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By Anonymous

I woke up to a feeling of something moving beneath me. Half-dazed I realized I was using his chest as a pillow and he moved under me. He moved away, and I heard him rise and walk away. Then there was a brief period of nothing when I drifted back to half-sleeping, and then I woke with a start The first thing I remember seeing when I opened my eyes to the gloom was him standing in front of the mirror. It turned out there was a closet behind it and he was taking out fresh towels. I could clearly feel the stains from yesterday on the bed sheets. It must have been past mid-day. He was stark naked. He turned to me and threw the towel at me. 'Care to have a bath?' he asked, smiling. The dark was being sliced by thin slits of sun squeezing through the closed blinds, which I hadn't even noticed from the outside, putting narrow bands of light over his body, showing tantalizing parts of it. In a band of light I could see his grin and the top of his pecs. As he moved the light exposed narrow, whirling slices of his body. He turned around and his whole face appeared in the light. God, he was beautiful. This play of light was maddening, describing impossible illusions when he moved with that incredible grace, so hard to connect with his huge body. It was like the world itself moved out of the way to adjust to his passage. I could see curves forming in the half-light as he moved, walking around, picking up the remains of yesterday. When he walked you could really feel the floor shake. He was so huge, so hard, but yet so fantastically agile. It is a difficult thing to describe - human knowledge only had to choose from mere humans in describing perfection, never knowing of something like him. Grace does not even begin to describe it, now that I think of it. His body in motion had the determination of time itself. It was powerful... and sexy beyond belief. I had all the invitation I needed. 'Just let me deal with the call of nature' I replied, and there was a chuckle from the gloom.

When I returned after locating what seemed like the only door in his apartment, he had opened the blinds halfway, exactly the proper illumination. He was still naked and walked over, no trace of any shame imposed by taboos of the society. They hardly applied to him anyway, I thought. 'Oh boy...' It escaped my mouth before I could stop it. He just looked at me inquisitively. 'Were you not...smaller?' I asked cautiously. It took a while for him to realize what I was getting at. There was no doubt his cock was flaccid but now it was longer, it looked almost as long as it was when hard, and it was slightly thicker than flaccid. Only some inches more and it would have reached his ankles. He looked down. 'I thought you would be the last person to complain...' he said. 'Morning high? Or maybe it gets bigger with exercise like the rest of me...' 'Well, I hope it still fits your underwear' I said. He just waved his hand. 'I don't wear any, but even if I did I wouldn't mind. Bit of a problem if it started dragging on the floor, but I know you wouldn't mind...' he answered. I chose to take that as a joke, but after last night I couldn't help wondering. It was quite painful getting out of the bed, in fact I felt every joint in my body. He went out, and that was a good reason to hurry it up.

When I finally located the bathroom, I found him already sprawled in the huge recessed tub. He beckoned me to join him - there was space, the tub looked more like a small pool. It was quite disorienting not to have walls in such a large place as his. But, there had to be some logic, after all - it was walled off right over where the showers were in the gym below. I stepped in. The water was surprisingly hot and it took me a few minutes to get used to it. Thank God for hot baths. He moved over a little, to make enough space for both of us. He still took up most of the space, and as the water soothed me out of the morning drowsiness, his body, soaking right next to mine, but not touching, took more and more of my attention. 'It seems the tub's too small' I said. He was looking at me, and I returned his gaze. He was breathing slowly, savoring the feeling of water on his skin. It made his huge chest heave and his abs twitch. His gaze was somehow soft, his eyes looked...relaxing. 'Man, you're monstrous...' I said, more to myself. My hand had already found its way up his abs and over his pecs. No matter how many times I did it, I couldn't get over stroking them, simply for their shape, bulging size too large for the skin over them. He sighed, approvingly. In a sudden fit of pique I embraced him around the chest, not managing to get my hands meet, although I could just feel I needed only a hair's width. He was really huge, probably close to 80 inches around the chest. My face was right in front of him, and I couldn't help but lick the crevice between his pecs. He flinched to the feel of my tongue, which made his pecs twitch and puff up, and then slowly relax, as I explored the bulges and cords that appeared under his skin, before they disappeared again. I could feel his slow heartbeat as my tongue went upwards, under his chin, and my hands downwards, exploring his back, and then up again. Before I could reach his shoulders, he moved and raised his arms. It made his lats which were already in the way spread out even more, and the large bands of his intercostals pop out through his skin like long narrow cobblestones. Reaching his upper back, I had new bulges to feel. My hands went down again and up his flanks, and then squeezed his jutting lats. I enjoyed every second of it. I looked him right in his eyes. 'What's this thing you do with your eyes?' I asked. He laughed which made his lats jump. He looked back at me. 'What, this?' he said, and then something happened, that strange subtle shift, but for a second it kept going and it was like I could feel I was glowing, a tingle in my spine, but then it stopped. It was such a surprise I realized I had stopped stroking him, and then I continued, gazes still locked. He grunted approvingly, but...it...was gone. He closed his eyes as he was enjoying it as much as I was.

