G, The


By Anonymous

I ran to the door of the swimming pool building. There was a truck on the deserted parking lot and I was sure it was his. I didn't exactly know what he had planned, but I did have some ideas. The door was locked by a padlock and chain of all things, so I couldn't open it more than a crack wide, and I was starting to get puzzled but then I remembered the key. Sure enough, it fitted perfectly. I managed to open the door and get in, and then close it and lock it after me, using the same chain and padlock from the inside. I was at the pool only once but I remembered the way, and besides, there was clearly a trail of bread crumbs in the form of lighted corridors. I soon ended up pool-side, and he was already sprawled on top of a towel. He lifted his head up and said "I thought I wrote: wear casual". I just had to laugh and he sniggered, rising to his feet. Surprisingly, he was wearing some sort of spandex-like shorts which clung to him like a second skin, which made his cock very visible, squeezed down his left pantleg, and barely at that. It had to be bent into an S-shape to fit. The shorts themselves looked like they were heat-shrunk onto him, heaven knows how he managed to put them on at all. I soon corrected my condition by stripping down to my slips and getting my towel from my bag. I spread it on the floor beside his, and as soon as I did he laughed out, scooped me off the floor and flung me into the pool with such force I must have flied to the middle of it before crashing into the water. I swam up to the surface of the cool water only to see him jump into the pool, again displaying those graceful movements so difficult to connect to his size. A perfect lunge, the water almost swallowed him with a sound which had more to do with a slurp than a splash. I could see him glide under the water, before the strange optics of the rippling surface made it impossible. I swam slowly to the other end, expecting him to surface any moment. I reached the side, gripped the edge and waited. And waited, and waited. I knew he was goofing around but it was becoming increasingly strange, so I popped my head under and looked, but I could not see him, the chlorine stinging my eyes. It was a long time since I last had a swim and it took some adjusting to see anything beyond a few yards. I swam slowly, looking around. All of a sudden, I saw a figure moving through the water with such speed, and then he surfaced, jumping off the bottom, which caused a small tsunami, moving me away from him just enough that he didn't crash into me. He surfaced, exhaling, the water streaming off his face and his shoulders. "Showoff" I said, and he smiled. There is something about muscle and water, they simply go together, and it multiplied the sheer pleasure of looking at him, how his shoulders and traps broke the surface like an island made of muscle. "You have gills stashed under those arms of yours?", I asked, while he swam slow strokes, backwards, getting further towards the middle of the pool, still looking at me. His exhaling and the subsequent rasping chuckle of his was clear and loud in the acoustics of the empty building. "Man you must have been under for minutes" I said. After all, that wasn't strange, the guy had such lung capacity he would probably have found living on the top of the Himalayas a minor nuisance. I swam towards him, but just as I could reach him, he lunged away, laughing. The water streamed over the muscle bulges of his back, like they were cascades. "We got this all for ourselves tonight?" I asked, looking around and then at him. "Some people owed me a favor" he answered, nodding. I looked at him, moving slowly towards him again, but he dived again, teasing me. No you're not, I thought, and dived to see where he went, and swam towards him, trying to get to him. Well, I would probably be a pretty rotten swim-team member, but you could still call me a good swimmer, and I tried my best. He would tease me, waving under water, and then surface, just continuing to swim if I was near enough. We must have been playing catch like little children for half an hour, because he would allow me to touch him first, and I even managed to get him by the traps, but he was slippery and damn, he was so big I just couldn't grab him well enough. I managed to do that once again, deciding to change the strategy and dunk him under, but he simply added a little force to his strokes and he supported himself and me, although I was pushing downwards, so that I practically ended up propped out of the water to my hips. He didn't budge at all. All of a sudden, he dived in, so I had to do some quick maneuvering, and a few seconds after that, while I was catching my breath, his shorts floated up to the surface. I almost breathed some water, laughing. All of a sudden he surfaced at the far end of the pool. "Hey, can you spell 'motivation'" he asked, and broke out laughing as well, but I was already on my way. It was really strenuous after last night, but that was no excuse. And he didn't even breathe harder, the freak! Just as I got there, he went towards me, a tactic I didn't expect, and then, just as I was upon him, turned, but I managed to grab him by his ankle, something which was still small