Behind Bars


By MuscleTeen


Aaron and his cellmate Josh were working out together when the message came through. Jake - one of Trent's runners told Aaron that Trent wanted to see him. "Now??", Aaron gasped as he pushed out his final rep on the bench. "Yep - NOW - and you better not keep him waiting - you know Trent", Jake said, eying up the pumped chest. Aaron was so sexy. Tossed blond hair, blue eyes - steel blue. Cute swimmer's bod, thin waist, decent chest - nice arms with unusually big bis - crafted bis. Nice and defined. Yeah - he could see why Trent was after this one. He liked teens and this guy was something special.

Aaron looked at Josh. He had been warned about this. Since he arrived in the prison two weeks ago, people had warned him about Trent. He likes young guys - watch out - he'll find you soon enough. When he arrived in the prison, he saw him - standing on one of the upper platforms in his guard's uniform - watching all the new inmates arrive. Josh rubbed Aaron's arm reassuringly. Be careful bud - he's dangerous. Just give him what he wants - you'll be fine. Aaron nodded a thanks but wasn't too keen. He pulled on a tee and followed the impatient Jake, who didn't want to get in trouble for taking so long. As they walked along the prison corridor, some guys looked out - saw Aaron following Jake and realised what was going on. "Take it easy man - just do as he asks", some of them said reassuringly. Or at least trying to reassure. Aaron was getting nervous now. Trent was one of the most notorious guards in the prison service. He ruled this prison with an iron fist - and huge cock - and no-one ever crossed him. All the guards obeyed him unquestioningly - he demanded that. No-one ever remembers anyone disobeying Trent. It simply wasn't done. It was rumoured that someone - a new prisoner who didn't know the scene - didn't do as he asked once - spent six months in sick-bay and was moved to another prison afterwards - but no-one knew if it was true - long time ago. Trent, in short - was not a guy to be fucked around.

Jake walked up to the double doors leading into the guards area. He knocked and held the door open for Aaron. As Aaron walked through, Jake disappeared. The room was large, few chairs and tables to one side - but the main feature was a whole lot of gym machines in the centre. It was here, that Trent and two of the guards were working out - at least Trent was working out - his minions were spotting him - one each side of the bar while he benched. Aaron stood there awkwardly. No-one seemed to know he was there. He got more nervous, watching Trent's massive chest rise and fall with each pump. Eventually, with a huge roar, he pushed out the last rep and slammed the bar into the rack. His servants stood back while he stood up - in awe of their man. This was the first time Aaron had faced Trent - and the man lived up to his name. He was huge. His pumped pecs measured 60" easily - massive mounds which hung from his torso. They twitched involuntarily as he stood there, blood rushing to feed the muscle. He looked ominous. He had jet black hair - cut tight - military buzz style. He had dark eyes and black stubble - just a day's worth but made his dark face look dangerous. His face looked hard - cruel almost - a man who'd seen a lot of pain - most of it inflicted by him. His traps flowed away from his neck to bowling ball shoulders - and in turn these led the eyes down to keg shaped arms - massive slabs for triceps, and huge softballs for biceps. His arms were pushed out by the most massive lats - thick and broad. They formed a sharp V down to a thin solid waist - fronted by a muscled sixpack. He wore a weights belt (could THAT back not take the weight??) and sweat pants - his thigh muscles seeming glued to the material. All over his torso, throbbing veins appeared and reappeared. The guy was of Olympian proportions.

Aaron couldn't take all this muscle in. He just kept looking up and down - gasping at the sheer size of this muscleman before him. Trent strode up to him - his thighs rolling around each other as he did. "Like what you see boy?", he said. His voice was dark and gravelly - matching everything about him. Aaron didn't know what to say. "Em- you wanted to see me Mr Trent?", he finally managed. He knew what was going to happen - let's just get it over with.

"Oh I wanted to see you alright - I've been watching you pretty boy. I like your type - I like to use my mass to show who's the boss - if you get me..." Aaron got him alright. he gulped. This guy's body was just amazing. Also, as Trent spoke, a huge snake-like piece of meat was growing in his tight pants. Trent raised his huge arm and reached out for Aaron. He massive hand went around the back of his neck. He pulled Aaron close - real close up to his chest. Aaron was facing the monstrous muscles now. He could smell the sweat - a mix of workout sweat and sex sweat - god this guy was muscular - and really fucking sexy. Maybe he wasn't so bad. Aaron wanted to feel the muscle - he just couldn't help it - it was so huge and so THERE - he had to reach up and touch it - feel the pumping muscles in his hands. Meanwhile Trent was using his other hand to massage his pec - grabbing the muscle in his huge hand and squeezing it tight - then flexing - all this right in Aaron's face. Aaron couldn't resist any longer. He raised his hands and put both his hands on Trent's other pec. God the raw power that they contained.