He held his hands together and as I felt upwards, brought them behind his back. His biceps literally inflated themselves into balls of freaky flesh, and he wasn't even flexing. I felt them over, full, but hanging. They stretched his skin in patterns I never imagined possible. The water made his skin slippery, and I groped his still hanging football sized flesh madly, trying to get a hold onto it's too large bulk. The feeling was so maddeningly sexual that it made me completely forget about the two feet of his cock I could feel touching my leg. 'I'd be afraid to flex...' I whispered, more to myself. 'You mean like this?' he said and flexed his biceps. They jumped up, swelling, and in the position his arms were in, they looked even bigger than the night before. "Jesus!" I uttered, and started squeezing the huge ballooning gob of his biceps. That shape was maddening, it was just stronger than me. "One of these days you're gonna pump it too big..." He just laughed again. "There's no such thing as too big..." I looked at him. He's eyes were still closed. "So how big do you want to get?" I asked. He opened he's eyes and looked at me. "Just bigger..." he stood there watching. I could not help my imagination wander. Bigger? But, as I said, I was a believer - especially since proof was right here, under my squeezing hands. "Speaking of which, I think I'll need a hand..." he said, and looked down. So did I. It was blatantly obvious he was having a hard-on. He had spread his huge legs apart to make space for his cock to stretch freely over the bottom of the tub, and the water and soap foam could not hide that it already reached as far as his legs did. "I always wanted to know how big it really gets...' he said, conversationally. "Well, now you know. You're the biggest." I answered. He laughed that raspy laugh of his again. "I've known that since I was 14. Today it does not mean the same thing. I liked yesterday, and I'd like more of it." I just looked at him, not understanding, but his eyes were closed and he continued breathing, faster. I reached down his abs, under the water and held him around the base of his gigantic mantool. "Well, who am I to argue..." "No...I...You misunderstood..." he started, and then it dawned to me - I looked at him, surprised. 'You mean...' He nodded before I finished. "C'mon - you can't mean?! I just couldn't believe it! He wanted more of his own cock! He wanted it bigger! 'Ungrateful fucking - don't you think you've got it big enough, huh? How big do you want it then?' I was sure nothing could surprise me any more, but was I wrong! 'It is not what I want, it is what I have. It's what you want' he said, and closed his eyes. This was utter madness. And the most maddening thing was that I liked it! But too much is too much, I thought, and quickly uttered another word. It was supposed to cancel out the hypnotic suggestion from yesterday, but he only laughed. 'You're not that stupid and you know it' he just said, not even opening his eyes. I was beginning to get scared but then he opened his eyes and there was this look of...invulnerability and I knew that I couldn't have done nothing if he didn't let it be so.