enough for me to grab with one hand, but he lunged, and dunked me under, laughing, and got away. I could see his huge body writhe around, under the water, his legs slowly pumping. It was maddening to look at the size of them, even his swimming moves were different. His cock trailed after him, as he swam away slowly breast stroke, like a long tail of sorts, and I got an idea. I surfaced, panting, and stayed put until he started teasing, coming nearer when he saw I wasn't going to move. He breathed slowly, making bubbles in the water by submerging himself just keeping his eyes out, and I could see in them he was smiling. I slipped out of my swimsuit under water, and flung it at him, which he easily avoided, chuckling, and splashed his arm into the water, splashing me with enough water that I had to hold my breath. Then, I started slowly advancing, but of course, he saw what I was up to instantly, but continued to tease, as I knew he would, swimming backwards, slowly. Then, just as I was almost in reach, I lunged forwards as best I could, and grabbed, my hand slipping over him, down his abs, and then I had him, his hose slipping through my hand as I squeezed down, finally stopped by the huge head. As it went it stretched to the same outlandish dimension when hard, and thinned out. Needless to say it stopped him in his tracks and I practically crashed into him. He had a look of utter surprise on his face, but I let go and swam back, realizing that might have been painful. "Sorry, I didn't mean to..." I started saying, but he cut me off. "You do that again and I'll crumple you like a piece of paper" he said, but his eyes were telling me a totally different story. "You couldn't hurt a fly even if you wanted to" I said, still in the water. "Oh yes?" he said, and lunged himself into me with such force he practically plowed me over, catching me around the chest under water. I knew it was play so I didn't kick, but I felt his arms move, one around my shoulders and one around my ass, pressing me into him, and then we surfaced. I knew that if he wanted to he could really crumple me, and probably anything else anyone cared to name. He squeezed with such force I thought I could hear my spine crackle, but he knew the limits and besides, my face ended in those pecs of his, and I felt his crotch press into my belly, his cock between us, folded. We were both as shriveled as could be in the cool water and at that point it was a good thing we were. He lifted me outwards, going into a back-stroke, supporting both of us only by outward strokes of his thighs which he held apart. In a second we were at the edge of the pool. It was shallower there and we could both stand on the bottom. I noticed, wondering that I didn't before, that he was quite a bit taller than I thought, now that I managed to stand in front of him under... cooler circumstances. But that was no surprise, his proportions were so incredible they defied any guess at them. I stroked his pecs, and he held his arms under mine, grabbing me by my, especially for his standards, rudimentary lats. I went down a little, just brushing his nipples, and feeling the topmost ridge of his abs, before I found his intercostals, moving up, and then his lats. I slowly stroked them, as far up as I could, getting stuck between them and his triceps, not being able to reach his armpits at all. "You are so huge and so strong...God this sounds so stupid" I broke in a laugh, and so did he. "It's like out of a fifty cent love story" I said, repeating myself, in a high piping voice, which made us both laugh out loud before I could get to the fourth word. "Not that it isn't true" I said, looking him straight in those eyes of his, and his face. "And you're beautiful" I said. I held his lats, then moved my hands around his shoulders, as well as I could, and I wrapped my legs around his hips, and hugged as strong as I could, and he hugged me back, kissed me, and then we were both licking each other's face and ended sharing tongues. It lasted long, but so short compared to the lifetime I wanted it to last. "That was some trick you pulled" he said softly, stroking my back, gently. "I hope it didn't hurt, I didn't think..." I said, but he only smiled. "It was pretty rough fondling" he said, and I could see the laughter in his eyes well before he continued "I wouldn't like to stretch it even longer with out you to take care of it afterwards" he said, and sniggered his devilish laugh. With a painful pang I was reminded of tomorrow, and it was difficult to laugh with him. He must have seen it, as he stopped laughing. There was that strange shift in his eyes, and his face changed into a frown. "What's wrong?' he asked, as he stopped stroking my back. I weighted the answer for what looked like a small eternity. "Oh, nothing." I said, finally, but even I could hear the ring of a lie in my voice. He looked at me, and then said "Why do you lie?". His eyes bored into me. I averted mine, and the contact was broken. He let go, scooped his shorts which somehow floated to the edge, and mine which were already there, and threw them out near the towels. Then he lifted himself out of the water, with one smooth move, which made a play of incredible shapes under his skin. He