G, The


By Anonymous

First there was this buzzing. All around. No...coming closer, closer to my... head? Ants crawling over me... over my hands. No ants - only my hands. My hands. Hands. Feet. Shoulder hurts. Sticky. Wet. Suddenly, as a flash I see, a huge leg. I move, and it's like fire in my veins, and I see him, on his back, his arms spread on the floor, and his cock, full mast, jutting up, curved. What a good description, a curved mast. From this strange angle it looked like it reached the ceiling. His chest is huge, heaving what looked like a foot up and down, so high and wide I cannot see his face at all. I realize something is streaming down from my hair, and I move to touch it, and it's sticky. Cum. I rolled over onto my side, which gave me a better view, and I looked at him, genuinely surprised that he was still in one piece, although I knew the notion of him exploding was absurd, the last time I saw him he looked big enough for that to happen. And of course, he didn't look much smaller - it's amazing how the mind's eye works. If anything, from this angle he looked bigger. I just watched, until I decided I could crawl over. As I did I saw the remains of the cock-ring, and I knew it had made the pop as it snapped. As I moved closer, I saw that his cock, now softer only enough to hang a bit lower, nearer to his thigh, still dribbled cum in small gobs. I saw his fists twitch with his heartbeat, and then he moved one arm, as I came nearer, and pulled me in, so I ended up straddling him. He bent over, looking at me, panting, saying nothing, and lifted his cock straight over my back. I knew that in more than one way we were continuing where we left off, a month and a half earlier. I bent down, pushing my ass lower, so the shaft of his cock went into my asscrack. It bent the shaft - it was softer now, but only a little, and it came up over the back of my head. I lay myself on him, my lips ending up at the level of his eyes, and his around my throat, and I licked him first, and then kissed him, and I felt the huge weight of both his arms now around me, lifting me up a little, and then his lips on my chest. My hands were on his shoulders, which were so big that the surface they held to felt like it had no curvature, only large, hard lumps and bands under it. His huge chest supported me above his face, and I bobbed up and down as he breathed. I let my hands slide down, to his arms, and he let his slide down to my lower back, and then, they left my skin, and suddenly, my hands were in his, holding each other. He shifted a bit, and my balls and hard cock were pressed down by my abs and massaged by the huge ridges of his abs. I moaned in pleasure, and his hands left mine, I lifted myself up, my hands again on his pecs. His cock never left my back, and he started stroking its shaft and my back with one hand, and his other found it's way under mine, rubbing my cock into his abs, forcefully. I thought I would cum again that very moment, but he sensed it and eased the pressure. I squeezed his nipples and stroked his chest, and nuzzled the back of my neck into his huge cockhead, which made his whole body shudder. We looked each other straight in the eyes, sending each other an electric shock, and like a unit we came. I shot my second load over his abs, it rebound and sprayed my chest. I felt him jerk as he came, and I could feel the rush of his cum as it went through his python-sized shaft, and it shot right behind and over my head, spraying us both. The subsequent slower and smaller gushes ended oozing down my back, hot gobs leaving cooling trails. Our eyes never left their lock and that incredible sound was there again. As it faded, we started making each others face out in the mist, and then the world around intruded on us again. We stayed like that a while, and then I felt a warm serpent get unstuck from my back, and slap down on his thighs, and I slid down, feeling his balls under my ass, lifted enough just to touch them lightly, and feel his pubic hair grind against my own balls. Again, my hands ended in his, sprawled to the sides, but this time, our lips met, and then our tongues, and it was long and hot, and lovely.