'What are you doing?' I asked, but he only smiled. I let my hand search under water and found his pole. His hands were also under water, and I could feel him pumping his cock. I could clearly feel it getting a bit longer with every squeeze and then ebbing back. He obviously believed he could pump it even bigger! 'Careful, I don't want to come' he said. I could almost hear the rest of it in my head: 'there are some ways even I can't go'. The foam had dispersed somewhat. I propped myself up to look at his hose, I just could not help it. I could not get a clear view, or at least I made myself think I couldn't - I went down tracing his cock from his crotch and I thought I saw his foot. I didn't even bother looking further, and pulled the plug out.

'The tape's right there' he beckoned, and I noticed it in the soap holder I plunged my hand back into the water and found his clenched around the base of his cock. I wrapped mine around it, just over his. 'Yes, do it, pump it up... yes, more... come on...' - I realized it was me cheering him, I didn't recognize my own voice at first. Suddenly I realized that the swellings got larger and the ebbings smaller. He just continued pumping, but something was strange here. He must have been bigger already than yesterday and he was still not as hard. The fucking thing probably never distended to its maximum dimensions before yesterday, I thought, or he simply had more blood available since he hadn't pumped up his muscles. It must have been longer already and it was still growing! I let go and he shifted, ending up sitting on his heels with his knees apart. The water was still high and his crotch remained under the foam. I looked at him - with his pumping he could go on until...? 'Shit, what are you trying to do?' 'Damn it, I don't care if it bursts!' He growled, startling me 'Then make it burst you freak, I want to see that' I blurted out, and gave myself the fright of a lifetime! What was I saying?! I realized I was shaking. But it was not terminal fear, it was... terminal sex. He continued wheezing and pumping it up, and another me took and unwrapped the tape measure. The hot water helped circulation and this inflated his cock even further. I could now see his three-inch thick shaft slowly swell and slip over the bottom. As the water slowly drained and more of his body came clearly into view. He was holding both hands around the base of his cock. It looked as if he was holding a bent cannon shaft, which was getting exposed further and further as the water went down. 'Oh yeah... more...' I mumbled on. It was all skewed and bent, shiny stretched skin except several very visible discolorations that could only have been stretch marks. He was wincing. It must have been engorged to the point of pain. The water went down and suddenly it was all out. 'Oh my... fuck!' I managed to blurt out - I thought I would pass out! It was fucking impossible! He growled, panting. "I want you...to measure it when I come, I'll... hold off...I'll try...' I was at the end of the line anyway. 'Yeah...c'mon, flex it...' I hear myself saying, jacking mine off so fast I was cramping. 'Arghh... I'm...doing it...' he shouts, and I could not hold it off any more, the water had drained almost completely and I plugged it back with the last bit of consciousness I had. His grotesquely inflated meet stretched what looked as a yard in front of him. It was so big I was sure he couldn't reach to its head. Then I came. It was so violent and stuffed in such a very short time that I blacked out for a second. When I came to he was still in the same pose with his eyes shut, and I had my own cum dripping down my hair. I didn't make a sound. I took the measure as soon as I could. There was only an inch or so of water in the tub and I was sure he was about to come only by looking at himself, at his cock. He slowly stroked it, stretching as far as he could reach, with both hands. 'oohhh...look at me, I'm the fucking biggest...' he said. It was distended so much it had turned dark red and the head had an almost brown tone to it. The piss-slit was gaping open and the foreskin was stretched over six inches, making a lighter band of skin right below the head. The skin was in fact stretched so much it looked like glass and the skin of his crotch was pulled over the base of his cock so that the part with the little hair he had was around the base. 'Get ready' he hissed, and I stretched the tape beside it. Then he slowly went into that 'flex it all' pose. Cords of muscle showed up on his chest and arms, but I knew - he was actually posing, showing off his cock. The sight got me so hot that I thought I was going to burst in flames. He took it carefully around the base holding one end of the tape, and did something I'll remember for the rest of my life - he held it up with his left hand, and then pushed out his crotch, and did a one-armed biceps pose with his right, holding what looked like three feet of his impossibly bloated fuckmeat up in the air. I stumbled toward him and held it, and he went into a one-leg kneel, It looked like a huge sword of flesh, curving upwards, I had to stand up to get to the tip of his cock with the tape.