ended up out of the pool, sitting on the edge, his feet in the water, and I couldn't help notice, his cockhead hanging over the ledge. He reached down and simply plucked me out of the water, lifting me by my armpits. There was no effort in it at all. He carried me right to my towel, and let me down. It was so strange, I didn't even move. I almost expected him to sit me on his enormous thigh and ask me to talk to daddy, but I knew it wasn't like that and the thought made me ashamed of myself. He sat on his towel, cross-legged, facing me. Up to now it was impossible to imagine how someone so huge could do that. His cock rested like a dormant serpent, in the little remaining space between his incredible calves and his crotch. "You are too old to behave like a baby and you know it, so I'm just going to sit here and let you do the talking" he said. I sighed. Three days ago, it would have been so easy to talk to anyone without any emotion at all about anything, but those three days were very special. I didn't really know anything about the man in front of me. The man, the ultra-man - but he was so big, so powerful, and I just knew he was so...good. There wasn't a bad hair on his head. After all, he was something so special, that all the insecurity all of us mere humans had, and all of the arrogance, and all of the hidden pain and the learned responses and complexes and frustrations were just not there. If you gave him a first glance, he was sex personified, and he knew it, he could have seen it in my eyes hundreds of times in the last three days, and before that as well, I was sure he did. And yet, looking at him now, he was so much more then that. I have never met anyone like this, and I probably never will again, and... when I go away? What I have been planning for a year as a holiday now lost all it's appeal, and became a major nuisance. For the life of me, I couldn't figure why I was here - when it could have been anyone else. If he wasn't so secretive, there would have been pilgrimages to this very spot. "Why did you pick me?" I asked. I was surprised at the loss of control in my voice. I felt like crying, but... men don't cry, do they? The huge building around us shrunk to a small space containing just him and me. "Because you made me see it's not easy being the man in the ivory tower" he said. "Now what kind of a stupid answer is that", I exploded, frustrated, "Next thing you are going to say you were all truthful and sincere just two days ago, Saturday night?". I realized I was getting furious only because of my own frustration, but it didn't stop me. "You could have had anyone, anyone! And you pulled that macho super-stud stunt on me, letting me think I was actually doing something for you, you could have got that thing of yours' and I pointed at his crotch, my finger shaking, 'up any time you fucking wanted to, and don't even try denying it. You don't need me, why would you need me?', I was almost crying now, 'Why are you so good to me, why am I here today when you could just dump me any day and...' My hands just fell to the ground, I had the feeling my soul was all black and dying. He started rising his hand to touch me, but I just lifted mine in a gesture to stop him. I felt a tear stream down my face and I wiped it down with the same hand. I calmed down in seconds, not being able to look him in the eye. God, I never lost it this way. "If you only knew how easy it would have been if the act stayed an act" he said, there was a subtle change in that godlike voice of his, it made me look at him. His face and eyes were a mask of sorrow such as I have never seen, it was impossible to connect with his figure, so much so that I laughed, but it was a painful laugh. It made his face change, understanding all over it. "You know, when I started growing" he said, "for a long time I thought it was a fit revenge for all those that kept teasing me as a kid. In no time at all I was so much bigger, stronger and I thought better than any of them, and it made me just go on and on. It's a feeling of domination, and it made me only want more and more. When I remember those days I'm not surprised people could not deal with me, I was really wild". "It was like the ugly duckling getting to be a swan, and then even more - soon even the swans looked like ugly ducklings compared to me. It didn't matter, I tried being ever more and more - bigger, stronger, faster, cleverer, better - or so I thought. Every time I'd look in the mirror I'd see someone who can be even bigger, and it made me... I jacked off so many times on that. In a way it's still like that today, but you know that. There used to be an insecurity phase as well - how would I know I was the best? When I was younger, I would go out nights, traveling far, and be a flasher for the night. The faces people would make in the alleys, they turned me on so much, I'd go on it for days, and it made me want still more and more of myself. Then, as I got more, I realized people would either run away, or at best do themselves and me, moaning 'You're the biggest' with such detachment, knowing it would be better to forget the whole thing and go on, thinking they were lucky I ever gave them an opportunity. It was like I wasn't real, because I was