My Coach

Hunt for Rod: Porn-king


By Musclebuff

I hurled myself into work. Made millions. Took over the company, sold it for more millions. Was the 25th richest guy in the States at the age of 23. And I still hadnít found Rod or heard any news of him. Then one day, while I was clearing up a few things with my secretary, a package arrived. An anonymous package, no return address. A video-tape. A videotape of Rod. Bigger and handsomer than ever, bronzed to a sheen. And fucking some other butch muscle-guy who couldnít begin to compare with him.

After consulting with Coachís "cousin" I tried to spend part of a million tracing Rod through this tape. He turns out to be the current King of Gay porn, hugely in demand and "exclusively" employed by this one studio, HotCakes. And there Cousin met the firewall of firewalls. No promises nor threats nor nothing could get the company to reveal Rodís whereabouts. They even refused to arrange a meeting, even with plenty of financial encouragement, nor would they release any kind of publicity about him. I had to admire the lengths of discretion that they went to: they wanted, needed to keep him exclusively exclusive, and they were paying him well enough to keep him that way.

There was only one thing for it. Iíd have to become a pornstar myself.

My fame as a champ BB and as a computer "genius" managed to open the door for an appointment with the CEO of HotCakes who understood I was interested in financing his product. In spite of my fame, he was taken aback when this tank-topped muscle marvel wearing striped lycra hotpants walked into his office. Close contact with the real thing is always more devastating than the best photographs - or videos, but I was my own charminí, non-arrogant self as I took a seat in front of the desk that was hiding his woody.

Cutting the boring part of this story, I made a deal with him. I would make two videos for him and finance them myself with no expected return - on a couple of conditions: that my sex partner in both would be Rod (or whatever he was called here) and that he would have no "scenes" with anyone else except me at any time until the publication of the second video on DVD. The arrangement was thrashed out quite amicably, with all the correct arrangements for anonymity etc., and shooting the first video was to begin as soon as the company had sussed out the locales and chosen the other actors. I was also to have casting and director approval, and enjoyed myself selecting the best muscle-guys in their albums. My final condition was that Rod should not be told of any of these arrangements and was not to know who was his partner until he met me on the set.

I selected two directors, one for each video. Stephen Scarborough for the first, for his expertise and steamy imagination with leather-fuck etc., and Thor Stephens for his remarkable talent with fantasy for the second. Both for their complete lack of campy flamboyance. I would write the screenplays with them. Michael Zen - superb cinematographer of muscle-sex (and a very good director himself) - was to be hired away from Titan for both videos.

Came the day when we were all to meet in a sleazy, well-equipped San Francisco leather club, and I was as nervous as a kitten. I couldnít even get it up that morning because of my extreme anxiety at the thought of meeting with Rod again and how he might take it. Was this to be the end of the Hunt? I prayed so.

All the actors had previously been briefed by Scarborough as to what was to happen: when I got there the bar was empty except for the half-naked resident burly bartender and the supers dressing the scene. Rod and the others were kept in another room, out of sight. I had explained the situation to Scarborough so he was well aware that Something might happen today. "Should be a great time!"

The scene was set-up. My muscles, already sheeny with sweat, were in full leathers. (Coach had trained me to appreciate the wonderful affinity leather and big muscle had for each other and thatís why I chose this particular set-up. So I could feel great.) My pecs shone as they swelled inside the open biker jacket; it hardly contained the arm muscles which were more than usually accented by the straps above each bi, as I leaned on the bar with a beer, my quads stretching a pair of fine black leather chaps which framed the studded codpiece between them. The over-bulging studded cod-piece, for as soon as I got into those sweaty skins the libido had returned with a bang. The visible part of the ensemble was completed by the obligatory cap, crammed on my Greek-gold curls. "Fuckiní leather muscle-god!" I muttered as I admired myself in the mirror behind the bar.

The director called for action. The bartender moved between me and the mirror so no one coming into the room could see my face. "Cue!" There was a deal of clatter and a lot of raucous vulgarity as several pairs of biker boots clattered down the stairs and came to a halt somewhere behind me. A well-known (beloved) voice spoke behind me.

ROD Well, whoís this cunt gettiní in our way?

OTHERS (snigger)

ROD You donít belong here so fuckiní move!

STRANGER (ME) Wanna make me?

ROD You bet I will! Fuck off!

STRANGER slowly turns to face him, leaning back on the bar so that the jacket falls back to expose the massive pecs and erect nipples. There are six other muscle-bikers backing up the King of Porn and they all look ready for action. ROD is dressed in skintight leather pants, leather vest and chain harness only. The rest in the usual assortment of leather and muscle.

STRANGER pushes his cap on to the back of his head so the spotlight beams into his face. RODís jaw drops.

The scene fell silent - none of them knew who they would be facing but they sure knew now! Rodís bronzed features paled visibly and the jaw stayed dropped. No one moved.

"Cut!" (Scarborough - SS from now on) He wanted to get his cameras set up behind the bar so that Rod would dominate the next shot, with my back in the foreground. Eventually Rod shook his had and moved in close. He was panting, my heart was beating ninety to the dozen.

"What the fuck are you doing here? How did you know where to find me? Did you set all this up just to get at me?"

Every ear in the room was straining to hear this exchange.

"Hey, man - donít be angry. Thought youíd be glad to see me. Hoped so anyway. Iím not gettiní at you - itís your birthday present."

"Oh, man!" He turned his head away and gritted his teeth. "I didnít want it to be like this - I needed to get used to the idea you were over here."