'I'm so big...I'm big as a house...' he started, but it became wincing. He quickly kneeled almost toppling over. He was still trying to pump it even bigger! 'Burst you fucking...!' he said, it sounded like sobbing. 'Ohhh...shit. I'm...Aaaahhh!!' he shouted - he was coming, and I could feel it. I swear I could feel him getting harder! He shouted, and continued wailing uncontrollably, and then he did a double biceps pose, growling like an animal. I felt his jizz getting through, and then it just flowed out of his humongous piss-slit as a single shaft of liquid. I continued trying to hold him and stretch the tape at the same time, smaller spurts splattering all over. He was in a most-muscular pose and flexed madly, cramping, as gobs of his juice continued spewing from his pole, wincing with every flex. I swear his pecs pumped up more and more with every flex. When he finally caught his breath, I was still stroking him, very, very slowly. He panted for several seconds, and then propped himself up slowly, while I lowered his spear of meat down. I was afraid something like this might happen. His coming seemed to have pumped his monster to the maximum possible limit. It was hard as stone and completely inflexible, like it was an iron bar. And I was so hot over it I must have radiated like a stove. 'Shit... it's so hard it burns...' he said. '...and it won't go down' Now that the stupor has subsided a bit I could get a look at it with a little more sanity. I found the measure again. He could do nothing but stay that way, and I suspected the condition wouldn't last very long. There are no words to describe how he looked, something like him has never been seen before.

His cock was very thick, especially in the middle, where it flattened and widened, and bent upwards. It was over 12 inches around the thickest part, and form above it looked as an immensely elongated 'S'. It did not look very thick simply because it was now 37 inches long. The cockhead was huge, blunt, far longer than it was wide and dark purple, and there were stretch marks over its skin, which was no wonder. Except for that it was stretched until it shined like glass. There were also stretch marks on the skin of the shaft, in the middle, where it was thickest. It was dark red with irritation and all swollen and lumpy - there is simply no better word - with veins and it's own freaky flesh. Couple that with a body exploding with muscle - my God, not even the statues of the most wildly imagined sex gods looked like him. I needed no imagination anymore - the God was right there and he was mine. He suddenly rose out of the tub and lied on his back on the edge. He caught me around my hips with his legs and I knew what he wanted. 'But I've ne...' was all I could say before he grabbed my cock practically pulling me in, so I ended holding his knees apart while he stroked his pole which was sticking in the air right over him. He was fantastically flexible and it made his thighs which were bigger around than my chest produce such bulges it was just incredible to look at them. I was moist from my cum and his and he relaxed his glutes, and practically pulled me into him. The second I touched his hole he squeezed me in with his legs. I'm not exactly small compared to the norm but he pushed so strong it was painful - but then, I was suddenly in to the hilt, and he started stroking himself, shifting slightly, which made his innards do a most incredible massage, helped by his twitching glutes. I bent forward. His monster shaft was right beneath my mouth and I started drooling and licking it over, as far as I could reach, and then held it with one hand close to the head and started stroking. The second I took it, barely being able to hold it around, he held me by the shoulder. At the first stroke he moaned and squeezed his hand so I thought he would crumple me but he stopped just in time. Then both of us started stroking, and I started pumping, and then it got faster and faster and there were grunts, moans and then I felt it coming from my toes upwards and then he almost screamed as I redoubled the speed, and he squeezed his muscles hard, including the one I was fucking and it hurt, I could feel my shoulder getting to the point of jumping out of its socket. I heard myself cum with such force that it burnt, and I spurted what seemed like dozens of times. Then I felt him shuddering from the inside and I felt his balls move on my gut and his come going through the length of the shaft. Then we were both sprayed as it bounced off the wall and then, then I felt I could breathe no more as I came again, several spurts more. I almost fell backwards because he spread his legs. My cock went out of him with a clearly audible sound as he continued stroking and milking himself, and I continued shooting all over him. When I came back to the living, I still felt convulsions in my balls, and his come was still streaming down his cock, which was now smaller but still half-hard, and lying over his right arm, while his left was rubbing our combined juices into his abs and pecs. I crawled over to him and tried to lean over him, when he opened his eyes, looking straight into mine. I felt like my whole body was a bell struck with a hammer in order to sound its best tone ever. It was like for a second I was everywhere and then in a flash of light collected myself back into my body. I felt something warm beneath me and around me and behind my ear, and awoke to him kissing me, hugging me down to his chest. The... feeling... was still there seconds after, disappearing somewhere in my toes and fingers.