"Mmmmm, that's good boy - like what you feel? Like this fucking muscle - guy huh? Feel the muscles boy - feel the power" Aaron liked it a lot. He moved one hand over to Trent's other pec - one pec in each hand now - impossibly trying to hold these mounds. Aaron thought he would cum right there. He loved this guys muscle - his raw power. Trent stood back. He started some poses - most muscular, double bi, lat spread (jesus what lats). Aaron reached down and felt for his cock - it needed release bad. As Trent moved from pose to pose he would rub his hands along his muscles, across his chest, down his abs. He kept talking as he posed. "Yeah pretty boy - look at this amazing bod. See the power of these guns, fuck man - i'm so fucking strong - and horny too boy - watch me flex boy - worship my massive body"

Aaron couldn't help but stroke his cock there and then before the giant - the beautiful muscular monster. The two guards were obviously getting off on it too - they were assisting each other with each others erections...

Aaron kept jacking off - and came all over the floor. Trent finished posing.

"Good - I see you like muscle, pretty-boy". Aaron nodded greedily. Did he WHAT!!! Why don't you come back over here boy and relieve me of one large muscle. Trent started rubbing his cock with his long black baton that was lying beside him. He stroked between his legs - his cock tenting out the material hard now.

Aaron dived to the floor, kneeling in his own puddle of cum, and pulled down Trent's pants - with some difficulty over the huge thighs. The massive stell rod burst out - precum dripping from it. "Good boy take it - it's all yours", Trent purred. He put the baton behind Aaron's neck and used it to pull the teen onto his dick and hold him there. He held it as if it were handlebars, and rode the Aaronmobile as he was sucked. Aaron sucked as hard as he ever had - such was his state of ecstasy.

"Fuck boy that's good - you're doing a great job there - oh yeah - take it take it all. Good boy - you got me erect now - let's have some real fun"

With that Trent pulled Aaron of his cock and lifted him in the air. He turned him over and ripped off Aaron's shorts. Aaron - despite his hornyness, was not looking forward to this - he knew the size of the cock - and he knew the size of his ass - the two did not match. He was going to beg - but knew it would be no use. Trent decided what happened and if Trent wanted to stick his 10 incher up Aaron's bubble butt - so be it - He had decided.

And he did. He pushed the cock up Aaron's ass- deep into his inners - Aaron winced in pain - let out a few yelps. Trent groaned. "Oh yeah - fuck me, that's good pretty boy - that's real good. Now squeez that tight ass of yours." Aaron obeyed. He tried to tighten his muscles around the cock - but the rod of steel would not be surpressed. Trent stood up and with Aaron dangling from his cock, he moved his plaything up and down the massive shaft.

Aaron heard groans from the corner of the room as Trent's two guards came at this sight of raw muscular power. Trent reached around Aaron's body and grabbed hold of his cock, and squeezed it hard. "You like this muscle dick insode you yeah? Make you feel good to be pressed against all these muscles." Trent flexed his pecs hard into Aaron's back. Aaron spurted - as much as before - out towards the door. As he did the door opened.

"For fuck sake Trent, can you not keep that dick of yours under control. I asked you to get a volunteer, not fuck one". It was the prison warden. "Yes Mr Franks, I was just checking his size - you know before and after like". Trent's voice purred, but Aaron thouhgt he could just hear a note of disappointment. Mr Franks shook his head. "Well get him off you and let's get going. Dr. Hudson hasn't much time" Trent pushed a confused Aaron off his cock - rubbing him up and down a few times as he did - fuck him he was close to cumming.

"OK - let's get to business - do you FUCKS mind - you're paid to do a job here - not fucking wank all day". The warden was directing his ire at the two guards - who were both covered in cum. they quickly pulled up their pants and came over. Right pin him down and let's do this. I've golf at six.

Aaron didn't know what was happening. He asked the warden. The warden turned to him - his eyes blazing. "You shut the FUCK up you fucking piece of shit - do you fucking hear - or you will spend the next two fucking years in the fucking cellar"

Aaron got the message. The guards took him - one leg each, while Trent clamped his hands around his shoulders. They lifted him over to the table and held him down. aaron tried to struggle, but of course it was useless. Whatever about his legs, Trent was like a vice on his torso - there was no room for manoeuvre.

"Hey - what the hell is happening?", Aaron yelled. "Shut it pretty boy - they're going to do to you what they did to me - only stronger dose and more potent.", Trent held Aaron firm as he spoke.