After a long time, we untangled. I rolled down on the floor, my head nestled between his left armpit, his lat, his biceps and his pec. My body was pressed into his. We were all reeking, and sticky, but it didn't matter at all. He spoke first. "Don't take so long the next time". I didn't know what he meant. "I mean, coming back" he said, making it crystal clear. "This was incr..." I started saying, but he cut in. "Shhh... we don't have the words for it yet", and he was right. We could have had sex, or we could have stayed right here on the floor like this, or do anything as long as he was near, and I never would want it to end. I shifted, rolling to the side, so my thigh ended over his, lifted high by the size of it, and my body pressed into his side. My hand was again on his abs, which rose and fell slowly as he breathed. His hand soon encased mine. Our toes played with each other. He laughed. "So there wasn't an old fat man after all" he said, and I had to chuckle. "No" I answered "But there was a huge monster waiting right here and by the time I came back it got even bigger" Now it was his turn to rasp his raspy chuckle, making our hands bounce on his belly, and his chest felt like he was purring. I licked the side of his pec a little and then kissed him, and nibbled just a tad. "And it got this impossibly huge hard pole sticking out of it, waiting for me" I continued, and he laughed. I stroked his abs a bit, all sticky with my own cum, and then moved my other hand and tickled his side softly, which made him twitch only a bit. "It never did that before, I'm really curious how come it can now" I said, while he sighed. "And I want it" I finished. He almost burst out laughing, but I pinched the skin on his but. It wasn't a real pinch as he was so hard, and his skin so tight, I barely managed to get enough between my fingers, but that probably made it painful. He twitched, pinning my hand into the crevice between the top ridge of his abs and his pecs. "Hey... quit doing that" he said, sounding hurt, and I chuckled again, and kissed him. "Good food, plenty of exercise, rest, and a crazy idea" he said. "That's how the pole got there". "I want it, and I'll have it!" I said, playfully, but truthfully. "And how is a little cuddly thing like you going to make me... I mean this huge monster... give it up?" he asked, sniggering. "It is too big, anyway" he finished, stroking my forearm again, and touching my back with his fingers, although that pinned me to him, because his arm was so big. I couldn't have wished for more. "Maybe I...actually, the little cuddly..." I'll need to talk about that with him later! "...ah... thing has something to offer to the great hulking muscle-monster" I said, grabbing the ridges of his abs, in vain hope it would be at least slightly painful. But his hand slid away, and he shifted, which actually meant we both moved, and found my cock, now soft, but stirring in his huge hand. "Maybe it has... yes... I think it has" he said, fondling my nuts, my own cock surprising me by the quickness of it's response. My hand went down from his abs to his crotch, and soon found the root of his awakening cock. It was bigger around then I remembered it, and I felt a ridge of sorts. "What's with the cockring" I asked, realizing how it got there, and ending the wordplay. "It's for when I work out, so it stays hard" he answered, now tugging at my cock. Work out? Hard? I started imagining that and my cock went rock hard in a second. "Oooh, you're quick..." he said, surprise in his voice. Suddenly, he moved, and I moved with him. Then, I was kneeling, and he was on all fours, his ass right over my bobbing cock. I could feel his cock stirring on my thigh, and he extended it out to the side. He spat in his fist, and next it was between his glutes, which he brought apart by moving in such an arousing way I thought I'd cum right there. Amazingly I held on, probably because I already had cum twice, and he did the spitting thing again, and once more. I was still all clammy, but I got the hint and did the same, smearing my cock all over. Then, I held it and this time it was me that found his hole, and slowly eased the head inside, which made him moan, and lower himself, but I held out by pulling myself lower a bit, and I didn't go in completely. He was so tight! He rocked a little, and I put my hands on his back. It was so huge, the taper was even more incredible and I started pumping slowly, and he caught the rhythm himself, and I started squeezing the mounds his movement made on his back. He was so big that I couldn't reach his shoulders, because I'd have to bend enough to pull out from him, and it was the last thing I'd want. His innards shuddered with his enjoyment, and I could see his cock taking off, stiffening and growing. First it started straightening out, and I took it into one hand while my other still groped and stroked, and lifted it, bending it, while it was still pliable, over his back. It was so heavy already! And it was also long enough to reach around him and over him so I rubbed it into his back, which made him moan louder. I couldn't stop looking at the incredible expanse of his back, this huge sea of writhing muscle. "You are enormous" I said, and then the picture came of him, pumping up in the gym, his gigantic cock hard, and I started humping up and down like a maniac, feeling his cock becoming more rigid and larger, until I couldn't hold it any more without causing him discomfort, so I bent it upwards, over his lat, and started