A little later, we were back in the tub/pool, this time really relaxing in the warm water after a good wash. We both managed to get in to the neck 'Why me?' I asked him, finally. He sighed, and then chuckled silently. 'Ah... I don't exactly know...' he said, looking at me through half closed eyelids 'But I'll try my best over breakfast...'About half an hour later I had discovered that he was also a good cook. It took him about 15 minutes to jump into some very baggy sweatpants and whip up some concoction while I finally discovered at least one thing that happened between the gym and his apartment - stairs, that's what. I went down to the gym, using the stairs that came out through a door in the corridor connecting the gym with the back door. My clothes were a good pointer as parts of them were distributed along the way. I entered slowly, relieved that there was no one in the locker room. I rummaged quickly through my locker and found a T-shirt and shorts to put on. I could hear there was somebody there and I didn't want to get caught wearing only a towel, seemingly appearing from nowhere. Once I got back it was very easy to sit at the table, across him, and delve into this strange salad he did. After the last 18 hours or so I really needed some sustenance, and this was really delicious, egg, pickles and a ton of tuna, with very good seasoning. After several satisfying gulps I started looking at him. He was munching it down with such determination, the huge heap in front of him methodically becoming smaller. Anyone might have expected that to maintain this body he should eat like a pig, but instead his eating was done with almost surgical precision. His movements were... strange in a way, no - different, and I realized this was not surprising - his shoulders were wider than the table. He was definitely in a league of his own with size, so one could expect he had a special way of moving. He noticed I was looking. 'What?' he asked. 'Well, for starters, I don't know if you've noticed, but there are several unusual things about you...' I started, and he almost bit on his fork and started laughing 'Obviously you look yourself in the mirror from time to time, and I think you don't see someone like me in it. And then there's that... what you did back there, it felt...' he wasn't laughing any more. 'I think you owe me some explanation, don't you?' I finished. 'Ahh... I wish I knew how to put this...' he looked at me. 'First of all, give yourself some credit' he said, and I was just about to tell him he's not getting away with a load of bull, but he stopped me by continuing: 'Only a man knows what a man is... how to touch... what a cock feels like... and you are not afraid of knowing what you are and what exactly you want...' he whisked away a few more mouthfuls. "...but maybe that's not a good answer.' I didn't exactly get what he was saying, but there was something in it... He put his fork down, and then he put his elbows on the table, clasped his hands together and lowered his head down, his forehead resting on his hands. It made his pecs bunch up so that his chin dug into them and his traps went up to the level of his ears. He sighed, but it ended in that raspy throaty chuckle of his. "What do you think would happen if I went down those stairs and into that gym, right now?" he asked without rising his head. "I've done that a few times, when I was younger, and smaller, you know..." That was really difficult to imagine, but it must have been a hell of a sight. He lifted his head back up and resumed eating, finishing his meal. I knew he didn't expect that answer. "Most of them would be surprised that they sported a hard-on which they would not even admit to themselves. A few would... but the common thing to all would be that they'd all be juicing themselves up to their ears in a week. And imagine I wasn't wearing anything?". He reminded me of a nagging question. "So, then you say you're not on the juice?" I asked, cautiously. He chuckled again. "I was really starting to wonder when you were going to ask that, others did... but I've underestimated you again it seems, the first thing they would be interested in was what I was using. I'll answer one question in advance - yes, of course there were others, but you seem like the right one, and if I was asking I'm sure your answer would be the same." He drank out of his huge