By Muscle Head

I just got home from the gym and I can feel the fantastic pump in my arms and chest still. It's one of the most wonderful feelings in the world to have your arms pumped tight, the biceps feeling like their about to burst from the skin if it got any harder! It's almost as good as sex, though I'm afraid it's not quite that good. But it's always dependable. I've had some bad sex, but I've never had a bad pump!

I'll never forget the first time I felt the pump. I was 14 and had started going to the gym with a friend. We basically played around at first going from one station to the next with no real plan. We both talked about getting big muscles, but didn't really know where to start. One day we decided to really work our arms so we started curling the bar bell, preacher curls, tricep press, dumb bells, the whole thing. When we were through I felt the pump in my arms for the first time and could see that arms were bigger. My friend Sam also had a pump and I could see his arms bulging where before you couldn't see a muscle!

After that day I bought a book on beginning body building and we followed it as our bible. Every other day for the first year we followed the instructions, pushing our muscles to the max, getting a pump just about every time. I'll never forget the first time I felt my pecs pumped up. I had had pancake pecs, that is, you could see the nipple, you could see where they were supposed to be, but there was no decernable bump. But after bench pressing, being on the pec deck machine and doing several sets of dips I could actually see and feel my pecs for the first time. Looking in the mirror I could see that they were red and pumped!

That first year when I was 14 I put on about 17 lbs of muscle plus some height on my body. From having an arm that looked like a stick I now had a sizable bump there. When flexed it now measured around 14.5". My chest had been flat and skinny, my ribs standing out. Now I had some pecs showing, my ribs were hidden under muscle, my lats were beginning to really show. My back had really muscled up as had my legs. I had a flat stomach, but even with all the crunches we were doing, they were smooth.

When we were 15 one of the trainers at the gym started helping us. He had noticed we were coming regularlly and putting some real muscle on. He really pushed us to come in more and do some cardio in additon to the weights. After a month of that our abs began to show. We still had a layer of baby fat and that really took it off. We also began using weights in our crunches and he showed us how to use the ab machine. He also introduced us to supplements. My muscles really took off then.

I'll never forget one day at school I had a button up short sleeve shirt on size 15.5. Most of it hung tight on me except the sleeves.

The teacher had asked me and another guy to move her desk across the room. When I lifted it up I could feel the shirt really tighten around my arm as my muscle flexed from the load. By the time we were halfway there it was hurting. Just before I set the desk down my sleeves had torn! All the girls came over to see and asked me to make a muscle. It was the first time outside the gym or my bathroom at home that I had flexed my muscle before anyone. It sprang up looking like someone had put a softball under my skin! By this time my arm had grown to about 15.5".

When Sam and I turned 16 we had kept up our workouts with the trainer and were really getting big. With the supplements, plus our hormones really kicking in, and really pushing ourselves everytime we went to the gym our bodies were getting awesome!

By Christmas break that year, our arms had grown to 16", chest 44", waist 30" (with deep cut six packs!), our legs looked awesome as our quads and calves had really grown. The trainer put us in a teen age body building contest and we came in 2nd and 3rd. Our trainer said we looked better than the guy who won, but he was older and this was his last contest.

The first of the year, I'm afraid we got a little bit obnoxious with our bodies. Even though it was cold we were wearing muscle shirts so we could show off our arms, and wore them a size to small for us. You could clearly make out our six packs in the shirts!

Girls were constantly coming up feeling the muscles in our arms, guys asked to see them flexed. We also began to a bit bold sexually as well.

One day one of the senior girls grabbed me by the arm and directed me into one of the practice rooms in the band room. It was empty and she locked the door behind her. She stripped and began to kiss me on the mouth, soon I was naked too and she directed my hand to her pussy. I really didn't know what I was doing, but soon she was shivering all over, moaning. We laid down on the floor and she directed my big, hard cock to her pussy. I pushed in slowly, not believing this was happening. I felt something give, she gasped and then we started pumping. It turns out she was a virgin too. It was a great moment.

A couple of weeks later I had another encounter. This time at home.

Tim was one of the key football players on the team. He was always trying to get Sam and me to play. I wasn't all that interested. I was strong as an ox, had muscles everywhere, but had no desire to hit others in football. Tim had come up to my room and had taken off his shirt. He had a great body, though nothing compared to mine. He picked up a 50lb dumbell and began to curl. His bicep bulged under the weight and his veins really stood out. I started to get a hard on.

He looked over and noticed and changed arms. When he did I saw that he had a hard on as well. He put the weight down and flexed his arm and said "You flex too".

I did and both of us got even bigger. Without saying anything Tim came over, pulled down my sweat shorts and started playing with my dick. It was big and hard. Veins were running up and down. He put his mouth on my dick lightly licking it. I was going out of my head. Precum was dripping from the end. Tim lapped it up. Soon he had the whole thing in his mouth sucking for all it was worth. My head started spinning, I was rising and rising going out of my head! Soon I was almost screaming (thankfully no one was at home!) "I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!!!!" I shot out a load filling his mouth.

In a few minutes I was returning the favor.

I have kept up working out and found I can go both ways. It makes it easy having a buff hard, very muscular body.

I still love the pump after a workout. I can still feel it in my arms even now! •

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