stroking it, and his lat, which twitched and writhed as he moved. He almost shouted in ecstasy, and I felt his hole tighten, starting to convulse, but he held it off, and it became several small shudders, which made a huge amount of pre-cum gush out of his now almost completely rigid pole. I couldn't reach the head easily, it was wedged between the mountains of his lat and his triceps, but his bulging and writhing muscle took care of it more than adequately. Then, I felt another suppressed convulsion, which sent me into the realm of bliss. I shot, only a single shot, and then a few shudders, wincing, and then, I felt his ass clamp shut, his balls stir on my thighs, and I bent his cock backwards, so it's head came right into my mouth. It made him wince as I bent it, because it was so hard, and then shout, and I felt him loosen and then clamp even harder, so I thought my cock would explode inside of him. Then his cum hit me into the face, a shaft of thick hot liquid squirting from his piss slit, right before I could get my lips around it, but I didn't want to loose the next helping, and the next one after that, which I knew was coming, his innards cramping again. It had that salty-sweet almond tang again, and I sucked at it like a baby, lapping down barely in time, because it was like drinking, so large was the quantity. I was still at it as it started softening, and he just let his chest down on the floor, sighing. A little later, I felt my member ooze out of him, and I sprawled myself over his back, stroking his lats and arms, pushing my fingers into the numerous crevices between his bulging muscles. We must have stayed that way for minutes. Finally, I grabbed him around his waist and my hands went below, and found the root of his now almost soft cock and pulled it, with both hands, like one would pull a rope to get to it's end. He sighed, there was no doubt that he liked it. I could feel his heartbeat in it, pumping it into another erection. He seemed to be able to go on and on, but I was well spent, but not willing to give it up just yet. "O no you don't!" I said, and practically peeled myself off him, sweat and cum drenched, and coerced him to come to the bed by pulling on his member. "I want you and I'll have you" I said. I knew this was quite possibly dangerous, but he had done it once, what seemed only moments ago, but was in fact weeks, and I wanted him again. I grabbed his cock about 8 inches from the top, and squeezed both hands around it, to stop that part from engorging. Before either of us really knew what was happening, I rose my knees, and lying on my back, pushed him into me. It was like all my senses disconnected momentarily, except my hands and my hole trying to get the soft but still huge head of his cock into me, because that's what most of the 8 inches I had were. I winced in pain as the rim of it finally got past my sphincter, which convulsed uncontrollably, and I almost lost it then and there. He moaned and moaned in pleasure. I had stopped hearing my own moans and winces, and who knows what else, a long time ago. I just started pumping it in and out, and soon noticed he was setting the pace. I looked up and he held it by the root with one hand, while the other stroked his abs. The shaft was almost completely rigid now and so fucking long I probably could not reach him with my legs straight out to him. I could barely hold the pressure back, feeling painfully sweet pangs as the head passed somewhere over my prostate, and I thought I would start melting. Then, all of a sudden, he went into a full lat spread, big enough to eclipse the sun, and then went right into a double biceps pose, his lats staying spread. I almost bit my tongue in half looking at his waist bloom into his arms and shoulders by a completely continuous, and downright preposterous curve, going from his lats directly into the unbelievable triceps, to his elbows. And his biceps... I could only say 'Fuck...' which ended in a wince, as I felt my balls cramp in a totally unexpected orgasm, my cock not managing to attain full hardness, and I never even touched it. I lost it for a second, and lost my grip on his cock as well, and the pressure in his engorged cock expanded his cockhead in me until I thought it would rip me apart, but that only amplified the feeling of ecstasy, and I realised I must have been screaming aloud. Then I felt another burst of ecstatic pain. I must have blacked out for several seconds, and when I came to, he was bent over me, his hands on my shoulders. I heard his "Are you all right?" like it was far away. He was fast enough to realize what was happening and pulled himself out, but as he grabbed me, he had to push his cock which was rapidly attaining full erection, and now that was something entirely different from what I knew, right over my belly and chest, until the cockhead got up to my face. At that moment I came sufficiently to my wits. He shook me a bit and said a loud "Answer me, are you hurt?", and looked into him, not believing what I now held over my body. Instead of an answer my face became a picture of lust as I wrapped my hands over this bloated log of manflesh, and I was instantly in heaven. "Look at you... your cock is... it's bigger...it's enormous...how big is it?" I asked, stroking and trying to lick it. I could almost see a sigh of relief on his face. My touching seemed to be a good incentive for him, so he started tugging it back and forth a little, and I knew he was far from a climax and wanted to play some