so unbelievable to them that I couldn't be. After that, it became pure curiosity - how far can I go, and that was also satisfying. I thought hell with them all, and went on". He sighed. "Then I saw you. Man you had a way of looking without looking! I could see the sizing up and the realization in your eyes, and then the shear lust, you knew exactly what you laid your eyes on, and after a long time I decided to play the game again - I thought you were the same as... And then, you thought I had a problem, and you wanted to solve it. First I thought it was so funny, and I wanted you to get the surprise of your life. But after all that, I realized you did it for me, as well as for yourself, and it turned me on so much, so you see, there was some truth in what I said". He paused a little. "Then, I realized that if your trick would have failed, you would have blamed only yourself. I was so shocked that someone would care for me, when everyone I knew thought I needed no care because I already had everything... the next morning I would have done anything... I didn't know how to get out of pretending, and Sunday morning you finally managed to corner me, but your own curiosity let me off the hook". "Then came the workout, and I got so high on that I felt like I was 18 again, and then after that up at my place, boy that was something... for the first time, I felt someone sleep in my bed with me, someone who wanted all of me, for what I am, who was warm and tender and... and... mine." "You asked me what that thing is I do with my eyes" he said, "but I really don't do anything much, no more than you do it. I guess it's the look of joy in me when I see you are enjoying me, and understand how I enjoy myself, and it makes me feel... it makes me feel I was made for someone, and I just want to give you more, it's fantastic and when I see that 'I know you, you're mine, I want all of you, I want more of you' look in your eyes, I..." he left the words hanging there for a while. "It's like sometimes you know me better than I know myself, and it's only been what - two days? I don't know if this made any sense to you, but I thought about it ever since you first asked", he said after a short pause. "For some reason we seem to be a pair". I was quite baffled, to say the least! This was really weird! He held me to him again, and I had no intention to stop him this time. He gave me one of his incredible hugs, his huge muscle almost enveloping me whole. "So, when are you leaving" he said, still holding me. He had shifted together with me and we were laying side by side, my hand on his abs. I explored them almost unconsciously, feeling the now dry skin, stretched over those incredible protruding cobblestones of muscle, tracing the almost invisible hair down the mid crevice that run to his crotch hair. "Tomorrow afternoon" I said, the sadness clearly evident in my voice. My hand still went up and down over his abs. "No doubt to some old fat guy with a gut like this" he said, and made his abs almost plop out of his skin, in a sort of weird reverse-flex which made a huge gut-like shape, large like a basketball, which looked it would rip his skin and drop out of his belly. "Jesus, don't do that!' I almost shouted, my hand still on it, but this was not a belly of a fat man, it was steel-hard muscle. "And why not?" he asked, now even exhaling as much as he could, which made the muscle seem to bulge even more. I looked at him, and he made a face, plumping his cheeks with air and trusting his lower lip outwards, in an imitation of a fat man, but it was so funny on him I almost choked trying to laugh, which in turn made him laugh, and that made his abs snap back into their cobblestone shape, rippling with his laughter, catching my fingers between them, they were so big. I jerked my hand away, saying "Aw!" and that made us laugh even more. All of a sudden, he took my towel, together with my bag, and scooped me up as well, and then his stuff. I had no choice than to just hang onto his incredible frame protesting, as he practically ran out to the lockers, carrying me. He let me down, took his bag which was stashed on a bench there and started putting clothes on, which was really something to watch. I continued putting on mine, but I never so much as wavered my gaze which stayed firmly glued to him. First, he fished out another pair of those spandex-like shorts. Now, I had time to notice they were completely open along one leg by a long zipper. He squeezed his right thigh into the normal leg, and then lifted up his cock in such a way I almost laughed out, but I realized it was a normal gesture for him, as normal as adjusting your nuts into briefs. He ended up zipping up the zipper, his behemoth cock stuffed along his left thigh in that S shape again, so the head would not protrude below his kneecap. Then came the shirt, which was more or less normal. I guess a T-shirt would also have to be modified to suit him, simply because he couldn't get his shoulders in it, and still have it taper properly to his waist. This was probably the reason why he wore a regular shirt, well, of sorts - considering his size and shape it really was highly irregular. Then came the jeans. This was a sight as well. Again, there was a