Unexpected Muscle


By Turbo Muscle

My parents, since they both worked, retired early. They went to bed about 9:00 since they both had long commutes to work. I stayed up watching TV. About 9:45 I heard a gentle rapping on the front door. I must have jumped about a foot! I left the TV on to muffle the sound and went to the front door, I looked through the peephole, it was Jeff. He was wearing pajamas! I kid you not, they were obviously too small for him, all his muscles showed through the tight flannel and he was barefoot.

"John, John, let me in," he said. "I can't", I said, "The alarms on for all downstairs doors and windows." This was true, but it was basically a crock. I knew the codes and could disarm the system better than my parents. "Well, let me in your bedroom window, I'll climb up." "You'd never make it, it's a sheer brick wall, besides, my parents would hear us." This too was a crock, if Jeff had known where my bedroom was he'd know it too. Both my parents slept like logs and their bedroom was on the other side of the house from mine. Dave and I had basically trashed my room horsing around one sleepover and my parents never heard a thing. "Your parents put their light out half an hour ago, they're sound asleep by now." Jeff replied. Crap! He'd been waiting that long? "I'm sorry I can't risk it, maybe some other time, Jeff," I said. "OK, guess I'll go home," Jeff said. I saw him turn around and sneak through our back yard in the direction of his house.

I was trembling, "Why didn't I let him in?" I asked myself. I was just too freaked, my parents were home, I was still basically a confused kid who knew he liked guys but hadn't acted on it yet. I went back into the living room and watched TV for a while. I finally turned out the lights and headed upstairs around 10:15. I undressed and got into bed and turned out the light.

I lay awake in bed listening to the Art Bell show on the clock radio on my nightstand, still really confused. Jeff was so great! Why hadn't I let him in? Then I heard this strange sound, the best I can describe it is the sound your feet make in dry sand when you're walking on the beach, but a little louder, more gritty sounding than at the beach. I quickly turned off the radio went to the window that was beside the head of my bed and looked out, I couldn't see a damn thing. The sound had stopped. I went back to bed. The sound resumed, this was creepy... especially after listening to Art talk about ghosts and stuff. I waited a little longer than last time, I looked out again, nothing. I went back to bed, the sound didn't come back.

I relaxed a little, "Probably just some insomniac squirrel," I thought. Then I heard another sound, a crunching splintering sound, it was coming from the window. I turned the light on, stupid, now I couldn't see what was outside the window, just a large form. Then, with a "CRAACK" the lock on the window broke loose and the window opened up. Two muscular, pajama clad legs eased through the window, followed by the muscled torso and attractive blond head of Jeff! How the heck did he climb up the wall of the window? I was about to find out whether or not I wanted to... •

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