more. I suddenly realized that my own cock hurt me with another hardon, better late than never, and knew he was not the only one who wanted to play. "Get the cockring and the tape and you'll know in a minute" he said, rasping that chuckle of his again. "The usual place" he added, grinning. It took me a few seconds to realize, but then I remembered I was in a position to get my hands onto the shelf on the low wall, and soon enough, I felt the tape, and something else...yes, a strap of sorts. I grabbed both, never even trying to turn and look. Then I looked right back at him, enjoying the way the boulder size muscles moved under his skin, huge volumes threatening to rip it open. I extended my hand and he took the cock-ring, or rather strap, and deftly wrapped it around the base of his cock. The reaction was almost immediate - I could feel his rod stiffening. He moved a little, and I spread my legs so he could kneel over them. His left thigh ended between my thighs, and my left between his. It made his cock push upwards, and I started licking it, experimentally. I would extend my tongue as far as it would go and press my lips on it. He pushed it and pulled back, and the sweat and cum made it grind against my own cock, and slip all over my crotch, belly and chest, and under my tongue and lips. "Aaa...ah...careful, I want this to last" he whispered. In a matter of seconds I could feel it getting steel hard, unbendable, and so incredibly heavy. I was getting hot as a stove, and as for him - I could have felt the heat like it was radiating from a bonfire. His cock was so big before that if he had fucked me with it, he would kill me - and now it was much bigger, the head reached over my face, and his crotch still couldn't reach mine simply because his legs were so incredibly huge that I just couldn't spread mine so far in this position. "Oh shit... I'm getting so hard it hurts..." he moaned, and I tried pressing my fingers into his shaft, but it was like hot steel, and didn't budge even the slightest. The veins and lumps on it ground into my skin and I felt I was slowly going mad, as I tried to reach the cockhead which again attained the size of an elongated grapefruit, and was engorged so hard it felt under my tongue like a hot, disfigured glass ball. I couldn't get to the piss slit, and I got my lips along the ridge of the head instead, but left it be the second I heard his wince. I wanted this to last as well. I looked past the head of his cock which was in my direct view, towards his face, and saw an extended hand. "Give it... give it to me I feel like I'm going to burst any...second..." he winced, the last word had a inflection of urgency. I could feel it flexing, as he tried to pump more and more blood into it. I gave him one end of the tape which I still held in one hand. He stretched it to the root of his tree-trunk cock so forcefully, almost ripping it out of my hand, and I knew he was almost gone too far. I stretched the tape, it went and went. "Oh...my...oh shit..." I started mumbling and then almost shouting when I saw the number. I could not believe it, but that wasn't important anyway, I just wanted him. "Fuck... fuck my body, I want to stroke all of you with all of me...now!" I shouted, ripping the tape out of his hands, and let it fly to the floor, and started licking, stroking and massaging all of him I could reach, and he did the same, grinding my cock into his, and stroking himself, and with one mouth, one cock, four hands, and a whole upper body on and around his cock there was still to spare. He started pumping it up and down so fast I thought he'd ignite me into flames. I felt his huge, heavy balls over my thigh and I wanted to feel it all, have it all, all three and a half feet of his flesh, coupled to his enormous body, so huge it shamed any sexual image of a man that humankind ever invented. Then, time stood still for me and I felt like I was going to pass out, the orgasm was so strong and so different, I can only begin to describe it as burning. Somewhere before, who knows when, our eyes locked again, and it was like a tidal wave built between us, engulfed us and then rolled us over, a million times, finally depositing us in the warmth of our combined juices. I had never thought I could cum so much after so many times I already have, but he came in form of a torrent. When I came to I was all covered with his cum, and he had my own streaming down from his face, to his chin, down his throat, nestling a while in the chasm between his traps and his pecs, before again flowing downwards between them. He was kneeling, holding his balls with both hands, and then suddenly started falling towards me, but spread his arms and stopped himself just short of that. He was so huge, I was probably in a very real danger of being crushed, but I wanted so much to hold to him, to kiss him, that I would have believed it to be the ultimate form of being with him that moment, however strange it looked. But he knew what I wanted without us ever exchanging a word. He lowered himself, and I held myself to him, my legs around his leg, and my arms around his traps, because he was so huge that was the only place I could hold to - I couldn't by any stretch of my hands be able to reach around his chest. I hugged him, squeezing as strong as I could, and kissed him, and stroked him, and he held me, standing up. I felt his lips on my shoulder, my ear, my lips, and his arms around me, and all over me. I was completely spent, and it was such a delicious feeling.