I turned his chin towards me - "Hey! Get used to it, huh? And quick!" He looked up at me, still panting, started to half smile and say something when SS called: "OK guys, pick up where we left off! Rod, itís your line."

"Hey Steve, I need some fluffing before we start. This shotís on me, right?"

An assistant rushed up, knelt in front of Rod and soon sucked him to a good state. Rod never took his eyes off me, and mine rose simultaneously with his to the same great height as he was famous for.

"OK, OK!" He pushed the boy away: "Letís go, Steve!"


ROD Men!

The six GUYS all tense up and flex, some squeezing their crotches, looking ready to storm the citadel.

ROD Then letís get this fucker and show him whoís boss around here!

STRANGER doesnít move except to tip my head at the guy nearest ROD.

GUY Yes, Boss!

ROD Whadda you standiní Ďround for! Grab him by the balls!

ALL Yes, Sir!

And they all grab not STRANGER but ROD and hoist him in the air by various parts of his muscular anatomy, tearing off his leathers at the same time.

ROD yelling What the fuck? Put me down, you bastards! Youíve got the wrong guy!

He goes on blathering - off script by now - as they start bouncing him up and down.

STRANGER No they have not! I just pay them more! Take him over there, guys!

The huge captive is carried to another part of the room, already covered by Mike Z and his cameras, where they dump him unceremoniously in a sling, naked.

STRANGER Tie him up, guys. And tight! Heís gonna enjoy this - one way or another!

Music rises - it will obscure the next part of the dialog - as RODís legs are lifted to the stirrups and fastened there; his wrists go into cuffs over his head, so all he can is squirm and buck his beautiful frame into the leather that holds him.

At the STRANGERís signal, another leathered BB smears both RODís pulsing crack and a large black dildo with several protuberant bumps up the shaft. The STRANGER then comes into shot as he approaches the sling to accept the huge and heavy slippery dildo in his leather-gloved hand. He hands the guy his jacket. His huge striated torso gleams in the blue backlight as he flexes his arm.

STRANGER Ready for this?

This was scripted, ROD thought, to happen to the STRANGER, not the HERO.

ROD No, you fucking treacherous bastard!


GUY is ready with a cock-gag which he stuffs into RODís mouth and buckles up tight behind his head. His muffled yells roar descriptively around the gag as the STRANGER inserts the big black rubber dick into his ass-hole.

CLOSE-UP of the hole palpating, then accepting the black cock. The STRANGERís wrist slowly turns the cock in a corkscrew fashion as it enters the HERO whose eyes are now bulging.

STRANGER (not heard because of the pulsing fuck-music) This oneís for not answering my letters - (RAM IN ONE BULGE - the HEROís body bucks) - This oneís for putting me through three years of agony! (RAM IN ANOTHER - the HERO whimpers as he begins to enjoy it) This oneís for letting me fall in love with you! (TWO BUMPS RAMMED in, out, in again), This oneís for all those wasted years! (PULL OUT< TWO BUMPS), and this oneís for Coach!

The whole great dick is rammed in with one enormous thrust to the hilt.

STRANGER twists it around a few times imto the magnificent writhing physique, then, leaving it in, he leans over RODís sweat-covered face and undoes the gag.

STRANGER Like that, lover?

ROD as himself For Godís sake get this thing out of me and fuck me or something!

STRANGER gently removes the dildo - the internal pop that accompanies the passing of each bum over RODís prostate recharges his great dick which begins to rise again.

SHOTS of the other 6 guys jerking off, sucking each other or whatever.

SS: No fucking yet, please.

STRANGERís dick is lubricated with his own copious precum as he inserts it gently but in one firm thrust to the root of RODís being.

All this time his face has been bent over RODís. The look between them speaks volumes and covers three long years of parted experience.

As the dick reaches its ultimate goal, the STRANGERís mouth closes over RODís.

CLOSE-UP of slavering lips and tongues, sucking the love from each other.

STRANGER starts fucking, ROD moans into his mouth. The fucking gets more violent, faster, harder as the lips part.

ROD More, man! Give it to me! Harder, HARDER! Aargh, yesss!

Contrary to all 1995 regs, [edited later] STRANGER spurts directly into RODís guts. Heís grabbing on to Rodís rod, HARD, to stop him from cumming. After his hard spasmed last jets, he pulls out, still clutching the moaning RODís dick.

STRANGER Right, guys! Go at him!

2 Muscled ones launch their lip and teeth on to Rodís massive pumping pecs; a third, seizes his dick in his mouth and proceeds to bring him to climax very expertly; # 4 has thrust his dick down RODís throat from behind him, feeding him a whiff of amyl at the same time. # 5 plunges a few fingers up that well-opened chute to tease his joy-button. Thus he is pleasured from every quarter and in every orifice. The biggest, #6, stands behind the STRANGER, his dick forcing its way between his legs and up into his crack, one hand grabbing a nip and the other his dick. Thus is the STRANGER also fully occupied for the moment as he watches his prey being serviced. Those golden muscles heave and buck and writhe under the ministering hand and dicks. This gets the STRANGER so hot that itís hard for his partner to hold on to those Olympian muscles. The mouthfucker undoes the handcuffs just before he cums and yells:

# 4 Now, guys, NOW!

This is the signal for Rod, myself, # 4 and # 6 to cum, and the bar is filled with roars as they all jet to the ceiling, or down a throat or whatever. ROD launches himself out of the sling into my arms and this is the cue for the other six to engage in a well-directed Scarborough orgy to climax the scene.

ROD Your place or mine? •

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