Aaron couldn't believe it. No way - he didn't ant to be a freak - no fucking way - he liked muscle - but bigger than Trent - no way man. He struggled but it was no use.

"Technically that's correct", the doctor said. (Nerd - everyone in the room thought) "but this dose is much different to your one. A lot of research has gone in in the past ten years since your dose - our work was primitive at that stage - this formula is very advanced"

Trent wanted to deck the doc - who the fuck was he calling primitive - look at his fucking body man. However, he remained professional - for the time being - and held Aaron down. Aaron was sobbing now. "Please - you can't do this - this isn't right - I DON'T want this."

"Trent would you shut that fuck up so we can get on with this", the warden said. Trent used one of his massive hands to pin Aaron down by the chest, the other to cover his mouth. Aaron could hardly breathe with the force Trent was exerting on his chest. The doc found a vein in his arm and injected the syringe's contents. He pulled away, and smiled.

"There - all done - this'll be good. $100 million of research in that syringe - it better be good." The warden and the doc left - to discuss the warden's payment. The two guards and Trent released Aaron - who'd stopped struggling - was just lying there on the table sobbing.

After a while aaron sat up. He looked around - as if he'd almost forgotten where he was. He saw Trent, his bulk, his cuts his awesome body - yeah it was good. He felt his own pecs as he looked at Trent. Somehow he didn't seem afraid of him anymore.

"Yeah that's good", he said aloud as he felt his body all over, looking at Trent's size. He was getting hotter, he felt hot inside - his blood seemed warm - he could feel his veins burning through his body. He stood up, stumbled a little. "Hell man - you one SEXY dude", Aaron said. He felt drunk with lust. Trent was so massive and so sexy. As he massaged his pecs, he could feel his hands getting fuller - his pecs were growing in them. "Holy shot man - what the fuck?", Aaron said confused. His nipples were hard and piercing his hand as his pecs pushed out.

"You're lookin' good pretty boy", Trent said, reching down to his own cock and stroking at the sight of this beautiful teen growing before him.

"No man - i don't want to be big - fuckin' freak man", Aaron suddenly woke up as if from a dream - realising what was happening.

"No choice now dude", Trent said - as he watched Aaron's body expand before him. His delts pushed out - into round balls of muscle - but with deep straitions cutting through it - each of the three heads compoeting to be the largest.

"Fuck man - you're growing much faster than I did dude - fuckin' hell yeah - you're going to be HOT and HUGE!"

Aaron didn't know what to think. He knew he didn't want to be freaky - but hell he felt so good and look at his pecs now - they were fuckin' huge man - they were forming a huge shelf on his body - they just oozed power. The two guards were stroking themselves hard.

"Hey guys - like what you see - want pretty boy to flex for you?", Aaron said. He wanted to show this bod - this massive torso - huge lats - thick chest massive shoulders - man look at those bis - he pulled a double bi - one of the guards came - the sight of this huge teen getting off on his own body enough to make him cum. "Hell yeah I feel fucking sexy and fucking massive - look at this fucking body dude." Some of his cum landed on Aaron. "Hey man come over here and lick this off - come on man - lick this body - feel it's raw power." The guard didn't have to be asked twice and dived to the floor, eagerly licking the huge muscle.

"Man you are one hot dude", Trent said, close to cumming at the sight of the flexing teen. "Why don't you come over here man and feel this muscle - come on man I want you to feel my body - feel the power in me - cos I fuckin' feel so hot man - hell yeah - hot as anything dude."

Trent came over. Aaron shifted his massive leg to shift the guard who rolled off his massive thighs and fell to the floor, furiously jackin' to cum again. The two muscle guys embraced and hugged - their thick bis digging into each other as they did - the veins pulsing against each other's skin. They kissed for what seemed like forever, and Aaron turned Trent around. "Man you're going to be fucked up the ass by one hot stud" He pushed Trent over, and let his cock roll along Trent's butt. His cock had grown with his body - more so and was now 12 inches of erect boyhood - Aaron stroked it - lubing it with his precum. "Oh man this feels GOOD fuck yeah". He massaged his pecs with his precum, and then grabbed onto Trent's broad lats, and hopped on board. The two giants fucked together. The two guards watching this scene of muscle-love were in heaven. Aaron's body was still growing - as he fucked - and every so often he wqould pull up from Trent - and flex for them - showing his massive and growing muscles.

"Man I am going to be fucking huge - I am going to be a prison stud - wait til the guys get a load of this - no-one - NO-ONE will be safe in their cells!" With that the huge teen-stud flexed some more for his fans, enjoying the worshipping eyes that fell upon his greatness... •

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