I awoke to a feeling of moving, and then to sudden warmth. I must have dozed off, exhausted, and as I opened my eyes, I looked into him. He was lowering me into the tub, almost overflowing now with hot water. It was so wonderful a feeling, when you need to wind down, then just go for the best. We finally diverged into two separate beings. "Are you back with me?" he asked, smiling. "Oh...my god, you seem to be able to go on and on..." I answered. He just laughed. "And you wouldn't have it any other way" he concluded. We bathed each other. Again, I had the better part of that bargain. His body had attained size and shape which was a challenge to describe. About the only bones I could touch on his body were his wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. Everything else was muscle. It was so large that I could clearly trace every individual head, and more, even when he was totally relaxed. His shoulders were so wide, it must have been a lot more than a yard, and the deltoids were cut into three separate parts. They didn't simply bulge - they looked like they were extruded outwards, first rising up through his skin, not curving at all, forming very visible and hard edges, before they domed into bulges. Each head was cracked into separate fingers before it connected to his arm, traps, pecs and back, the heads colliding together like some incredible under-skin waterfall, forming a crevice. The muscle was so dense I had to press hard to get my fingers into those very crevices they formed. His traps were enormous, and the expanse they covered was wider than the shoulders of the largest man I ever saw before him. His chest was so deep that I could lean on it from above and quite possibly stand on it, and he wouldn't have to move his head out of the way at all. The pecs were separated into heads as well, and the crevice between them became a chasm so deep that I could really fit my palm in it sideways - I just had to try it, but I had to work at it long, soaping it, and he had to stay completely relaxed. His nipples were hidden somewhere, under the huge mass of the muscle, now that he was bent over and sitting in the tub. My hand disappeared between his pecs and only my thumb remained exposed. When he moved his arm only a little, my hand still between his pecs, I thought the tension would crush it. His abs were something I would not have been able to imagine, even knowing him beforehand. I must have took half an hour exploring them. Totally relaxed they looked ready to burst through his skin. The central line was so deep that you could only guess where his navel was. When he flexed them a bit for me, playing, they jutted out by inches, and all the channels they made between them became hairline cracks with almost a snap. He bent over a bit more, and they rose even higher, the top ridge almost reaching as far as his pecs. The lateral obliques were two bands, sticking out almost like some lesser man's lats. As I washed, he lifted his arms out of the water, and stretched them on the edge of the tub. It made his traps and shoulders lift up until I thought his head would sink into them, and his intercostals literally swung out like woven steel bars. His chest must have been... what? 85"? 90"? Even more? He was so big I couldn't even make guesses. "Oh man... oh... man, you are gigantic" I whispered. I had problems believing what I saw, and even what I touched. His forearms must have been the largest imaginable size. Muscles in them stood out as big as they would have on thighs. Towards his wrists, you could see the tendons, squeezing each other to get to his hand. And his upper arms were... just out of this world. How big were they? How much more than a yard around? His biceps was permanently divided into two heads. He held his arms bent only slightly, and they already bulged out in a maddening curve. When he twitched only a little they subdivided into bulging bands. I tried to squeeze them, and although totally relaxed, I could barely move them, was it because they were so hard, or simply so heavy? I could put both hands over his triceps that extended backwards, and I couldn't cover enough to need him to lift his arm! "Jesus Christ... I can't get over your arms... oh my... they must be over a yard around" I said. I still tried to move his biceps. "Well, more like pushing 40 inches..." he said. "My god, can you flex them fully at all, look at your forearm!" I said. He chuckled. "Well, it is a bit difficult, but here..." he said, and brought his right arm down, and a bit to the front..."goes nothing..." and flexed, slowly. If I hadn't cum who knows how many times already, I would have, now. This way I could feel my balls try cramp in vain, but still, it was like an electric shock. His biceps grew like a double-lobed balloon, and he ended up pushing his wrist into the crevice between the heads of it. The peak couldn't have bulged more upwards, so it bulged outwards. This time I could actually see his skin became distended, lightening as he flexed. I stroked it gingerly, afraid that it would burst if I was any rougher. And his triceps, oh man! It was as big, and bulged downwards, my mind had problems grasping the shape. I didn't even dare guess the size it attained, and didn't want to risk asking of fear he would tell me. His whole arm was so huge that the only place I could poke my finger at was down at his elbow, but even that was too small. He knew what I wanted and moved his forearm only slightly outwards. His biceps didn't get any smaller at all. I grabbed the opportunity