Rex and the Mad Scientists

The Procedure (1)


By Musclebuff

It didnít happen at their office, but in some crazy out-of-the-way spot up in Maine. Crazy out-of-the-way, maybe, but the place itself was as high tech as you can get. We flew up there and spent a comfortable evening walking about, eating and watching TV. And signing papers which would relieve them of any indemnity, whatever the result of the procedure might be. OK, so letís get on with it. And, next morning, we did.

At the office in NY they had taken samples of urine and blood and I had been allowed to cum ONCE the same day I made my decision, because they needed a sample of that too. The data of all that got plugged into the computer. I could hardly sleep that first night in Maine. At about midnight, Zipp came in with some potion to make me sleep as he didnít need me exhausted at the top of the show. I woke, fully refreshed and bounded down to breakfast.

Breakfast. Well, breakfast, if you counted a few pills and measured amounts of liquid nutrients out of sinister shaped bottles! After that - they now had their muscle-scrubs on - they rubbed me all over with some kind of depilatory (not the smelly Nair kind, thank God). They allowed me to do my own crotch and butt-crack as their pheramone-influenced hands would certainly have made me cum. Donít know why I didnít anyway, except from fear of wrecking my very own growth experiment. Then, we moved into the lab.


Talk about "Rex". There was a kind of white rubberized recliner, with a hole in the seat, and lots of hydraulic equipment to move it all about. That looked harmless enough. But the number of pipes and tubes and wires and attachments hanging over it and coming out of it, and the number of test-tubes and chromed containers would have scared off any patient in that Rex Drawing. The computer was already humming and there was a smell of ozone in the air. Matt and Zipp were clearly very high on all this, as excited as me, and now they put on their masks and caps and rubber gloves. That let me know the serious stuff was about to begin.

The first step was to rub me all over - and I mean ALL over - with some kind of aromatic oil. Then they let down from the ceiling this rubberized suit. This took about half an hour to get into with all three of us at it, pulling and tugging and smoothing. Iíve never been into runner or latex (Leather is another matter - the mix of muscle and leather is about as heady as you can get) But this one-piece silvery-black suit was something else. To begin with it was incredibly thin, thin as a condom - when it was on you could have seen every hair on my body - if there had been any. Secondly, as Zipp demonstrated, it was far more stretchable than any regular rubber suit would have been - enormous tensile strength, he said. Thirdly, it was a as sexy as hell. Matt pushed me towards a mirror to look - the fucking suit seemed to accentuate every striation of muscle on my body. My tongue fell out of my mouth as I felt around on my rubberized torso. I felt like cum-at-once great.

Matt yanked me back from the mirror yelling, Donít Cum! And shoved me towards Zipp who was openly feeling himself up as he looked at me and my muscle. The feeling I got from this combination of being stark-naked and coated in rubber, the suit slipping about on my oiled muscle was enough to make anyone cum. But we didnít.

Then there was a kind of tight-fitting vest added: to regulate your body temp and make sure you donít burn up or freeze! This was eventually fitted to a series of wires which were also going to monitor my heart beat, blood pressure and other functions.

Then came the fun part. Zipp pulled a kind of huge chrome dildo up through the hole in the reclinerís seat. He showed me the nozzle that went through the center of it. Weíll grease this up and then youíll sit on it till itís firmly embedded in your butt and pressing on your prostate. These containers are filled with gallons of processed gism that will be fed into you through this during the course of the procedure. This has been checked to be compatible with your DNA, and itís gonna be the chief source of the nutrients which are going to make you big. As big as youíve ever dreamed of. So, put up with it, shut up, and put it up you! Youíre gonna need some help, so weíll help you.

They placed it on the front of the recliner and fed it gently into my reluctant butt-hole. They both got their dicks out and whanged them, growing fast and veiny, into the palms of my hands. They both put their hands round my shoulders and started pushing me down. Iíve been fucked a lot (and fucked too) but this was something else. Holding on to their throbbing muscle-dicks helped. To begin with it was huge, then it was warm and softly throbbing. A mask was pulled down on to my face and Matt said, Breathe deep! Must have been some kind of amyl because I got such a charge from it that my butt welcomed that fucking mechanical fucker to the hilt in no time at all. And still they pushed down on my shoulders to make sure it was fully embedded.

Matt: OK, man, next step. This is the last time youíll be able to walk around for some hours Ďcos youíre going to be fastened into that chair.

First of all, he pulled up the hood of suit, fitted it around my head and chin, then fastened the chin piece somehow to the front of the suit so that it was fully bonded and I was fully enclosed in it - except for the hole at my butt, another at the root of my dick, and the one at my face that I guessed was soon going to be covered with the mask. Real Rex-time!

They maneuvered me back on to the seat so that I was finally reclining. Then they tipped me up so they could get underneath to seal the hole round that mechanical schlong they had filled me with. Zipp then pulled down from above a monstrous object which he proceeded to lock round the root of my dick and balls, first pushing them through a rubber hole (read cock-ring) which gripped me tight. A metal contraption was then locked round my dick which became both inflated and invisible.

Zipp: Weíll be milking your cum (feels great, man, I promise!) on several occasions during the hours of the procedure and mixing it with the semen-concentrate being fed into you. So you get to lose nothing, no matter how hard or how often you cum!

Then they strapped me into the chair. Ankles restrained wide apart, arms the same out to the side. One across my waist.

Zipp: This is to prevent you breaking loose or trying anything crazy when you get really involved. Itís for your own protection.

Matt: Now weíll admit that your "breakfast" contained quite a bit of enhanced stuff to keep you alert, painfree (man when those muscles get growing, you sure feel it!) And constantly horny. Think you can take it? He grinned.

Man, Iíll take anything you can give me - now or anytime!

Matt: Good boy!

Zipp: Leave him alone, Matt, and help me get this mask on him.

Back down from the ceiling came the inevitable mask, looking only slightly less formidable than the World War II type, attached as it was to many more pipes, tubes and cables. I could already hear the whoosh of oxygen as Zipp placed it over my face and used some method to bond it to the rubber suit.

Just as well Iím not claustrophobic.

Zipp: This is it man. Good luck. Have fun.

Matt: Thereís a panic button in the left arm of your seat, OK? Hope you wonít want to use it. On the other side thereís a "More" button if you want to intensify any sensations.

He engaged some levers, I got tipped back prone - felt really comfortable, welcomed and cocooned by the swelling covering of the seat. All the lights in the room went out except for a dimmish glow above me. I could hear Matt and Zipp quite clearly through earphones built into my headpiece. A TV monitor swung down in front of me and started to play the muscle and muscle-fuck movies that were to entertain and stimulate me during my "flight"of several hours. Just in case I should get bored. Fat chance.

"This is it, Paris." (thatís me) The guys had turned to "Rex", their computer, and a great humming began which gently vibrated through my whole being - especially in my dick and my butt-hole.. •

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