glass, the mineral water disappearing in a second. Then he wiped himself clean and just said "No". I laughed out loud, I could not help it. He just clasped his hands below his chin and looked at me. When I stopped he said "Not that I didn't try it, but it ended down the toilet together with everything I had eaten for the following three days... but let me show you something..." he said and almost extruded himself from underneath the table. He went toward the far side of the room. I forced myself to look away from his exposed back, so incredibly wide over a waist only slightly bigger around than his arm. Instead I looked around at his place. No walls, except for the partial walling off of the bed, and the separate toilet and bathroom. No doors if it could be helped. No wonder, in any normal home he simply would not fit. When he doubled back, I was not so successful, noticing clearly the outline of his super-cock dangling down the left leg of his pants. He gave me a picture which had seen better days. I didn't see it at first, but... "That's you?!" "Yes, that's me, I just turned 14 on that picture" On the picture there was a lanky boy who looked like his bones were several sizes too large (especially the shoulders), surrounded by a muddy beach, a lake and some shrubbery. But the face was his, although it was a boyish face of anger and shame mixed. There wasn't an ounce of fat on him, and his hands were in front covering a huge bulge on his shorts, which was all he was wearing. "The other kids used to call me "bones"...my family was a very conservative one, and I've discovered jacking off at about that age. Shortly after, I first saw another guy with a hard-on, and I was shocked at the difference. That's the first time I ever measured my cock, and it was 14 inches long, flaccid. I was also shocked that it never became as hard. Puberty hit me properly at around 15, and I started doing weights then, really seriously just before I turned 16. In a matter of months I gained over 100 pounds of muscle. I remember I just couldn't stop eating. Then I got sent to boarding school. I learned afterwards the real reason was they were really scared of me, not yet 17, I was over 300 pounds of wild teenager meat. If nothing else, I'd empty the contents of the pantry every few days' he laughed. "And I didn't want to stop. Everything on me grew, and by the time I was 18, my cock was 20 inches long. During that time, my body would grow and I discovered the more I lifted, the better the hard-on. It has to do with the amount of blood as my body grew, but for me the connection was more muscle - harder cock. Just what I wanted. That's how I got introduced to the juice. I wanted to get a step further. I don't even remember what it was I bought but the guy I bought it from looked at me as if I was mad, and got richer beyond expectation in the following months. Word did get around. I gave it a shot and I never felt that bad in my life. I ended up at the local doctor's, with severe dehydration. It was a shock - I was never really ill in my life. And I lost tens of pounds." I wondered what that doctor must have thought, seeing him. As if he read my thoughts, he continued: "He gave me a thorough once-over. Was he surprised! He wanted to write about me to a medical journal but I didn't like the idea. Shortly after that I lost my parents, and I moved back here." He paused, no doubt reminiscing. I didn't want to intrude. "Anyway... my body chemistry is different. It is practically impossible for me to accumulate fat - I seem to have a fixed level, and I'd probably gain some muscle even if I didn't lift a finger. If I eat too much I get bad indigestion and if I really go overboard, or eat really fatty food, I get really sick. Also, If I tried to do juice, I'd probably die, either of dehydration because of being sick all the time, and not being able to eat or drink, or of anaphylactic shock. It's not as if I need it anyway." "Are you saying...that you are still growing?" I asked incredulously - as far-fetched as the story was, he was living proof of it. I couldn't help wonder... he laughed out loud, it made his face beam, and his abs corrugate into rounded mountains under his skin. "Depends what part you want to know about..." he said and chuckled. I could see he found this really amusing. "OK, OK..." he said, calming down, shaking his head, "Ah, that was a good trick you did yesterday..." he started and I knew what he meant. Oh boy, he-men can really be infuriating! 