my new bodyparts were rejoicing with my hugely increased libido.


I could hardly believe it, but on the screen came the video that Chris D. had had taken when he first fucked me. That was my first real red-letter day. This was the second. The camera was behind my head so it was seeing what I was seeing. That huge guy pulled me legs over his shoulders and inserted that GIANT dick into my anus, then pulled me hard to the edge of the bed so that he rammed himself into me to the max. He was in press-up position over me so that I could wrench on his giant slabs of pecs and huge nips or his melon-sized delts and bis and tris while he fucked me and kissed me as I had never been fucked and/or kissed before or since.

Even as he started to fuck me on the video, so Rex started up on me again, his thrusts exactly timed to Chrisís. As the rapes began, I felt my dick swell as I felt Chrisís swell in me as he hardened and lengthened even more. Rex copied him identically and satisfactorily. The milker got going just as Chris said he wanted me to feel me come as that would drive him crazy and leave me as wide open as he needed me. It wasnít difficult then and it wasnít difficult now. Only the milker insistently demanded more even after I had come two or three times and Chris (and Rex) was still driving into me like a road-rammer.

Once again I was in pig-heaven. I could even imagine holding onto Chrisís giant, hard, hard muscles, though my wrists were still bound to Rexís recliner. He suddenly got into a piston-fuck, faster, faster, harder, harder, deeper, deeper. Was I shouting that or was he just doing it? Who cared? - it was all happening. Suddenly, with a huge bull-roar, he came in me, and I came for him. He rested for only a moment then began again, slowly, insistently. Now he lay back and pulled me up so that I was sitting on his huge fucker, my legs astride his chest. Using all the power of my big quads I started to squat up and down on that fuck-pole, feeling its hugeness deep in my inner being. Rex couldnít rearrange us like that, but the video showed it all and I felt it all - thatís all that mattered.

Then Chris began thrusting up against my squatting movement. I couldnít believe he could get any deeper, but he did. I squirted all over him and stopped moving. I havenít finished with you yet, baby he said. Lean forward and kiss me. As our tongues mashed against each other and his fucked my throat, he reached out to grab a gigantic black dildo and proceeded to thrust it up his own butt, moaning his ecstacy down my throat and into my being. Then he picked up another and proceeded to thrust it up my chute alongside his own. I had never been so filled or stretched before, but I loved it. Rex obligingly replicated the second dildo by swelling to double his size. Swelling in fact until I told him it felt just like the experience with Chris. Now Chris thrust the dildos up us both at the same time as ramming me up and down on his two. All I lacked was something down my throat but my imagination amply supplied that.

We groaned and moaned ecstatically down each otherís throats as we neared yet another climax. Rex was improving the moment by inducing an electric throb up m y ass, shocking the prostate into further action. How many times had I come in the hours of this procedure? Multiple, I donít know. Each time felt better than the last and I was never exhausted nor empty of cum! This time was the best of the best - or almost. We came hugely and violently. But Chris wasnít finished yet. He pulled the dildo out of his butt, left mine in, pulled his dick out, pushed me back on the bed again, then sat on my still- massively engorged rod of steel - sat deep and heavily on me and flexed his sex muscles so I could feel them clench round my dick (Rex replicated). He pulled the condom off his huge organ and greased it up. Youíre big, he said, díyou mind me putting this up alongside yours? I didnít mind anything: the thought of fucking this magnificent muscle monster made me ready for anything he wanted. "This" was an electrified dildo such as I had only encountered in my forays in San Francisco. He turned up the power and we started to fuck, yet again.

Keep moving, he said, I want you to feel the one up your butt too while youíre fucking me.

I stole a quick look over at the guys and was gratified to see that they had stripped buck naked and were feeling each other up all over the place. Later they told me they had inserted similar equipment up their own asses and had electric cock straps round their dicks and nuts too. They were plugged into Rex so that they could simulate exactly what Chris and I were doing and feeling.

All through this Chris-experience I had been feeling my whole body gently expanding, adjusting, new muscles contracting, swelling, bulging, getting to know and appreciate each other.

Hold on to me, said Chris, here we go. I grabbed his mountainous pecs and as he started to thrust up and down on me, he posed - double bicep, lat spread, side chest, finally a series of most musculars which really got me, my dick and libido going 200%. I tensed the whole of my new body as I reared my pelvis up to fuck him as hard as he had fucked me. The harder I fucked, the more he roared as he posed for me.

Grab my dick and pump it! He roared. Make sure you cum exactly when I do!

I grabbed his huge greasy pole, feeling its massive size between my two hands, the thickness and pulsing power of the veins that ran up and across it. I tightened my grip. Harder!, he yelled. I squeezed that slippery, satiny sex-tree as hard as I could as I pumped its magnificence towards fulfilment. First he turned up the power on the dick that shared his hole with mine so that we both felt its throbbing demands, then he got one hand under me and started to pump my dildo in and out - his other hand pulled my head as close to his dick as it would go. Our moans and yells grew louder and more animal as we approached climax. Then with a scream of sexual joy he came, and I came, that dildo shoved deep, deep into me, and the two dicks up him, mine and the electric one, deep into him. He stuck a thumb in my mouth to open it wide and directed the hot never-ending stream of his muscle juice right down my throat. I drank it all greedily as it filled and overflowed my mouth and dribbled down my chin and neck and down onto my pecs, where Chris lapped his own cum up for himself.

Rex had managed to simulate all this so I was completely satisfied with this major experience and, finally, exhausted. I lay back as Chris and the video faded from view and passed out peacefully and gratefully. As I went, I distantly heard Zipp say, thatís what the rest of your life is going to be like, if you want it.

If this was Heaven, so be it. •

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