long zipper running from about 5 inches from the right pantleg cuff up, along the inner side of the thigh, and then up over his crotch. Once he put those on, they still appeared baggy on his thighs, but almost lost the battle of bagginess on his calves. When he zipped them up, they looked pretty normal, considering. The telltale was the belt he had to use, because even with that strange cut his waist was still so small compared to the rest of him. Now that I knew about it, I could trace the outline of his cock, but the cut was pretty subtle, and even if you had the thought, without previous knowledge, you'd disregard it as simply impossible. I wondered who the tailor was and felt a pang of jealousy, which caught me well off-guard. He finished off with a jacket and it, at least, seemed normal, but of course, it could have doubled as a sleeping bag for me. For him it was tight in a strange, non-revealing way, which made him look even more sexy in clothes since I knew what they were hiding, especially as he was now looking at me, his face beaming. I barely resisted jumping onto him and just licking him all over.

In what seemed like seconds, we were in his truck, decided we'd pick up my car later, and on the way to his flat. The truck seemed cut out for him, but although I could fit well, someone of a bigger stature could not fit with him at the driver seat. That night, we didn't make love, but we cuddled and hugged and got to know each other in a totally different way - as friends. We talked, listened to music, or just were with each other. I wouldn't have had it any other way, and I know he wouldn't have as well. I will never forget that sleep-over, our naked bodies together in that bed, using nothing but each other for covers (although I was well aware I got a better bargain), warm, and so calming to be together for that short time that remained. No sex, but so sexual, so tender and understanding, and...loving?

The next day, he drove me to the big city, all the way to the airport. He certainly did get glances (to say the least), and when we finally parted, it was so strange, only a few words from him: "I..." and after a long pause "...you know where to find me". For what turned out to be over seven weeks, I thought so often about that single letter 'I', and regretted that I was the one not offering any words at all. There was so much to do, so many people to see and so many places to visit, it made me almost forget, but then, at night, it was so difficult to sleep at first, as the thoughts would be there, but then I had dreams of him, and sometimes they were good, sometimes troubled, and sometimes, they were...very sexual, to say the least. And, there were more hand-jobs I gave myself thinking of him, than I would have believed possible a month ago.

By the middle of my 'holiday' I felt I was over the hill, anticipating the day I would return, but still there was a pain there that sneaked up on me every time I'd be insecure of what I would find once I came back. I even called the 'G' once and got the manager, and then hung up after a few words that were essentially meaningless. I kept telling myself I could handle anything, but deep down I didn't really know what I would do if... but, I'm straying again. Finally, that day came, and I found myself at the airport, and in a phone-booth. I dialed up the number of the 'G'. After a few rings, I heard a 'hello?'. It was Greddy, the gym manager - thank heaven he was still there, the 'G' would close in a few minutes. "Oh hi, good thing you finally got here. The boss called earlier." My hopes went about 11 miles up! "What, Vi... the boss was there?" I asked, cursing inwardly at the slip of the tongue. "Nope. But you know how he is. In fact, no-one's seen him...well, pretty much since when you left or thereabouts. He called on the phone, damned if I remember when he did that the last time. He left a note for you...By the way, someone called Kelloway called earlier this week, he seems pretty anxious to get hold of you" Well, I knew what that meant, but it must have been the least important thing in the world right now. I heard him rummaging amongst the heap of magazines he always has lying on the desk. "Now where did I put the bloody thing... he said to himself, I could hear him rustle through his notebook. It held a list of the gym members and he'd usually have a check or note for me under my name. He leafed through it so damned slowly!!! Eventually he said: "Here, a note for you, he said you'd call... There's a note saying to tell you just 'The usual time', strange, but that's what he said." he said. The usual time? Yes, of course, 9:40, I remembered the first time in the gym!!! "OK, I'm kind of in a hurry here..." I started, getting really anxious to get there. It took little less than an hour and a half and it was getting near 8 PM already. "Whoa, what's the rush... I wanted to ask you - can you wield an arc welder, by chance? Someone managed to break a machine here and the big lat is bent as well, think you could look at it?" he asked. Now Victor, what in heavens name have you been up to? "Sorry, I have to go, see you later...". He must have heard the urgency in my voice because he trailed off a "When you have the time...".