and put both hands around it, his forearm between them, and squeezed as hard as I could, but it was hot, living diamond. I must have been at it for minutes, because I swear I could feel it getting a bit bigger as he regained some pump from the effort of flexing. "You like it?" he asked, and I nodded, lust in my eyes. "Maybe I'll make it grow some more". I struggled hard not to think what those words meant. I went through the same routine with his left arm, this time licking him a little and then kissing him. Then, it was time to move down again. He put his arms in the water, but lifted them up again, when I went to his lats, doing a half-submerged lat-spread, and my hands couldn't find end of the cloak of the masonry-thick muscular wall they created. I didn't ask a thing, I'd probably faint hearing the answer. "No wonder you are hiding, you'd have to run from all the cumshots coming your way if anyone saw you" I said, shaking my head. My hands were on his thigh. It was like a tree-trunk of some unimaginably huge and hard tree. He was totally relaxed, but his legs were spread out, and that meant that the muscle could go only up. Still they were so large they kept getting in each others way, even when he spread them outwards. And his calves were just... impossible. "No, it's actually because most of my clothes don't fit any more. I'm waiting for new ones to be delivered". "Well, if this goes on, then don't even bother" I said. "I'm taking it lightly now, I need to have some of the gym equipment fixed, or even replaced. I've... outgrown it" he said, thoughtfully "And I can't use some of it because of my cock". This made me feel a very strong sexual pang, remembering what he said earlier. "Come on, to me you look like you doubled in size, and I mean everything. OK, now you tell me what you've been up to while I was gone" I said, adding a whispered "I think I can take it now without drooling too much". "Doubled, huh? You wish!" he chuckled, twitching his thighs, which I still stroked... I mean washed, under the water. Even if he didn't really double in size I had no doubt he could. He gave me a friendly jab in the shoulder, which was like being hit by an incredibly slow locomotive - I knew he was controlling himself, but still he managed to move me some 4 inches to the right. I grabbed under water, and caught his cock, and found it was half-hard. It was pushed outwards by his thighs, together with balls the size of large oranges. My ministrations were having effect, and we both knew that - Although I was far from being unaffected, my whole crotch hurt and it was the only thing keeping me from jumping onto him, for better or for worse. "Hey, you're giving me that look again... and more..." he warned, and it took conscious effort not to go down that road. "We both need a bit of rest, and I feel kind of hungry" he said. I laughed aloud, but soon calmed down, because I felt it too. In about three minutes, we took care of ourselves and the bed, which looked very inviting right now. He went over to the kitchen, and mixed himself some supplement, again from a king size container, in fact this one looked even bigger than the last one I saw. "Want some?" he asked. I just wanted something to drink. I told him I had an airplane dinner. "It can only do you good - well, after all, it's probably the best supplement you can get" he said, "And, anyway, you seem to like the results of my using it". He made a large glass for me, and a pale... well, something that looked like a half-gallon pitcher for him. "Well, that's certainly not the result of this" I said, first pointing at the hose hanging from his crotch, and then to the glass he gave me. His cock was now finally soft, but that didn't prevent it from hanging down to the middle of his calves. I tried hard not to look at it with 'that look'. "Well, maybe it is, but mostly it's a result of a crazy idea" he explained, sipping, propped to the counter by one elbow. I was honestly expecting the counter to crack any second, but he was such a sight that I wouldn't let it bother me at all. "When I had the first workout after you left, I couldn't help remember THE workout, I mean with you. I kept getting hard every two minutes, and it was beginning to really get on my nerves, I usually concentrate very easily. It only made me lift more, but it was beginning to be really cumbersome with this thing' he pointed at his crotch 'extended before me'. He gulped several gulps down, and I sipped as well. It wasn't half bad - actually it tasted very good. 'Then, about halfway through, I was really into it and also fully hard, and I mean bursting hard. I just wouldn't let it bother me and went on and on, until I almost fainted' Now that was something I couldn't imagine, no matter how I tried. In fact the only pictures my imagination threw at me were of him, curling away with his cock full mast in front of him, so I refrained from imagining at all, because I didn't think I could take it. 'That was something really new, let me tell you - and then I got this crazy idea. Before, it was either fully hard or fully pumped' he continued, sipping nonchalantly, almost at the end of the pitcher already. It reminded me to continue with my own, and I did. It helped (or so I thought) to take my thoughts of that picture... which kept coming back into my mind. 