'Come on, you and I both know really well that I could not have hypnotized you in a million years...' I started, and he finished 'If I didn't allow it..." he smiled, and looked me directly in the eye. "You're really something, you know. But anyway, no, I don't think my...private...parts can get any bigger..." I could clearly see in his eyes that he was trying not to laugh "...anyway they haven't since I was 19 or so, not that I had much chance to test that. Yesterday was really the first time after... who knows, but I can hardly wait for more 'testing', although I'll have to be more careful' He said, and held my shoulder. "But I doubt I would ever be able to get a hard-on if I wasn't this big. It seems nature has a way of balancing things" My shoulder was still sore and I had a clearly visible bruise where his thumb squeezed. "Not that I would mind if it grew, but it's getting difficult to do myself..." he said, smiling. "Well, I'll do you every fucking time" I said, my mouth running on automatic. But he only smiled and said "I'm sure you would, or should I say - you will..." He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and squeezed a little, amicably. He had that warm glint in his eyes again, and I knew he probably couldn't hurt a fly on purpose. Be that as it may, I cringed a bit. He could break my neck like a twig, with two fingers. "You don't know how powerful you are" I said, shifting my shoulder. "I don't really care these days, I just want to see how far I'll go..." he said. Unbelievable!. "Until what?" I asked. "Oh, I don't know. Until I hit a limit of some kind...so far I have not. I've told you, there's no such thing as too big". He looked at me, and I looked at him. My gaze automatically drifted to his pecs, taking in his shoulders and arms. I could not help imagining how they would look bigger, it was hard even believing what I was looking at right now. I felt the start of a hard-on, and I didn't even try to stop it. "Hey, hey, hey - I know that look... I know you can't wait to see my assets, but not until tonight..." I realized why I found him at the gym. He had to have it for himself simply not to be interfered with, and for the fact he probably needed all the weights he could get. "Tell you what, I'll give you only a quick test...put your hands like this" he said, rising, and walking over towards the middle of the room, showing me how to hold my forearms together. I did that, crossing my arms together and holding tight as he asked. "Now rise them up and hold tight" he said, as I put my tangled arms over my head. He pushed his hand between the top of my head and my arms, gripped with the power of a vise-clamp, and pulled up. It was a very unstable condition but I could feel my toes leave the ground, as he lifted me with a side lift of sorts. It made his arm become a mass of tied cable, and his shoulder became a three-lobed melon of muscle. "Holy shit!" I exclaimed. I could hear his tendons crackle as his whole body got tense, dividing and subdividing into cords over bulges. I looked down to find his right pant leg distended with the mass of his flexed thigh underneath, as it was holding most of our combined weight. But he never so much as shivered, and he even started teasing me with his other hand, smiling like it was the most natural thing to do. "Enough?" he asked, chuckling. I just nodded. "Ah, pity, I haven't even started to feel a pump..." he said, stretching his arms above his head. It made his lats literally unfurl. "Mmmm... that felt good" he said, and stretched, so that his lats flexed outwards even more, and his intercostals looked like they would pop out of his skin, they were so huge. I grabbed his jutting lats as well as I could, for the size of them, and squeezed, and dived down between his pecs with my chin, licking. He moved out of the way so fast I almost fell. "Hey, no tickling... at least not until tonight". "Jeez, come on..." I almost cried like a baby. "...then please at least put something on, I'm not going to last until tonight if you don't!" I said, this was so frustrating, I wanted every inch of him so bad I could grovel beneath him for the rest of the day. "Not in this house I'm not" he just said. •

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