The drive was a blur. I just know I found myself stepping out of the cab in front of my building. It was almost half past nine. As I struggled with my bags, I noticed my car was parked there, one promise kept. I found the keys and a letter in the letter box. The letter had no return address. I tore it open in anticipation, and there was a note in it, and a key. "My place. 21:40 sharp, wear nothing. And I mean it!" was written on it, and I thought my heart would leap out through my throat! I had no time to waste! I stuffed some clothes in my bag, although I knew full well I wont be needing them any time soon, and practically ran to the 'G', a hardon begging to get itself noticed through my jeans. When I finally got there, I went around to the back door, taking extra care that no-one sees me. Of course, the key opened the lock, and as soon as I got in and locked the door behind me, I stripped down, shivering in the cold corridor, and packed my clothes in the bag. I used the key to open the door to the stairway, and ran up, my cock bobbing. I thought it was too blatant, but when I came up the stairs, opened the door to Victors flat and got in, nothing in this world could have prepared me for the sight that was waiting there for me.

"Oh my..." I just let my breath escape and it came out that way. He was right out of the tub, and rubbing himself down, and he was just... unbelievable. We were both taken unawares, and there were two muffled noises as my bag and his towel fell down. "Hi..." he just said and looked at me, and there was that look in his eyes again in that set ecstatic shivers up my spine. "What..." I realized my throat was dry, and my head was spinning. "What in heavens name have you been doing" I asked, staring at him, but trying to remember if there was somewhere I could sit, before I fall down. Now he is... no - he used to be monstrously huge, and now... now I have no words! I knew it was his heavy day today, assuming he hadn't changed his schedule, so I expected he'd be fresh out of the gym and pumped. And he was pumped up to the max, but that was only on top of the fact that he was also so much bigger, to me he looked like he doubled in size - I wasn't even going to guess what he would weigh. Jesus Christ! He even looked taller - but I reminded myself it might have been an illusion because his shoulders, and his traps were bigger! I must have been mumbling something trying to find words now that the total scene managed to sink in. First of all, he was really a lot bigger, so much so that I could see a loss of range of movement, and even at his previous impossible size he was very flexible. But, the most outstanding change was in the shapes of his muscle, it was mind-boggling. To top all that, his cock looked as it was already half-hard, but as he moved it shuddered and I realized it was only an inkling of a hard-on, and yet his cockhead was dangling down below the...edges on his calves - there was no better description, his calves were so large that their shapes actually acquired edges, stretching the skin. And so were his shoulders, and his arms and his pecs... I was beginning to feel dizzy again, and I guess I just let myself fall on him. The next I knew my hands were all over him. "Aaahhhh...." he sighed, almost pressing into me, which didn't work well because his muscles were so hard that I could hardly feel I made a dent in them, even when pressing hard - and he wasn't flexing at all. My hands shot over him, and I tried to step back, to be able to see more of him at once, but I didn't do very good simply because I wasn't willing to trade sight for touch, and boy did I touch. "What have you done..." finally came out of me, but he was also stroking, me and himself, alternately. "Mmm...later" he said. He scooped me up again, like I weighted nothing and hugged me into his pecs, and I started licking him wherever I could, feeling that he was carrying me, his footsteps making me rub into him as they produced low thuds in the floor. He went on to the bed and the lights went on, and as he started lowering me, I feel something hot under my ass, and I look in the mirror. His cock was getting hard, and it wasn't merely trying to rise as before, it was rising, as unbelievable as it may have been. It was already as big as I ever saw it and it was twitching up, and getting harder, and bigger! "Oh shit...oh...fuck...you look like you're going to burst" I said, still stroking him, awkwardly as I was trying to look at the mirror, and at him, and at the floor, which I felt the soles of my feet suddenly touching. It was a strange feeling, I felt like I was