'Well, then - my metabolism seems to be able to adapt to make me grow, so I thought - OK, adapt to this then - I want to be hard and pumped. So I'd put a cockring on to keep it hard or at least near enough, and... well, I adapted. Actually, over adapted it seems - I haven't grown this fast since I was 17, I think!' Listening to all this was like being grilled slowly over a sexual fire, but it did make sense. He was to say the least highly unusual, and his metabolism seemed to have gone into an over-adapting mode, his body probably got starved of blood. I looked at him, from toe to head. 'Stand up straight for me a bit, would you?' I asked - I had the distinct impression... 'Fine like this?' he said, straightening out, sucking in his belly, as much as that could apply considering the absolutely incredible shape his abs attained when he did it, and also bringing his chest out. It looked deep enough for him to tip over and fall on his face, and of course that was looking from the front. 'Yes...' I whispered, an thought 'My god!' The expanse of his pecs was big enough to serve dinner on. Just looking at him could make me cum, if I did it too long. And, it could also make me laugh, and cry and talk of anything, and I realized I wasn't looking skin-deep any more. But, that impression was back. "You... look taller... how tall are you?" "A hair over 6'6", but I haven't measured that...Ah, it must be years now." I couldn't help myself any more. I stepped nearer, and embraced him, as well as I could. I buried my face into the top of his pecs. I sighed, content, and I felt his arms around me, impossibly huge and strong, and so heavy, so reassuring. I felt his cock touching my leg, a spot no-one in this world but this giant muscle-god could reach that way. 'God... your cock is enormous' I whispered, 'It's grown' I went on, but he silenced me with a very tender kiss. Then he chuckled his raspy chuckle I wanted to hear so much during the last seven weeks. 'Well, it does get exercise as well, I guess... even more now that you are back... and it's still not dragging on the floor' he finished, and again, I felt his chest rumble like he was purring, that chuckle was there again. I was in a playful mood anyway, so I jabbed my hand below and caught him half around the base of his cock (my hand was too small for more), and pulled it a little. 'At least it doesn't when it's soft' I said, chuckling myself, remembering that first morning with him. 'Well, neither does it when it's hard, now' he said. I rose my eyes to meet his, wondering that the ceiling might become a limit for that. 'Prove it to me again then, my monster?' I said, but we both knew I wasn't up to that. 'Any time, but not right now. We both need a rest, cuddly' he said, chuckling again, and I squeezed his cock hard, whispering 'Cuddly, eh?' and he make-believe winced. 'Come on, let's hit the sack' he said, and we walked over, still touching, and stroking.

He lay down on his belly, stretching, and I lay beside him, switching off the lights. The air conditioning did a fine job of clearing the smells of sex, and now I could only feel his squeaky clean soap tang. 'Just you wait monster, I'll get to you in the morning' I said. He chuckled softly again, and sighed. We stayed that way about a minute, my arm over his. The soft light from outside made him barely visible in the darkness, a shape made of 6 hills, his head, his huge back, his ultra-tight ass, and his thighs, his calves and finally his heels. 'Don't you think you should be nearer?' he asked, and that moment I knew what was still missing. I rolled over, and sprawled over his back, my arms around him, feeling his huge body, warm under me, heaving as he breathed, and... then I knew how I missed him, and it was only seven weeks, so short a time. What was this thing we had for each other - it started as a cruel joke and... I remembered the time at the pool, and then when we parted. In a way it was cruel to both of us. And now? So strange, and unusual, out of billions we found each other, the most unlikely pair that ever was, and...and it was just right. For me. For him? He sighed then, so content a sigh as I have never heard, and I knew it was the same for him. How strange this, I thought, and then I knew of only one word that fitted: love. 'Victor...I...' I started, still unsure, and ashamed that I was. 'I know. I love you too' he whispered. I was so overcome, I felt my heart skip a beat, and I squeezed him harder, kissing his neck softly, and he nuzzled into me. Holding myself to that feeling, I drifted slowly to sleep, finally at rest, at the place I most wanted to be.

Life is strange, and wonderful. Our life together for the past months has been even more strange, and it was only fair it was even more wonderful. And it's getting even better. Of course, I did keep that promise about getting him in the morning, and not only that morning. Well, what would you do every time you woke up beside an enormous 650 pound (or maybe more?) muscleman you love, lying on his back sleeping, with a hardon arcing straight up, looking like it reached the ceiling? You have the best sex on this earth, that's what. And several times over at that. I think I'm getting better - you know, I think that supplement thing he takes works on me too, especially since he got me working out after I pulled a muscle really bad just trying to help him train (and more) in the gym. We made the pool a regular, and the times we go camping out are just fantastic, the summer sun on us oiling each other (again I had a better end of the bargain on that)... But I'm digressing again. I know you want to know - is he still growing? You bet. Too big? There's no such thing as too big. •

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