suspended an inch above it, all my being was in my stroking hands. "No I'm not...not yet" he mumbled. I looked at the mirror again, and I almost fainted, seeing him move away, and then kneeling so his side was to the mirror, and I knew what would come next - my favorite. As he did that his cock never touched the ground, it had long ago attained what was full hard-on as I knew it, it's shape bent again into an upwards curve, skewed to the side, but then it went far beyond. I noticed then he was wearing some sort of cock-ring, and I asked "what's that", my hand moving to touch this tree-trunk of a manhood, but he whispered: "Don't touch or it will be all over fast". I stayed back, and watched as his yard-long cock became longer, thicker and harder, rising proudly upwards, while he started doing his thing, puffing himself up slowly. I was so hot I thought I would melt through the floor, and I knew this would be over soon no matter what. Deprived of touching him, I wanted to touch myself, and more, but I stopped myself in an attempt to make this last as long as possible. He had pumped himself up, and I mean all of himself - managing to get his cock hard, whatever that ment right now. I had no idea how this came to be, and I didn't care. His stance was such that his cock was jutting up at a 45 degree angle, and he held his arms to the side, and as he inhaled slowly, teasingly, already he was larger than ever before, all of him, and he was getting even bigger. He kept on inhaling more on every breath, and his cock was still twitching. He was looking into the mirror, and his face was flushed, but his pecs became higher and higher, and his breastbone was starting to poke out under them. I kept moaning, asking him for more, and he grew, inhaling, his chest expanding. His pecs were so pumped and when he flexed them in short twitches, they became all veiny and glistening with the sweat of exertion, and they were so huge they already stood straight out from him, but he continued on heaving, his hands groping the empty air as his enormous arms went up and down. I watched him, stroking my belly right over the root of my painfully hard shaft, making me feel ecstatic pangs in my head, I felt my own pre-cum ooze down my nuts which felt as someone hung weights off them. I thought I was going to burn up, but I held on. His cock was now visibly larger than before, and it was again all veiny and distended, and purplish red, except for the head which looked like a very elongated mushroom, or better still an elongated grapefruit, engorged until it had a dark purple-brown sheen. The shaft glistened, the skin stretched until the tissue underneath formed lumps all over, sweaty. Pre-cum gushed from the gaping piss-slit and oozed down the length of it, I could see a steady stream. I looked upwards, and saw him trembling, his face flushed. He could not move his head any more because his chin would get stuck in his pecs, a look of total abandon in his eyes, and still he was trying to suck in one more breath, his chest trying to rise even more in small jerks. His chest looked like it was going to rip open every time he did this but now it was bigger, wider, higher and puffed up more, and it looked like exploding any second. His lats jutting at the sides made it all look even bigger, and I could take no more, I started stroking myself, and I felt the first cramp in my balls, spraying his swollen chest with jizz, as I knew he wanted, and then, with a barely audible wince, he brought his arms up in a double biceps pose, and flexed his abs and his biceps all at once. All in the same instant I felt like I was cumming again, his abs became six huge bricks, rising his chest even more, I thought I could hear his ribs crackle, and his triceps became so huge that the bulges connected with his jutting lats, while his biceps went up to his fists and pushed them out of the way. For a moment everything stood still, and I remember thinking that he was really going to burst, split open down his largest chest possible all the way to the gaping piss slit on the largest cock possible, when I heard a sound like a faint pop, and then I went somewhere else. I had a feeling that all of me was shooting through my cock, and I felt a splash of something hot on me, and something hit me, and there was a roar like the sky was falling which became the tone of the largest imaginable pipe organ, with all the pipes at full blast. Everything was shaking, and all was white, and I had no body any more. It went on and on, becoming unbearable, and then, suddenly, it all stopped. •

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